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Specific Section on Map (does not include legend): The Detailed Map has been relocated! Items being sold in the Marketplace will "follow" you when you're travelling across trade zones. This is because we wanted to achieve a more claustrophobic horror vibe and because we wanted to reduce those super long treks you had to do in DF1. After a long and arduous search, Gregg Stevens was the first person to find the crashed helicopter. This was the 3D map until November 2014 when new areas have been added to the game. To close, the boss room does not need a key, but will present up to 3 bosses together (of bloody or burned variation, much more powerful), although only one will leave treasure at death. Dallbow Police Department serves as the outpost and offers quests that will assist you through levels 1-5. Mansions (2x chance of finding weapons(Unconfirmed)). They offer trading posts, trainers and quests. Patrick voce sabe que caminho facil devo seguir para chegar a secromon bunker porque,toda vez que eu tento chegar la eu morro.Se voce sabe min ajude por favor. cara eu to na end zone a dois dias , so level 29 , ate agora so achei um machete e nada mais que comida e remedio , isso por eu nao fazer loot's bons eh por causa do membership ? All rights reserved. Players who have barricaded themselves in buildings in a particular trade zone can trade with other players barricaded within that zone. 3D version map before the map extension in 2016 This was the 3D map until January 2016 when new areas have been added to the game and the map was randomized. Outpost names will always appear in yellow while you’re in the main street. It consists of a large, 24 cell by 18 cell, city divided into twelve districts (formerly towns). Bem vindo ao Uniao Dead Frontier Brasil. In the morning, the outpost's founder Nastya gave all survivors a mission: To find the crashed chopper and rescue possible crash survivors from its unknown location, somewhere within Fairview. Extra: Gold Key (Lobby - LDD). Entering, it is playable, but you will not receive Experience or Loots. Find and share walkthroughs for Dead Frontier 2 quest items and NPC locations. 1Up - TR - TL - LSD (Kill and loot Name Tag), Lobby - LDD (Drawers beside NPC Bethany Herrera). PF me responda qual a melhor arma a M60 ou a AA-12? Eu ja fui na Zona Laranja, lá é uma porcaria, a zona que mais odeio, toda vez que vou La um Zumbi FDP me mata toda hora, recomendo usarem Armas pesadas nessa zona como: Lança Granadas, MachineGuns, E Amarelo é um pouco dificil, tipo as vezes vc passa nas missoes outras nao!!!! There is currently no significant benefit in entering the PvP zone outside of scoring points towards your personal PvP score, or for quests that are within the zone. Greywood star Hotel will offer you quests for levelling between 15-20. Their tightness and small windows keep the stench in yet the zombies easily out, so they have become popular places to barricade for a short while (till either the zombies lose interest in their prey or the survivor(s) can't stand the mixture of rotten flesh, dried blood and dirty toilets anymore). Click to read more about me and this project. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. ola bom dia! parabens pelo blog. See the Dead Frontier GPS Tool to track your current location in the map (outside and buildings). A complete annotated map of appearances, deaths, events and locations from Robert Kirkman's zombie comic book series The Walking Dead. The first stage of the city includes only Grey / Normal / Pale Zombies, the second includes Greys as well as Purple Zombies and Crows, the three harder stages of the city include mainly variations of the Red Zombies. The useful thing is that it is a few blocks away from fat reds, has a public toilet, and there are several very effective places to grind. That is, if you put an item up for sale in the Outpost Zone and then travel to the Central Zone, the items can be seen by players barricaded in the Central Zone. Eu não te recomendo comprar Miniguns (Vulcan ou Gau-19), pois a munição é muito cara( 20.000 um pacote de 600 no Fort Pastor) e também gasta muito rápido. Hospitals (x2 chances of finding medications), Police stations (x2 chance to find ammunition), Mechanical Places (x2 chance of finding vehicle parts and fuel), Comer and Sons (Lerwillbury) ja curti tb no facebook. The various colored zones group areas where particular types of infected can be encountered. Do you love mission/boss guides? tem isso de end zone melhor ou pior tipo, a end zone la de baixo é melhor que a de cima.. ? Amigo, não da para achar uma Gau-19. This mark on the map will show the exact location of the crash location, in case you want to risk your life for a peek at this unique crashed vehicle. A não ser que você tenha Ghost Ammo aí da pra ficar de boa. Plus handy tips to keep you well equiped while you level. Amigo, nao tem nao. Failure to defend the outpost will result in it being 'abandoned' for one hour, with all NPCs except the trader being unavailable. Help keep up, and support the continued development of this site by becoming a Patreon! Vou ser bem sincero, eu gosto de ir cada vez em uma, para nao enjoar, e eu acho que nao ha diferenca. Eu tenho aconselho a comprar a M60, pra mim é a mais barata em tudo comparada com outras(é uns 250.000 e a munição também não é cara, (podendo chegar a 10.000). The Open World represents the world that all players play in. Every day these outposts will come under attack by hoards of infected, with each outpost being attacked once a day. The vast majority of the game world in indoors. These districts being Dalbow, Haverbrook and Greywood. 1st floor - Left double door - At the 2nd single door on the right. A special point of interest within the Inner City is the crashed helicopter, located in the southeastern part of the labyrinth of streets. I update it regularly to fix errors and add new locations. esse mapa ta atualizado ? Mano olha só, tem algum mapa com localizaçao tipo "1D 1R" etcpq quando os cara fala no chat a localizaçao de um boss eles fala assim, e eu n sei como ir la, se nao tiver nenhum mapa tem como me explicar como isso funciona??? And in this list, I wanted to cover how we could turn... Minecraft 1.12.2 is still the best version of Minecraft for modding. corrigindo o cara,quem não é gm pode sim achar armas com 105 de skill,e 110 de skill,ja achei wakizashi(105),e nodachi(110),steel 090(tem que ter 110 de melee)criss victor (105 skill),antigamente era só até 100 mesmo,agora pode até 110,então é possivel achar 1 vulcan,só que é bem dificil mesmo, Você pode me dizer onde eu acho armas lá lá end zone da secromon bunker porque eu não acho uma sequer é eu tô nível 45 Me adicionem lá :bisladem157. Use this information wisely, since even though it may sound horrible to some, hiding in a toilet is still better than getting eaten alive by hordes of hungry zombies. Dead Frontier II Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. A E OUTRA O SITE ESTA DE PARABÉNS,PRA MIM É O MELHOR BLOG SOBRE O DEAD FRONTIER, JÁ QUE É BEM DIFÍCIL ENCONTRA UM.VALEU POR TUDO MESMO,VOU RECOMENDAR PRA COLEGAS QUE JOGAM TAMBÉM!OBG, Que legal que voce gostou do Blog amigo, nós estamos fazendo todas as atualizaçoes para ajudar voces, basta um pouco de paciencia... ObrigadoPahCrescenzi, La na END ZONE,posso encontra algum zombie poderoso ou algo assim?tipo aquele titan da missão do Dogs Stockade, Pode sim, na verdade o Titan, la na End Zone, é considerado um dos Bosses mais fracos...PahCrescenzi. You can find it at either end... Minecraft Mods allow you to turn your game into something completely new. It can be found by clicking the link or the image below. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. One night in the main survivor holdout, the usually very silent long-range radio told our local radio technician of a helicopter, how he arrives above Fairview, soon gets hit by some "MOTHERF***ING,HUGE MOTHERF****ER", (most likely a Behemoth or an even worse, unknown beast of a zombie) and sends its last S.O.S. These items can be bought on the market or found by searching and looting buildings. Located in the centre of the map Dallbow serves as the games starting area. Olha,recomendo M60 pois atira mais rápido,mais precisão,mais chance de critic hit e outros XD, cara como faço para achar uma arma mais valiosa como uma m16 ou vulcan e qual e o nivel apropriado para ir na cidade de prenitenc 13. NÃO É "DESTEMIDA POR UNS", O CERTO É TEMIDA POR UNS! Eu tenho uma dica pra um post do blog, fazer um quadro com um tipo de arma (pistolas, rifles, shotguns, melee, machineguns..) e a munição, valor de sucata, precisão.. Tipo o post das armas melee. Anyway, every "X" on the Map marks a toilet entrance somewhere at that block in the Inner City. um epsaço para jogadores brasileiros poderem se conhecer e se atualizar. Eu comecei jogar agr...qual boss eu devo ir primeiro, e qual sua localizaçao. i think its more than likely they'll go that route since its a system that works and they know how to do it. The various areas of the map offer higher levels of difficulty, with areas to the West of the town (left side of the map) being the easiest at level 1, and with further east zones becoming more difficult, maxing out at level 30. nesse mapa tem um monte de lugares marcados ( shoping, clothe store, police station, ... ) eu fui até as duas POLICE STATION ( na Blue Zone ), seguindo esse mapa e comparado com a do jogo, mas chegando nas POLICE STATION, eu nao achei as estações de policia, como funciona esse mapa, esses detalhes estão aleatoriamente ? Top contributors list is updated every Monday at 9am UTC. See the Official Website for more details. Feel free to follow our social media below. Use the map to find the current cycle of bosses in the inner city. Looking for a broach? i remember playing the first one back when it first launched. You can find more Dead Frontier 2 guides here. It is smaller. Ring? Bem vindo ao Uniao Dead Frontier Brasil. Players are allowed to engage in a PvP open combat when entering into the zone. Three of the towns, Dallbow, Haverbrook and Greywood, are Outposts, as highlighted by their town name being written in yellow on the world map. Haverbrook Memorial Hospital will provide you with quests to get you through levels 5-15. This was the 3D map until October 2012 when new areas have been added to the game. Blood samples? You can find our contact information to the right. Eu gostaria muito, Amigo, sua dica 'e muito boa, porem eu nao tenho conhecimento para montar um quadro com cada arma, seu valor, e sua caracteristica, pois alem de ser dificil, para colocar no Blog, seria bem mais. signals before crashing in an unknown part of the Inner City. FREE TO PLAY! Amigos me Adicionem no jogo , xXPowerXx , Se tem skype me adc la , ruhan-zika1 , eu tenho um grupo de amigos :D se quiser se ajuntar O grupo ficara melhor :P , Vlw :). Issues #1 - #80. sou um tipo de andarilho, e faço comercio pegando recursos, Tipo recursos de Fort Pastor vendo em Doggs, é um negocio otimo, mas tipo sou lvl 7, e só agora estava indo de Doggs para o Fort e ja faz umas 5 vezes que praticamente na porta do fort pastor um Titan aparece do nd e me mata, por mais que corra ele consegue me pegar de algum jeito, oq faço, Wow isso é legal este site apenas me deu um código Xbox Live e funcionou! kind of interested to see how it turns out. Amigos estou no nivel 26 em PT13, qual a melhor opção para pega itens zona amarela ou zona laranja?P.S Só um jogador mediano e uso 12, Cara enquanto a zona for mais perigosa mais loot bom vc pegara eu te aconçelho a ir na zona laranja pq é mais perigosa mais nao tanto , mais la vc pega loot bomzinhos :P. Cara End Zone é mt bom para pegar loot Recomendo a todos ir la mais tem problema , voce precisa de uma arma de 100 skill ++ Tipo , Machinegun , Explsion ( nao recomendo mt pq chama mt zombie) , Melle ( mt bom n chama zombie ) , etc la voce pode encontrar itens mts boms .

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