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18th century sutlers

MinuteMan Armoury: Here you will find handcrafted historical replicas that will fit your needs to portray an American Colonial Militiaman of the 18th century. Col. Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment, Learned's Brigade: The 2nd Mass is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to interpret the lives of the soldiers and women of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War. Old Fort Johnson: Home to Sir William Johnson, for 14 years, during the French and Indian War and the site of numerous Indian conferences. OH 43566 Jas. The 2d Virginia Regiment is recreated by a group of dedicated historians with a love of history who which to represent the life and times of the common Continental soldier as accurately as possible. Fl 32112 Box 415-W The Schenectady County Historical Society is continuing to develop the farm site as a museum and educational center for the community and holds Colonial events, workshops, tours and educational programs which reflect the historical significance of this early Mohawk River farmstead. Muzzleloader Magazine: A publication for Black Powder Shooters. //self.resizeTo(tmt_Resize_WindowX,tmt_Resize_WindowY);//tmtC_Resize_WindowEnd, Big Crescent City, His Majesty's 64th Regiment of Foot: Link to a group who faithfully recreate the 64th Regiment as it was during the American Revolution. It was not only the first time a British Army had surrendered to the Americans, but this victory also helped forge an alliance between the Americans and the French. The Loyalist Institute: A repository of information of interest to those who wish to study those who remained loyal to King George III during the American Revolution. They portray Captain Dederick's 3rd Company of Colonel Johannes Snyder's Regiment of the First Ulster County Militia. Same  as  are  mid  to  late  18th  century  cart  box   But  in  black .. $92.00   for  pair      can  be done  in  black  or  dark  brown, leather  powder flask  holds  about  half a pound of  powder, leather  shot  flask   hold  bird  shot  up  to  45 cal. In between are all the accoutrements of a soldier of that period - many but not all of them. A well documented site. This Loyalist group recreates what life was like as a ranger in the Indian Department during the time of the American Revolution. We service the living history community, historic sites, museums, and theatrical, motion picture, and television production companies. Tin Cup-$12. The History Channel: Online companion of the T.V. I  only   use Natrural  color linen for  my haversacks  shade  my very . There are also links to documentation and the lists archives. 623 Meany Road, Bryant White Illustration and Design: Historic illustrations of the 18th century. P.O. Claus' Rangers: This a link to Claus's Rangers Home page. Roy Najecki: Mr. Najecki offers a fine assortment of reproduction buttons, hats, cartridge boxes and more. 24. The 1st New York Regiment: They portray a Continental Line unit which saw continuous service throught out the American Revolutionary War. We at Smiling Fox Forge strive to bring you the highest quality 18th century reproductions you can buy. Made from the highest quality leather, the shoes are each handmade and lined with fine calfskin. Here we have links to lists of units that Reenact the Revolutionary War, Umbrella Organizations, Historic Sites and Museums, Online Documentation Sites and Sutler's list. While this list is by no means complete, the sites listed are the ones that we have found to be the most informative and entertaining. N.E. Runaway Slave advertisements from 18th-century Virginia newspapers: A website that lists runaway slave advertisements taken from 18th-century Virginia newspapers. Fustian is a durable, breathable, and comfortable period-correct fabric. Linens-shirting, twill hemp linen, wool broadcloth balls, gun case  wool   will  fit  a  brown  bess  with  room. Frederick, : 717-334-4011 Fugawee. Sewing notions, buttons, socks, scarves, tools, buckles etc. PA 19435-0305 Burnley & Trowbridge, Carolina Calicoes __________________________________________________________, Umbrella Organizations and E-Mail lists section. Men's 18th Century Patterns; Men's 19th Century Patterns; Smoke & Fire Newspaper; Events We Attend; Contact Us; Search for: Select Page. Springfield, The Muzzle Loader Mailing List: Web site for the Muzzle Loader Mailing List, a large electronic discussion group who carry on a perpetual conversation about most any aspect of black powder shooting you can imagine. Walden Font: Walden Font offers TrueType fonts to give your documents a historically correct look. The KRRNY: This group recreates Loyalist soldiers and their families who fled to Canada to form the first Loyalist regiment raised on Canadian soil, the King's Royal Regiment of New York. Browse our shop today! 20 Baltimore St., linen, linen & cotton tapes linen thread, thread buttons P. Patrick White Historic Art and Illustrations: Historic art pertaining to the 18th century, French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, eastern woodland Indian, and military & camp life. Compiled by Professor Thomas Costa, Professor of History, University of Virginia's College at Wise. : 800 766 5334 Tel. Miles offers a variety of hand forged knives and tomahawks. We provide authentic period tents for a variety of purposes including LARP, re-enactments & more. Kannik's, Ranger Fredericksburg, Sutlers Stores **COVID 19 UPDATE** 21st March 2020 ... We also create a variety of 18th Century, Regency, Victorian and Edwardian civilian menswear.

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