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What’s Keeping You from Traveling More? 

Hi, we’re Justin & Hillary–the globe-trotting couple behind Uncontained Life. Whatever your age, budget, or adventure-style, we believe you shouldn’t procrastinate on your travel dreams.

 The Best Time to Travel is NOW.

So, let’s get going! Whether you’re looking for travel tips, inspiration, photography, or just fun stories, we can help you travel more frequently, confidently, and mindfully today. Uncontainehe Mindful Travel Blog.

Uncontained Life Mindful Travel

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* We value your privacy and will never spam you or sell your information. Ever. Uncontained Life is a digital meeting-spot for people who want to travel more frequently, confidently and mindfully.  Join us as we traverse this big beautiful world and get inspiration for your own Uncontained Life adventures!  

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Uncontained Life Mindful Travel

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Uncontained Life’s mindful travel blog can help you travel more. The best time to travel is now!

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 Uncontained Life  is the mindful travel blog. The best time to travel is now! We like to meet locals. We interact with local businesses and cultures all around the globe. We’re excited to share these stories with you!Uncontained Life Mindful Travel

Need Help Packing?

Uncontained Life’s mindful travel blog can help you choose the best things to pack for your adventures!

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The best time to travel is now! Check out Uncontained Life–the mindful travel blog–for travel tips, stories, photos, videos and more!