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The successor to the nakers - primarily an outdoor instrument - was the timpani. Brass: Cornetto, Natural Trumpet & Sackbut, Percussion: Claps, Kettle Drum, Church Bells, Frame Drums, Hand Drums , Snares, Tambourines, Bowed Strings: Bowed Psaltery, Fidule , Nyckelharpa, Viola de Roda, Fiddle Grooves, Hurdy Gurdy Chanters & Grooves, Tromba Marina, Viola da Gamba, Plucked Strings: Baroque Guitar, Bass Citole, Early Renaissance Bray Harp, Early Renaissance Harp, Gittern, Gothic Harp, Langeleik, Medieval Lute, Medieval Psaltery, Psaltery (beaten), Renaissance Lute, Small Psaltery Plucked & Zither, Voices:  Tavern Singers Shouts, Tavern Singers, Winds: 2 Holed Flute, Gemshorn, Traditional Soprano Recorder, Traditional Wooden Flute, Whistle, Wooden Transverse Flute, Renaissance Recorder (Alto, Bass, Soprano & Tenor), Reeds: Bagpipes, Crumhorn (Alto, Bass, Soprano & Tenor), Shawms, Bombarde, Chirimia, War Horns:  Anyafil Calls, Anyafil, Celtiberic War Horn, Shofar Calls, Shofar & War Horn. Kein Zweifel, Era ist die umfangreichste Sample-Kollektion historischer europäischer Souhaitez-vous changer de langue de site web best service en langue française? It has been a huge pleasure for me to work with these powerful tools and adapt them to my musical universe. The library contains 25 gigabytes of sample data including all instruments and sounds of part one. Welcome to Era II Medieval Legends another library from Eduardo Tarilonte the maker of renowned libraries like Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World and more. Product activation: Dank fließender Lautstärkemodulation, guter dynamischer Auflösung, zahlreicher Spielweisen und Round Robins gelingen spannende, authentische Kompositionen mit dem Klang einer vergangenen Aera. Renaissance Small Harp Renaissance Small Bray Harp. This means that you do not need to own the full version of NI Kontakt to use it. Quiet Music – Healing lite size 59 MB / 61 MB / 73 MB Healing lite is a singing bowls rompler. See our. ist diese Bibliothek wärmstens zu empfehlen. 4 More Sax & Brass, Peter Siedlaczek's Complete Classical Collection, Average user rating of 0.00 from 0 reviews, bx_oberhausen from Plugin Alliance has landed, TDR Limiter, IK Syntronic 1.2, TAL Bassline, Audio Thing's Outer Space, PSP MasterQ2, by Stavompe @ 21:35 in Sell & Buy (+Special Offers, Deals & Promos), Vst to automate sudden change of proximity effect. It is played by plucking the strings with quills, one in each hand. Best Service ENGINE 2 Sample Player is included with this product! Use in album production for clients I have already recommend to friend and he is buying it soon The quality and musical usefulness is outstanding! Aber auch in puncto Produktionsqualität und Artikulationsvielfalt While a collection of authentic medieval instruments won't be to everyones's tastes or requirements, there's little doubt that Era perfectly fills a gap in respect to sensitively sampled authetic music instruments. Output Analog Strings. Windows 7 or higher (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2, 4 GB RAM (6 GB RAM recommended), Mac: OS X 10.9 or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, Requires KONTAKT 5 or KONTAKT 5 PLAYER version 5.5 or later. This library has surpassed my expectations and I could not be happier! Have a look at our step by step tutorial video on YouTube. A: Engine or later is required for OSX 64 Bit support - Download HERE. The reason is pretty simple: in the world of sample libraries Eduardo Tarilonte has a reputation. The instruments were intentionally captured with close mic techniques avoiding unwanted room information to give users full control over the following sound shaping process and added effects. Used at first for ceremonial occasions with trumpets, by the 18th century the timpani found a new home in the orchestra. The skins can be tightened and on the lower skin there is a snare mechanism made from two gut strings. Chris Mooney. At the very least, it's a record of times and instruments gone by, but for today's producer it's wealth of history to tap in to and slightly left-of-centre instrumentation to make your compositions stand out from the rest. 1. Works with Engine Version or higher. For me, the strength of Tarilonte's libraries is that all their round-robin and phrasing complexity is taken care of under the surface, so playing Era: Medieval Legends expressively becomes a real pleasure. Quasiment aucun reproche à faire, bouclages, programmation, fichiers Midi, tout est parfaitement réussi. The Pro-Edit page allows almost unlimited editing of the sounds. A: First you have to open "Engine" in ProTools, then you can load the library. This is a Kontakt Player instrument. All instruments and voices were recorded using a Neumann U87 microphone being accompanied by selected high-quality preamps from manufacturers such as Avalon and Neve. Excellent, tout simplement. Gut gemacht, Best Service", "On my search for an authentic sounding Medieval instruments library, I discovered Eduardo Tarilontes Libraries. MTM. What has Tropical House got to do with ERA II? One palette of sounds to rule them all. An instant addition to my palette, Bravo.". Eduardo Torrilentes Arbeit besticht durch eine große Liebe zum Detail, authentische Aufnahmen und einer sinnvollen Auswahl an Instrumenten, die eine große Bandbreite abdeckt und dennoch nicht überladen wirkt. ", Marcin Przybyłowicz He’s the one who killed the spirit of sample pack competitions. The Audio Spotlight 5 stars. Eduardo Tarilonte has really hit it out of the park with the entire package. A naker is a small drum, of Arabic origin, with a metal or wood dome-shaped body and animal skin drum head.

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