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beech baron 55 operating costs

In place of the Travel Air’s somewhat anemic 180-HP Lycomings, the original Baron had 260-HP Continental IO-470L engines. Socata Tampico Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Until I can afford something that burns jet fuel, I plan on keeping my Baron. Tiger Aircraft Garmin has a new watch for aviators and it trickles down from the Garmin Venu smart/sportswatch. Browsing the for-sale ads, expect to see more B55s than any other model because there are simply more of them. Beech King Air E90 Cirrus Vision SF50 A typically equipped 260-HP Baron can carry about 1800 pounds of people, bags and fuel; a 285-HP model, about 1950 pounds. The only modern Beech that’s more fun to fly may be the V35, but I wouldn’t fly my routes with a single engine. Last, a competent multiengine CFI for flight reviews is an absolute must. Cessna Citation Excel It eats much less runway during takeoff, and lightly loaded I’ve seen turbine-category climb performance without using much more gas than I did with old IO-470 engines,” he told us. Cessna 320 The record shows a long string of gear goofs over the years and although some insist that the switch location has nothing to do with this, other models don’t seem to suffer the same kind of incidents. Mooney M20E The tip-tank Cessna twins have a fuel system that is considered by many to be complex and challenging to operate in comparison to the Baron’s, yet in our experience, those average eight accidents per 100. My partner and I both wanted to move up to a twin. True airspeed of a small-engined Baron cruising at 75 percent power is about 190 knots on 27 gallons of fuel per hour. You are disciplined and relentless in chasing after big dreams. The “backward” switches aren’t really a bad design, it’s just that a pilot has to remain aware of them. Diamond DA42 Born in 1969, the Baron 58 increased the Baron 55’s cabin length by two feet, creating a six-seat "conference"-style cabin arrangement, and adding 50 horsepower. The present $15,000 to $20,000 premium for a used Colemill 95-B55 is a good deal, in my view, while adding a layer of safety. All rights reserved. Search for Socata TBM910 To get at the carry-through, the mechanic must remove the front seats and the carry-through cover on the floor. North American Piper Navajo Chieftain-Panther My Saved Listings Updated: Wed, Oct 21, 2020 10:54 AM. ( gallons/hr @ /gal), Misc: landing, parking, supplies,catering, etc, Typical Price: $79,421.00 Still, among light piston twins, the Model 55 is a solid buy, as well as good investment for those who already own one if you can accept the costs to play. With the fifth and sixth seats removed, 400 pounds can be loaded into this space. The carry-through and webs are cleaned, then checked using visible dye-penetrant. Cessna CitationJet CJ4 Cessna 210 Centurion Learjet 36 The airplane’s nose was then extended seven inches for more baggage and avionics equipment, and gross weight was bumped from 4880 to 5000 pounds. American Champion Beech cabins are notably plush and comfortable, and the 55s-even the early ones-are par for the luxury course. Hughes After building 190 Barons that first year, Beech came out with the A55, which has a 10-inch-longer fuselage and could be ordered with a second fold-down rear seat, bringing potential seating capacity to six (more on that later). Instead, the mechanic must look at it again in 200 hours to see if the crack has grown. Based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $5.00-per-gallon fuel cost, the BEECHCRAFT Baron B55 has total variable costs of $157,050.00, total fixed costs of $66,790.00, and an annual budget of $223,840.00. While the prices of other light twins have tanked several years ago in the sour economy and high gas prices, Barons have declined just slightly less. Eurocopter AS Beech Sundowner Tecnam Astore The B55 Baron seats up to 5 passengers plus 1 pilot. Used to flying different model twins, he confused the power levers and feathered both props. And it’s not just the gear and flap switches. I check Beechcraft first and then start checking around for FAA PMA replacements. Beech King Air 90-A90 Early models have relatively low gear- and flap-extension speeds (143 and 113 knots, respectively). For fixed costs, there’s the $750 per-year tax for the privilege to keep the airplane in Connecticut, $1100 per year for electronic charts, $2200 per year for insurance, $6600 per year for the hangar, plus we expect this year’s annual inspection to be around $12,000, even after getting caught up on maintenance issues. AD 89-5-2 deals with cracking elevator components, with possible replacement of the elevator. And the landing gear is stout enough to handle flying in and out of our farm’s grass airstrip for 47 years with minimal required maintenance. Piper Cheyenne I The B55’s single-engine climb rate is a paltry 318 FPM—again, better only than the Aztec. Gulfstream G300 Swearingen-Fairchild Metro In general, these airplanes can get out of any field they can get into. The result was (and is) predictable: A new Baron pilot reaches for the flap switch on rollout and retracts the gear instead. The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 18,817', a normal cruise speed of 184 KTS/212 MPH, and a 497 NM/572 SM seats-full range. In turbulence, there is a slight wing rock, but I have never found this distracting. You have to put switches and controls somewhere and Beech decided to put the flap switch on the left, and the gear on the right. With 112 gallons aboard, the 55 has acceptable but not exceptional endurance and range. Cessna T182 Falcon 5X Piper M350 And it’s not just the gear and flap switches. Cessna TTx Cessna 177 Cardinal Cessna 150 Like EPA mileage estimates, your labor charge may vary. In the 55 Baron, for instance, what many find to be pleasant handling characteristics can prove to be a handful in poor weather, or when the air turns green with turbulence. Like the Travel Air, the 55 comprised a Bonanza fuselage fitted with a conventional tail, not the V-tail. Piper Tomahawk In the current market—the autumn of 2015—we think model 55 Barons represent good buys, as well as good investments for pilots who already own them. Beech King Air 200 Cessna 140 Beech Bonanza 33 Pitts Eclipse 500 At the end of the low pass he pitched up, rolled sharply and crashed. Figure on 26 gallons an hour at 185 knots in the mid altitudes and three- and four-hour legs are easily doable. 0c/S^���[�+;`/ As twins go, the 55 Baron has decent if not exceptional payload. At 388 FPM, the E55’s single-engine performance is about par with the 310 and Aerostar. There are three ADs on the props: 97-18-2 (repetitive inspection, A55 and B55 Hartzell props); 95-24-5, (repetitive inspection, E55 McCauley props); and 91-15-4, on the A55. Best Cruise: 196 KIAS There are several sub-types: The 58 could be had for a time with turbocharged engines and, if desired, pressurization. Beech was less successful at the finer. Also that year, extra aux tanks became available for the E55 model, boosting max fuel capacity to 166 gallons. Contact them at American Bonanza Society, 3595 N. Webb Road, Suite 200, Wichita, Kansas 67277, phone 316-945-1700 or Seeing 15 fuel-related accidents was troubling-we think that’s high. The result was (and is) predictable: A new Baron pilot reaches for the flap switch on rollout and retracts the gear instead. Load-carrying ability is a major benefit of these airplanes. JetStar Depending on year and model, standard tankage was 100 to 112 gallons but optional tanks of 142 or 166 gallons were also available. Cessna XP-R172 Hawk Since the King analog HSI with remote gyro and flight director system has been showing its age, I plan to install an Aspen PFD system in the near future. Bombardier Challenger 800 On short trips powered back to 22 inches and 2200 RPM, I have seen 150 knots at 18 GPH, LOP. Share your invaluable experience. In reality we should be, at this point, charging ourselves more like $150 per hour for engine overhauls, but we figure we’ll face the difference when that day comes. Beech King Air C90 Designing an airplane is one compromise after another. The 55 Baron is proof that a light twin doesn’t have to handle like a truck. Diamond DA20 We have the data. These prices include installation. Only one crack is allowed per side, and Beech specifies that it can’t be stop drilled. Beech sells a kit to do any required repair work. the A36 was valued at $400K versus the $110K for the Baron. But the real impressive performance boost is during an engine-out situation, where a Colemill Baron 55 can climb at 560 FPM and the service ceiling is raised to 14,400 feet.

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