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48 inch wall clock kit

The remaining numbers are rendered in white paint which covers both the wooden and metal portion of the clock while the spade style hour and minute hands give the piece a classic look. Size: - "AAA" battery included with your order. The one concern that my husband has expressed is that with the moisture in the room, the metal may rust over time. 3. Made of vintage metal frame, printed roman numerals, firwood MDF base with glass cover and metallic gears. - Ultra Gloss Coating ensures colors are extra vibrant with light reflection. The metal structure of this clock features a beautiful rust finish that works with a wide range of decors. 2019-09-20 22:10:43, 20” x 20” Modern analogue wall clock, features a square beige clock dial with black Roman Numerical markings and hands, encased in a black MDF inner frame in the centre, features four panels with shimmering details in a silver finish, 33" x 33" Traditional analogue wall clock crafted from tin, features a circular beige clock dial with black numerical markings and hands encased in an inner round black frame, features an open-style square black outer frame adorned with black scrollwork and fleur-de-lis figures, Excellent item great for a wall. Finished in an elegantly distressed brushed bronze, it's cutout clock face design creates an elegant floating shadow effect on any wall. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Iron, Bronze, Analogue Clock with Roman Numerals, Distressed Vintage Theme. Eg. *Steel keyhole hanger on back for securely mounting and hanging on wall 1-48 of 527 Results. DIY Mid-Century Clock Kit - Replacement Motor & Hands Set, Silent Sweep Movement. Roman numerals offer antique style and the beautifully distressed black and bronze finish adds classic appeal. oversized wall clock, with a distressed metal Roman numeral clock face, will add style and charm to any room. When we put the battery in, we couldn’t even tell it was running. RAYMOND. Crafted entirely from metal, this cutout design offers rustic charm to any open wall. This clock could be the perfect way to change the look and feel of your home or a wonderful gift well suited for any occasion. In addition, this oversized wall clock is battery-operated (1 AA battery required, not included), so no cords, plugs, or visible electronics will ever interfere with its timeless aesthetic. Using a metal frame with a spare motif, it is finished with a large wood center and unadorned two hand design. Essential openwork design The timepiece is one of the oldest human inventions, meeting the need to consistently measure intervals of time shorter than the natural units: the day, the lunar month, and the year. Round Metal Windmill Wall Clock: Farmhouse Crackle White, Black, Bronze Analog Clock: Metal Airplane Propeller Wall Decor clock: Price $ 94 30 $ 142 20 $ 186 99 $ 263 33 /piece. The large roman numerals are painted in a gold color and give the clock an elegant and vintage look. Please give us 2 – 7 business days to make your wall clock (the 48″ and 60″ clocks might take a few more days).. (Most of the time it is 3-4 days). Quartz, battery-operated movement requires one AA sized battery (not included). LARGE SIZE Over 3 Ft in Diameter, well sized, this exquisite clock measures as follows: 36.25 inches in diameter with a 1 inch profile and weighs 9.52 pounds. When the candle melted to the nail, it would fall into a tin pan and make a noise. You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. 2. Requires one AA battery × Or we can just add a family name or favorite saying. Enjoy! Item Height: 30.25 No assembly ready to hang Clock Movement Parts Replacement Repair Tools Quartz Wall Clocks Motor Mechanisms Long Shaft … *With highly polished and reflective metal finishes, natural blemishes are normal. High Torque Clock Hands 14" Spade Style Silver, Clock Hands 17.5" for High Torque Movements, Black, 17-3/4" Premium Black Tapered Clock Hands, High Torque Clock Hands 17-3/4", Black Spade Style, High Torque Clock hands 17-3/4" Clock Hands, Silver Spade Style, High Torque Clock Hands 18", Black Gothic Style, High Torque Clock Hands 18", Black Spear Style, Hangers and Rubber Washer for Standard Quartz Movements, Tide Clock Movements Plus Weather Instruments, High Torque & Longer Hands | Make Clocks OVER 12" Diameter, Nailess Sawtooth Hangers 2" by 5/16" for hardwood frames - Black Oxide Plated 25 PACK. The sophisticated design combines timeless classics and modern trends. Watch Me is inspired by a color swatch that forms a fan when the colors are folded out. FAST 'N FREE. The perfect mix of subtle and midcentury modern aesthetics. Color variations and imperfections are the characteristics of hand craftsmanship. Classical black metal hands and large roman numerals on a natural background create easy viewing from every angle; Flat glass lens cover protects the clock face from dust and debris; Moving gears feature exquisite, stylish and chic rustic looking in anywhere. So gorgeous, you'll want to keep it at home for yourself. The face of this clock features an antique-inspired design that has been slightly distressed. Hang it in any room that needs a bit of color, or put several Watch Me wall clocks together, showing the time in different time zones, for example. The digits of the clock are forged from the same metal, giving this antique wall clock a truly rustic and vintage aesthetic. The open back allows it to blend with any wall color while adding a simple elegance. Time passes, whatever we do, but Watch Me adds color to the various times. It usually has a circular scale of 12 hours, which can also serve as a scale of 60 minutes, and 60 seconds if it has a second hand. Welcome to TheBigClockStore.com. *Product Size(47"d x 1.25") Its large size and unique look will be sure to make a statement. 1. This Oversized Moab Farmhouse Wall Clock a solid white finish on horizontal wood, the vintage 20's style Roman numerals give the clock a beautiful piece a nostalgic feel, that will blend with any décor style, from contemporary to rustic. I thought the price was rather high for the quality. This clock kit includes a silent continuous-sweep movement, which means the clock hands move smoothly without any ticking noise. Modern DIY Large Wall Clock 3D Mirror Surface Sticker Home Decor Art Design Kit. Each clock style made by my company comes in nine sizes!!! Made from panels of rustic wood and corrugated galvanized metal, this rustic wall decor piece offers up that farmhouse charm and flair with subtlety and style. - 1mm Aluminum grade sheet metal. Browse through our wide selection of brands, like House of Hampton and Symple Stuff. Although the methods they use vary, all oscillating timepieces, mechanical and digital and atomic, work similarly and can be divided into comparable parts. The clock movement does requires one AA battery to operate which is not included. Clock also comes with attached keyhole hanger for easy installation. The cute youthful design brings joy to adults, children, and babies! - Easy to hang. Grey Metal Guitar Wall Clock: 48 in. *Assembly Required: No Clock Motors for Smaller Clocks Under 12" Diameter, Silent, Continuous Sweep Motors for Large and Small Clocks, Wood Craft Supplies - Balls, Blocks + More, Woodworking Supplies - Dowels, Plugs, Spindles, Wooden Wheels, Parts & Patterns for Toys & Models, Picture Framing Hardware Sawtooth Hangers, D-Rings, Tools, Finishing Supplies, Sand, Carve, Detail, Instant Customized Patterns by Holz Brothers, Adirondack and Outdoor Furniture Patterns, Clearance Paper Plans - Games, Furniture, Yard, Clock Motors for Larger Clocks (Minute hand over 5"), Instant Customied Patterns by Holz Brothers, » Jump to Motors and Hands for Large Clocks, » Click Here for Pendulum, Chiming, Pendulum + Chime Movements, Metal Mounting Cup - For AA Battery Clock Movements.

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