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appliance colors of the 80s

The gold and green colors are commonly used as a throwback to this decade. There’s no doubt about it, 50’s kitchens had a lot of character, and many people still love the look today. Contemporary appliances are stainless steel. Interiors: The evolution of appliance colors . Appliances take on these colors as well. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. (The photo below shows a kitchen equipped with the new “white ice” appliances.). Contemporary kitchens are all about creating open spaces that are great for entertaining and everyday living. Did you ever wonder about the chronology of color for kitchen appliances? Opting for less color, many homeowners decided to go with a rustic vibe and chose knotty pine for their cabinets. Relaxation was the goal of these kitchens. If so, read on. GE is currently requesting feedback from potential customers who may be interested in Cupcake Blue or Bell Pepper Red for their next appliance purchase. You can see all of these different color options on the showroom floor at Metro Appliances & More in Springdale. Where the 60’s were all about bright colors, the 70’s were about earth tones and muted colors. View Color Selection Tools. Trending: New appliance colors in the kitchen, Love it: Appliances that know how to blend. And because of that, the idea of making it more aesthetically pleasing was a natural evolution from its fireplace beginnings. And while many kitchens were still being built in the U-shape from the 80’s, many other kitchens were adopting islands into their designs. Light oak finishes and all-white appliances were on trend. By continuing to use the site, you accept our, Honey Brook nurse who cared for coronavirus patients dies of COVID-19, leaving behind a daughter, Police watch as man burns Trump flags at courthouse in West Chester, Large-scale drug-dealing operation dismantled in Coatesville, Melania Trump slams Biden, Dems in first solo campaign stop in Chester County, Juneteenth now full official holiday in Chester County, Coatesville case could fit D.A. The 70’s kitchen brought the family together for dinner and conversation. You almost miss those yellow and blue dishwashers that were so common in the 50’s! Poppy Red appeared in the '70s for a short time,but by the end of the decade, New Naturals -- Harvest Wheat, Onyx Black, Coffee, Fresh Avocado and Almond -- took over and became the colors of that era. Mamas’ Tip of the Day: Turn photos into canvas wall art. Likewise, countertops pretty much came in three choices, white tile, white or ivory Formica and butcher block Formica. The natural, wood palette was a common design too. THE 80’S KITCHEN. Interiors: The evolution of appliance colors, By ROSEMARY SADEZ FRIEDMANN Recessed lighting and under-cabinet lights offer more light in the contemporary kitchen. And a lot of people started opting for white cabinets. With brands like Danby, Smeg, True Residential, American Range and Elmira Stove Works, you can purchase appliances in unique color options. For example, you had everything from sleek and contemporary to country cute. Some features from these 70’s kitchens can be seen in retro kitchens today. But then came came electricity, and that changed everything. It wasn’t until the mid-90s that the public embraced stainless steel. When we think of the 60’s, it’s hard to forget the shag rugs and the minimalist furniture. By continuing to use the site, you accept our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. And some styles have  even come back around. Further, pendant lights can be added for a touch of style. In contrast to the 50’s and 60’s, Kitchens through the 80’s were much calmer than the previous two decades. Most contemporary kitchens focus on a neutral color palette, sticking to gray, beige, taupe or white. Following white was monochromatic, a white on white. In the 80s and 90s, the predominant kitchen color was white. Giveaway: Win tickets + gift certificates to the Northwest Arkansas Boutique Show! 1980s; Vintage advertisements; Vintage food & drink; Vintage Tab diet cola: The first 20 years of this popular sugar-free soda. If so, read on. Meanwhile, wood was commonly used for the cottage look, while many contemporary kitchens had white cabinets and appliances. That one and black are the appliance finishes of choice lately. In other words, expect the walls to be full of pastels, and the linoleum to be colored and checkered. Call them at 479-750-2200 if you have questions.) Kitchen lighting from the 90’s was commonly a box light or a single overhead light. To top it all off, brass hardware was everywhere! particle board cabinets due to its affordability over steel and plywood. In contrast, the 1970s saw wide  adoption of particle board cabinets due to its affordability over steel and plywood. So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and peek in on these kitchens through the decades. These kitchens were decked out in wood cabinets with rustic charm. Retro kitchens are coming back in a cutting edge way, highlighting some of the favorites from 50’s kitchens, such as the color, the rounded appliances and the checkered floors. Slate is the newest color on the scene, but white has always remained the most purchased color in kitchen appliances. Neutral colored  cabinets, counters, and appliances brought consistency to kitchen design. It’s where memories are created, from stealing bites of cookie dough to learning how to operate more than just the toaster or microwave. Stainless steel has reigned supreme in the court of public opinion for more than twenty years and has proven its true staying power. Islands are a popular feature that offer more storage space and bar seating. Our custom and semi-custom cabinetry is made by top-rated US manufacturers. These kitchens valued functionality and utilized every space available to them. While stainless steel might be on its way out in terms of the next big thing, it isn’t going without a fight. You saw everything from appliances to cabinets in these colors. The contemporary kitchen focuses on straight lines and a minimalist design. Storage space and work space was a valuable commodity in these days. The classics still have a way of reinventing themselves every ten or fifteen years. But in every 50’s kitchen, there was a lot of color and geometric design. SW 2861 Avocado Interior / Exterior. Today’s ideal kitchen is bright, open and likely has an island or two with as much seating as possible. With the new century came a new color. SW 6657 Amber Wave Interior / Exterior. The kitchen has always been the place for gathering, sort of a hangout for the family, friends and guests. Kitchens from the 60’s were all about bright, kooky colors, everything from mod orange to lime green. By Judy Bilyeu of Metro Appliances & More. Oak cabinets with light laminate or tile countertops were a mainstay in kitchens from the 90’s. Some heavyweight contenders for the stainless steel crown include Slate from GE, which debuted in 2012. U-shape kitchens with continuous Formica countertops added counter and cabinet space. (It’s located at 5700 N. Thompson. Meanwhile, appliances started to come in three options, white, black and ivory. Contrast that to the small, dark and walled-off-on-all-sides 1950s kitchen. Slate makes a bold statement and stands as a premium alternative to stainless steel with a warm grey matte and a low-gloss metallic finish. With the kitchen, dining room and family room all connected, contemporary homes are perfect for entertaining and family get-togethers. But many concepts are still used in kitchens today. A survey conducted by Houzz in 2014 confirmed the lasting appeal of stainless, with 83% of respondents citing it as a preferred appliance finish. Most 50’s kitchens had Formica countertops with metal banding around the edges. Kitchens have changed a lot over the years. The new Black Stainless finish provides a fresh contrast against the traditional stainless steel. People valued space and functionality in these days. The open space concept started to become popular, and placing the dining room and kitchen within one space became more common. 1215 King St. Alexandria, VA 22314 United State(US). Laminate cabinets emerged in the 80’s and many kitchens adopted the “Euro-style” cabinet, which was a white cabinet with a wood trim. Another popular trend was colored appliances to match your cabinets. Remember how popular those colors were? Another change to the kitchen in the ’80s was its size. Slate makes a bold statement and stands as a premium alternative to stainless steel with a warm grey matte and a low-gloss metallic finish. Contemporary kitchens are the result of five decades of kitchen design. This brought friends and family together in one space, and added counter and work space to the kitchen. 2 weeks ago; Author Click Americana; 1960s; 1970s + 4 more. Likewise, the kitchen continues to see design trends come and go, especially when it comes to appliance color. And many contemporary kitchens adorn wooden touches either with wood cabinets, flooring or an exposed wood beam overhead.

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