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ambush skiff vs solo skiff

Boat tests, DIY, gear accessories, Expert tips, contests, engine maintenance, watersports, fishing and more! I much prefered my 2 Gheenoes (both 15-4, one a regular hi sider and one a NMZ). In recent years the term micro skiff has been tossed around rather liberally, but if any platform deserves this title it’s the impressively unique Ambush… Thing just glides over the water better than paddle board and way more stable. ©2020 Duncan McIntosh Co. Inc., All Rights Reserved. I fish the Chesapeake march . Five Super-Light Microskiff Fishing Machines. In recent years, this genre has exploded and the boards have evolved to handle many more missions. I can't find any used for sale in Florida not even a group who talk about it. This rotomolded polyethylene skiff is designed for one person and is stable enough to allow an angler to stand up and fish. Your email address will not be published. Often they are made from exotic materials such as Kevlar, which will come in handy for folks who do their boating in bullet-infested waters. In addition to having clever features such as a slot to quickly store a paddle and a large Kula 5 bucket cooler that doubles as a seat, what turns it into a skiff is a motor bracket that can hold up to a 6 hp outboard and is designed to lift the nose out of the water to allow it to achieve speeds up to 16 mph, with a range of 180 miles. I will conjecture that you'll find a few hundred that are way more functional and suitable for a wider range of fishing and boating activities. People should comment that own them. There are also bilge pumps in case you somehow manage to take on water. The Solo is a motor boat that you can paddle. Thomas says, “The Pelican Flats Boats 13′ ft Ambush is the perfect scouting/low tide redfish skiff. On regular boats, fish will often make an angler circumnavigate the boat’s perimeter multiple times during a fight, but here, when the fish takes a lap, one can just spin around in the seat. Suite 500, Troy, Michigan 48084 USA. This 13-footer still can accommodate a payload of 933 pounds and has an amazing swamped capacity of 1,600 pounds. Get the best of - including breaking news, contests, boat test videos and feature stories. Love the idea, basically a motorized kayak. In my opinion, right now for convenience, price, motoring and paddling the Roto Molded Solo Skiff is THE State Of The Art. I did see an Expandacraft a couple years ago. The similar "vessel " is the Solo Skiff but I like the XFish better. With a 200-pound passenger and the outboard in the raised position, it only draws three inches of water. Yet. What makes this different from most other canoes is its extremely wide beam, 4 feet, 7 inches on the larger models, which gives it incredible side-to-side stability that makes it possible to stand while casting or poling it around on the flats. Seems to be a Solo Skiff before Solo Skiff only without the big price tag. I have only had it out twice because of weather 20 - 25 MPH NE winds. I have no experience with either hull, but I do have two pieces of advice. Using a new material called polyurethane foam, Fisher constructed a hull that consisted of a fiberglass/foam sandwich that would float even when sawed in half. While there are many official definitions, for our purposes we’re going to call it a light, relatively flat-bottomed fishing boat that can operate in shallow water and be powered by a low-horsepower engine. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The 14-foot Bōte Rover, a standup board with some serious fishing chops. Ive never fished either of those but I have fished off the big Bote sup and its nothing even close to a Gheenoe as far as stability or fishability. Ultimate Solo Mission FSF Staff November 28, 2012 0 2436. skiff? I have a 6hp Zuke for the longer runs / days out but often just take it for paddle / push pole to get super skinny if not traveling far.

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