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cacao ceremony appropriation

Cacao also has MOA inhibitors, that inhibit re-uptake of dopamine. Each class continued to inspire my curiosity about Ceremonial Cacao and the benefit of participating live when I could was also a wonderful surprise gift of community! Nothing is ever added, chemically altered or taken away. These classes can be taken in any order, and you can see the entire list here. We address our western cultural void and how cacao can be a vehicle for decolonizing & creating a new culture that we so desperately need. Everyday dose            5-12 discs        ½ cup water Afterwards they practice Vinyasa style yoga. I had been working with Cacao a few months before I joined the introductory Meet Cacao course with Firefly Chocolate. Cacao butter is liquid at body temperature, so just low heat with prolonged mechanical grinding over the course of a day will transform the nibs into completely smooth 100% cacao with an average particle size of about 20 microns, which is too small for the tongue to register texture. We believe in the quality of our content and encourage you to sign up only when you feel 100% clear on your commitment. In particular all our cacao tests below detectable thresholds for lead, and all our cacao tests below government mandated limits for cadmium. I signed up for Meet Cacao simply wanting to gather more information for myself on the medicinal and physical benefits that I felt were beginning to transpire for me in my month of drinking Firefly Chocolate. For more information about cacao ceremony and ritual, visit our guide to creating your own cacao ceremony. For example a lot that is 90% well fermented could be blended with a lot that is 60% well fermented to achieve an overall rate of 75% well fermented in each bag of cacao. We highly recommend selecting the Express shipping option for cacao shipments in the summer time. There is no wrong way to work with cacao. Cacao can and will surely change the world. We use a handheld thermometer or electric kettle with temperature control. All the "spiritual" practices in the past never felt right for me. While it’s not required to drink cacao during our courses, drinking cacao regularly throughout the course will help you to deepen your relationship with cacao. “I’d like to organize a retreat in Nicaragua with surfing, cacao, and raw foods,” said Fridman. The first step is roasting the cacao beans, which activates them, brings out their flavor, and dries out the remaining moisture. And you'll receive all the many benefits of cacao, from a gentle energy boost to the high mineral content to the compounds that beneficially affect your state of mind. We honor the energy we put in to organize, facilitate, and create the resources for this course. I immediately wanted to learn more. Most Importantly - Set Your Intention - Insurance does not cover instances when the cacao melted due to mail carrier delays. According to Fridman, their spirituality is often stigmatized to this day. If you’d like, tag us on Instagram @cacaoceremony to share your creations. Similarly once at port, our partners pay for expedited premium brokerage so the cacao does not languish in port warehouses where again its quality could be affected. It’s a topic that hits close to home because Fridman’s family is also Latin American and she is part indigenous on her father’s side of the family. This course exceeded my expectations and for me was the perfect balance between cacao facts, nutrition, history, also their farmers and standards (all wrapped around handling this plant as living medicine, a sacred being-and bean! So much gratitude for Jonas and Sena, their tremendous knowledge and respect, and the lovely space they create for this special class.All the best to you both, thank you again! She begs for me to share her with others. Drying needs to proceed at a certain rate so that excess acetic acid does not get locked into the cacao beans, which produce a high level of astringency in the finished chocolate. If you have other shipping questions not covered here, please reach out to us at the blue chat box in the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at support@fireflychocolate.com and we will be in touch soon! Overall I have already recommended this class to several fellow cacao fans as a great resource. - Blend in various super-foods, such as fresh bee pollen, or the Peruvian root maca that balances hormones and give stamina. We do not claim any relationship between the modern cacao rituals we offer and ancient or indigenous practices of cacao ceremony. We’re excited that you are interested in a healthy thriving lifestyle, in ritual and ceremony, in connecting with and stewarding nature, and in building resilient communities. We recommend this course to chocolate lovers and cacao ceremony facilitators everywhere - to truly be a cacao steward and in right relationship with cacao, we need to know and speak to the true roots of this medicine that is beloved to so many around the globe. So much gratitude for Jonas and Sena, their tremendous knowledge and respect, and the lovely space they create for this special class. It really deepened my ritual and my relationship with the cacao spirit. It was so much more than I expected. Energetic Standard Of Ceremonial Cacao. We do not guarantee carrier shipment times, and as of May 2020 the carrier networks have been overloaded due to the pandemic resulting in some shipments taking longer than usual. If you’ve made a very thick ceremonial cacao, it will actually become thicker with time, so if serving time is delayed you may need to mix in more liquid than you would otherwise. Our cacao has a 1.1:1 fats to protein+carbs ratio, so it won't knock you out of ketosis. My experience of the course was not like I imagined it to be. About 500 lbs of wet cacao can fit in one such box. The experience I had, though, was purely physical—and not a whole lot of fun. We produce different cacaos that are 100% blends without sugar also allowing you to enjoy our drinking chocolate without any sweetener. Any secondary or tertiary grade cacao is sold to the local markets, and even cacao that falls off the drying beds is swept up and sold along with rocks and dirt to less discerning buyers, who bulk up cacao orders with up to 10% non cacao material. We highly recommend adding it at checkout - it will entitle you to a refund if your package does not get to you. Start with estimating how many people you expect, and add 3-5 servings on top to be safe. Ultimately we strive to offer you, the cacao consumer, an unparalleled assurance and connection to where the cacao comes from in an industry rife with poor practices. Q: I’ve never done an online course before... what's it like? Also water, tea or maybe even some cacao to sip on during class can be nice. put the cacao in a cool spot so it can resolidify. “My whole life has been flipped upside down since I began this journey…the biggest thing is probably the sense of empowerment and creativity it has brought to me life,” she said in an email. I was hoping to return home from The Cape with my heart healed, and rainbows and glitter shooting out of my chest, but I now know that I have some work to do first. This not only gave us access to excellent source material, it gave us an opportunity to easily go deeper into the information and better integrate what was presented. Firefly’s first cacao used for ceremonial purposes, Belizean cacao comes from 300 small (1-5 acre) organic family farms in the foothills of southern Belize. 4)    Keep your eyes open for beautiful mugs and cups … a beautiful vessel to hold your lovingly crafted drinking chocolate adds the perfect finishing touch! Ultimately this entire process is a transformation of a single ingredient, without anything added besides the highest quality superfoods or anything extracted as is done for cocoa powder. Photos often help too! All our cacao is purchased from farmers “wet”, meaning that we buy the fresh fruit from the cacao farmers immediately after the cacao pods have been harvested and split open, so that no post harvest processing is required from the farmers. You can invite in any practice that you connect with to be your ally as you drink your cacao. ~ Lyndsay I was very impressed by the thought that was put into presenting the information. The number of under fermented, partially fermented, and well fermented cacao beans are counted, to ensure the fermentation rate meets specifications. Each bag of cacao is 2oz, so you can split the melted cacao in half, to have 1 serving each (these are stronger servings, so you could also split it into 3 equal-sized pieces). It is 100% pure cacao made from roasted and ground whole shelled cacao beans. Get your cacao fix every day with these three healthy recipes—and find out why you may want to try eating it before bed. I feel much more able to speak about cacao to friends and family with this foundational information to build upon. Whether you are getting ready for a cacao ceremony or want to make a nourishing morning drink as part of your daily routine, we have recipes for every occasion. Our intention for this course is to share best practices and learn from each other to raise the bar in the quality of cacao ceremonies and healing experiences people have all over the world. Q: I want to take all of the courses together! “The more you breathe, the more clear the mind and the body become.” Then, I laid down and began the breathing circuit, my teeth and gums already buzzing from the cacao I’d just consumed. I was absolutely blown away after the very first class with the depth of information and education that the course provided and the honesty and candor with which Jonas and Sena presented everything. Our organic certification also ensures the cacao is not fumigated with toxic chemicals when it enters the country (unfortunately, cacao grown organically but not certified is almost always fumigated). Yet, with summer temps and without using any waxes or preservatives in our chocolate, a small percentage of packages may arrive with various degrees of melting. Only the highest quality cacao is sold to our buyers: cacao with zero insect damage, no germination of seeds, and no mold. Highly, highly recommend experiencing and learning from this class. Drinking cacao is an approachable way to create your own rituals, and you may find moments of mindfulness weaving through your day more naturally. Our all electric facility is 100% powered by local solar and geothermal renewable power. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), A Rabbi, A Minister and An Imam Walk Into A Bar, The Unstoppable Fannie Lou Hamer (And The All-Too Stoppable Us), Who Are They, Really? Or to dive into far more depth, take a look at our class, Develop Your Cacao Practice, here. When I asked her, why cacao and yoga… she said that both were ancient practices that have been proven to be healing, thoughtful, and reflective at the same time. While there was significant information about all aspects of Cacao, it was delivered in a heart full connected way, and rather than just receiving data points, I had the full experience of what I was learning. My intention was to take the class as a way to develop z spiritual practice. I can't wait to take the Stewardship/Facilitator course, just wasn't meant to be this time around--but hopefully next time! - Brew maté or guayusa, and add this to the blender, rather than hot water. In looking at other online extended learning classes, we feel this offering is a really good value for those wanting to deepen their connections and offerings with cacao. I began to look at my life and see how much of my work involved cultural appropriation: Teaching yoga . “Cacao also brings more focus and clarity to the mind, allowing you to dive deeper into your practice.”. Leading cacao ceremonies Cacao is an incredible guide for re-connecting people to their own ritual practices, as we believe that ritual is natural to all humans, and fundamental to our ability to survive and thrive in right relationship with the earth, the elements, and each other. Sit in silence, meditation, or journal your insights to integrate your experience. Our cut off time for same day shipping is 10am PT on Mondays and 1pm PT on Tuesday and Wednesdays. You will have a creamy mousse by morning, ready to eat!

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