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Raindrops Keep Falling on my Water Gun

Of all the festivals we’ve had the chance to experience during our travels, celebrating Songkran in Chiang Mai definitely takes the prize. Songkran–I.E. Thai New Year–takes place each April (Thailand’s hottest month of the year). The holiday is a time of prayer and merit-making; of good wishes and jasmine-scented blessings; of cleansing and refreshment from the old year, […]

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Clown Fish

We Found Nemo! Anemone and Clown Fish Video

Our Island Hopping Tour with Alexzus Travel and Tours in El Nido, Palawan, took us to some breathtakingly beautiful lagoons, secret white-sand beaches, and sweet snorkeling spots. And it was on that trip that we spotted a few anemone with some local Nemos (I.E. clown fish) living inside! With all that cute going on, how could we not make a […]

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