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even a person with the patience of job would feel the injustice of the accusation

For example, if you are accused of stealing at work, it is your boss's opinion of you that matters, because your boss has the authority to investigate the accusation and fire you if he or she believes the accuser's story. If the accusation doesn't make sense, explain how the alleged incident couldn't have happened in the way the accuser claims. how you can use your strengths to create a better Struggling right now. Ann Landers. If you are falsely accused, then the law will sort that out. Did you like this post? Telling yourself that your life is ruined will only contribute to your stress. Make sure you understand exactly what your landlord is charging you with. I’ve been told (no surprise) that I have a very strong sense of right and wrong and excessively-low tolerance for injustice in the world and for some inexplicable reason, my body automatically reacts to such situations with overwhelming despair and grief. Don't be afraid to ask for professional help. So, instead of immediately believing what you are being told, think about: The goal of asking yourself these questions is to stop yourself from immediately thinking that everything you hear is true. Outline your case, state that even though you can't prove you didn't do it, it's not really up to you to prove your innocence, but up to them to prove your guilt. 3. If the accusation gets serious, hire an attorney to defend you in court. We don’t necessarily need a big platform to make a difference; neither do we have to be a charismatic world leader to have a major influence on others. Get an attorney if it's affecting your professional life. After all those years of callous cruelty, we are gradually evolving into a more humane and conscious civilization. At the same time, what happens when you confront someone about a lie and they deny it? If you have to handle a false accusation, stay calm and try to plan how you can respond to disprove it. Ignore them, and they will eventually lose interest. So you could present a few more arguments, pieces of evidence, that show you did not do this, perhaps even find the actual sender. You must also be able to show that the criminal or civil proceeding ended in your favor, whether you won or got the case dismissed. We should be prepared to use all our will and skill to produce a positive and enduring wave of change within our communities. Find out what the legal term is in which an investigation must be concluded where you live. There is some catharsis in that. I got served a 5 day notice/eviction. For example, if you are accused of some misconduct at work, your coworkers may continue to make insinuations and jokes behind your back despite an official investigation clearing you of blame. References. With the exception of sociopaths, each one of us is born with a natural sense of empathy, morality, and knowing of what is right and wrong. While it’s simply impossible for us to right all the wrongs of this world during our lifetime, we can still devote ourselves to supporting those causes that are the closest to our hearts. If you continue to argue, it will make you look even more suspicious. To me, both are equally likely. However, when you look at where the accusations come from, you might have a better understanding of why they are being directed at you. But if he/she doesn't yield, file a suit and go to court. I have had no further action. The hospital should have a decent record-keeping system, so that protects you as well. Not so with Jehovah! The trick with accusations in the workplace is that they can come from anywhere and from anyone. I don’t know how to stop it. This innate sense of morality gets further inculcated by the socialization process as we grow up. Thank you for offering these words of encouragement and hope and for reminding me that it is important to keep pressing on- even when things are hard or unfair. You want to question everything you hear, and if you were ever accused of something, you would want others to do the same for you. Of course, if you are accused of something that is true, it is wise to admit this to be the case and start working together to see how you can resolve and repair the situation. Landlords have to have VERY good reasons for evicting someone; using a padlock that can be easily removed doesn't sound like one of them. If they refuse to accommodate you, hire an attorney. When you are faced with accusations in the workplace, you might choose to ignore them. Keep me posted! What should I do if someone falsely accuses me of child pornography? When you first hear an accusation, you might not know what to do with this information. We’re all in this together! Management has charged me guilty, and I was given no details. You can testify on your own behalf if you choose to. This article has been viewed 91,101 times. […], […] disconnect has perpetuated careless, selfish and unkind acts towards the animal kingdom. I submitted and say, I’m thоroughly enjoying ʏour blog. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. I teach sports to 9-year-olds. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Some were even killed and humiliated in the process because of the often controversial stand that they took on pertinent issues. Remember to stick to your story throughout, since it will look suspicious if you try to change it. Throughout the history of mankind, there have been countless atrocities committed due to the cruel and irrational impulses of tyrants in power.

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