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can a tarantula survive dks

Both are alive and well, as are my adults and juvis. If so, she might have been exposed to some type of chemical or pesticide. In others, photos of the T reveal that the specimen was never in a “death curl” at all, and that the keeper misidentified an innocuous position as something more deadly. Patricia has also mentioned the importance of sterile professionally sourced T-Chow. They can get injured when they fall. Could someone tell me what’s going on with her, Oh, man…she’s been on her back for two weeks? The poor little thing died during the night anyway, but I do hope that I gave it all the right care in its short life. In February of this year, I purchased an A. insubtilis which I later had sexed as a male. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. We have four dogs and three are pit/pit crosses. It was an unknown temp that was fairly high for 8-12 hours. Is she dead???? Thank you so muxh. I have seen severe dyskinetic symptoms in males before their last instar (molting season). Keep me updated! DKS, at the moment, is the same way. Just bought a one inch black Borneo… it fell a couple feet to a semi hard surface . Never ate once, died 2 weeks later. That doesn’t sound good. What a shame. Honestly, there isn’t too much you can do right now unfortunately. . How Do I Know if My Tarantula Is in Premolt? Sorry for all of the questions; I just know when mine died, I wracked my brain to try and figure out what happened. Unfortunately, tarantula vets are pretty rare – but even if you were extremely versed in tarantula first aid or had access to an exotic pets vet, you wouldn’t stand a chance against Dyskinetic Syndrome. So, my question is, have you ever had (or heard of) a tarantula dying STUCK to the tank wall, and what your cause of death opinions might be? Was there any heat around? It wasn’t odd behaviour,but then I noticed she didn’t move at all- At first I thought it might be her time to molt, but she’s been in this position for at least 3 days. We thought the one that was smaller was dead but then saw it move. If her abdomen is sunken in, she is dead. The injured T has a hole right next to his eye nor sure where else. In this scenario, the headache could be caused by migraines, a concussion, a tumor, or a hangover. There were no real signs of her being sick, other than some weeks she wouldn’t eat. You are likely right in that the spider just wasn’t right all along. You can freeze them. Hi, Johnny. If she stops eating, she may have a quick molt to fix herself. Well, I’m really very sorry to hear about your loss. Is that possible? If the fall happened a while ago, it wouldn’t still be bleeding out. . – Tom. I know it’s difficult to appreciate, but they can (and will) bury themselves for quite some time, and it’s very normal. In the majority of instances, their legs curl beneath them in a very unmistakable position, one that hobbyists refer to as a “death curl”. Both are said to be 3 yrs old. Like a think scar or scab texture?? It’s alive! DKS is a series of symptoms characterized by jerky motions, loss of coordination, and an inability to eat. Oh no! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Another note I did fed it a cricket from the outside, I saw the tarantula pounce on it and there was a bit of a struggle and then everything should be okay for the spider. This winter, the humidity level in my tarantula room would regularly dip to the teens, and I had to run a humidifier to bring it up to more t-friendly levels. Her abdomen seem to have shrunken in and when I tried to push her, gently (to confirm whether she was dead, as I haven’t heard of a molting taking 3 days), she’s all soft and limp. I wish there was more info available as well T owners aren’t very supported. When I look back, I think that there was something not right about her in all the time that she was with me. Well, she moulted this morning and I’m amazed that she’s literally doubled in size. I then put all of my slings into the acrylic cage around the KK. What species is she? My A. insubtilis just moments after I used a Q-tip to remove a stuck patch of Exuvia from its abdomen. It was an isolated case, but it bothered me because I wanted to know WHY it happened. I know exactly what you’re saying when nothing you do seems to help. It’s two front legs are very long which I believe is a sign that it’s a male? My mature male earth tiger and my 4inch therathosa strimi both died same day. First off, sorry to hear about your your rose hair passing. I have a female Euathlus sp. When most tarantulas die, they don’t flop onto their backs as many believe (this is actually a MOLT! It sounds like you have a good, healthy one now, at least, which is fantastic. Most now believe that stuffy, moist enclosures is a death sentence for Avics. Keeping Moisture Dependent Tarantula SpeciesKeeping Moisture Dependent Tarantula Species (And How to... Cerotogyrus darlingi “The Rear-horned Baboon” Care and HusbandryCerotogyrus darlingi “The... Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The behavior you’re describing, does it look like the behavior the T displays in the video below? It never did take to live food, but I was hopeful . Tarantulas have found ways to survive in conditions ranging from arid deserts to moist rain forests. Thanks. My B.Hamorii also suffer symtomps like DKS. I'm wondering do some get better and survive? Oh no! Then about a week before she died, I noticed that she kept twitching her legs as if something was irritating her. she had been acting like that for a few weeks though, so idk what it could have been for sure. Idk what else to do. Awwwww…I’m so sorry. then it flipped o re on its back as if it was going to molt..shortly after I noticed fluid building up on its mouthparts and fangs….it then C ompletly stoped moving and seems dead…been several hours and not even a flench.. any ideas on cause? I just added a Gooty and a Blue Baboon to our family I’m sure they were very stressed in the transfer. They refer to those symptoms where they seem to lose all coordination as DKS. You obviously did your homework as her setup looks fantastic. Has it gotten cold where you are? GREAT idea rehousing her if the substrate was too moist. Hi, Species make different size jumps depending on their what part of their life cycle they are in. Anyhow, when I found her, she was literally stuck to the side of the enclosure in a death curl. Sadly that doesn’t mean good moisture on this rock. After being housed in his new enclosure, this gorgeous guy settled right in, eating immediately. It was weird. Please help! My question pertains to preserving her. Hello! I rescued him from abuse. I appreciate the help. Although no one is completely sure what causes DKS, some theories are pesticides (including flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats), micro organisms infecting the T, mold, or other toxins. It was the first T that I lost and I was devastated. She eats fine and always finds the crickets/roaches no problem. That sounds like a death curl. What’s in the cage? Are they they same size? It’s not fun to watch, and it’s a bit graphic (my wife can’t stand to see it). I can only guess it was 90 or above by how hot it felt. Is she doing any better? I give my roaches dry cat food that I lightly wet down with a few drops of water. Also her rump is very soft. One was impacted with feces, one died for no apparent reason (it had water and it had just eaten), and a third I’m pretty sure died due to my negligence when it’s enclosure got too dry. lol. She used to hide away all the time when this particular species is well known to be a great display spider. Does he abdomen look deflated? Hi. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). But I’m worried about internal damage . Is it moving at all? Though what are the chances of the spider eating a cricket and then dying 2 days later. But I had my doubts about female or male. So, this behavior is actually pretty normal. I’m so sorry to hear this. I have several juveniles in their own containers, placed in a 10 gallon tank with a heat pad on the side. I seriously believe that DKS happens when for some reason, a tarantula is unable to moult.

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