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Kpop Polls Entertainment. and i am a blink @disqus_fza6MxThXx:disqus Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated! Because he’s promoting in China and is no longer with EXO. They honestly are. – He has an older brother, Kim Dongkyu (4 years older). lol, Please Re-edit Lay hyung’s Profile; – He became an SM Entertainment trainee in 2011. chanyeol cant speak english none of the memembers can. . – Hometown: Changsha, Hunan, China. Blood Type: A Latest comeback:, SM had BoA, YG had Psy, obviously both has had a lot of success! I’m not sure about the height because many said Chanyeol is 185cm. c’mon he’s a guy. It has been added! Thanks for the additional info, we noted it in Tao’s individual profile and gave you credits in the post there. You like what you like, don’t be jerks because someone else has different tastes. and tell you what i made no mistake i gave no hate to BTS i’m being honest just like how you just go around saying exo is a nothing, Yup cuz that time kpop world Don’t see a real Talent,when BTS up,,EXO nothing,look at EXO song,Soo funny melody, hahaha so funny *roll eyes* 2) Luhan Thank you for the update, the news was added to his individual profile and we gave you credits there! lay won 18th (Due to how much people likes chanyeol and baekhyun i can say they have the most stanner, especially in polls and votes, and it is clearly obvious in real life as you can see your friends who favour baekhyun and chanyeol a lot). I really pray there is something between them. – The Honorary Ambassador for Korea`s Tourism in 2018. if that were the case the same should be for baekhyun. Suho, Sehun, Baekhyun and Chanyeol could also be their center or fotg. In Exo 12 they chose only 3 main vocals (Baek Chen and DO). most exo-l are older than army. well good then Hopefully this explains why his picture isn’t on there. Tbh, chanyeol and baekhyun has the most stan (meaning many fans bias them) Isn’t it important that kai is in a relationship with F(x) Krystal since march 2016? Luhan loves Hello Kitty. It has been corrected , Why aren’t Luhan, Tao and Kris in that… voting… thing, whatever it’s called, bcuz one of my biases is Lulu. – Suho is friends with Minho of SHINEE since their college days (KBS Exciting India). On several occasions, he has shown his closeness to the members and how much he loves them. I think chanyeol is the face of the group and kai is visual. Super Power (Badge): Water – Sehun is a regular cast of variety show “Busted”. And don’t claim sehun for being exo’s only visual. He doesn’t get much lines in their songs, Arent Baekhyun and Chen supposed to be Sub Rappers here? @disqus_yvdOc7F7bb:disqus – Hometown: Guri, Gyeonggi province. The news broke out a week before EXO's big Seoul date, leaving many fans puzzled and disappointed. Considering what the group has dealt with in the last few days, EXO was all smiles throughout the two-hour show. Amid the heated controversy, the 11 remaining members carried out their promotions and first two days of the concert, staying relatively quiet until the final day of the show. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Please be respectable people, just like our idols. Twitter: @hztttaoswag he raps in EXO CBS but here is the profile for EXO not for the CBX unit. Don’t play with fans Stan right know if i really do something.. Ok fine..u really wanted right,u scare then u say u army,so funny exol..wait and see yehet hunnie, Yeah,read more comment down,look he/she say,what u thing we shoud do you this sad. Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual not funny Never mind the previous message, it seems to be working fine now. Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknae, Suho: In the list, it is noticeable that some of the largest K-pop groups, including EXO, ITZY, IZ*ONE, and StrayKids, are not nominated, though. Weight: 52 kg (114 lbs) Through an email, Soribada then addresses the inquiries why EXO was not nominated, and according to them, "Hello. people are saying that jennie might get kicked out of YG. Also, they are not “outcast” as you said, Kai is “main dancer” and Chanyeol is “main rapper”. Every single one of them are beautiful and visual af. However, there’s no member who left the group, leaving fans to express their anger. Chen is another member who seems unpopular, but loads of people love and respect Chen, it just so happens that similarly to Jihyo from TWICE, there’s somebody else that they prefer as a bias so you could say. Second, a member's withdrawal doesn't have any connection with the event's criteria, which includes internal data, online voting, and rating for music professionals. Hope that answered your question ^^. But I’m not sure tho maybe it’s just because he’s the visual? so was blacpink ** You can vote many times. . Tons of success, but even though i love my queens 2ne1, I have to hand it to SNSD here. , The leade dancer are still xiumin and sehun. Their health deteriorated so bad that their parents wanted them to leave. And Kai gets the most center distribution because he’s the main dancer. None of his songs have been in Korean since he left… Their all Chinese or english. D.O – Main Vocalist They are Koreans, who sing in Korean, who live in Korea. 3 lead vocal : Luhan, Suho and Xuimin EXO in 2018: congrats to sehun for reaching 300K votes!! Well it’s coming from S.M.,,, Sehun .,,, Chen Lay and Xiumin are also rappers since they’ve rapped on Love Me Right and Call Me Baby, respectively. , Baekhyun’s twitter, Baekhyun made a Twitter account, @B_hundred_Hyun, on the 1st of June 2018. Most people believe that he left due to contract issues and his unfair pay. I’m sorry I’m confuse about baekhyun, in subunit (CBX), he is Lead Dancer, but why he’s not Lead Dancer in the group?? Oh and can you make all the oldest eomma because i get really confused on who is the oldest… please.. It’s because one of the members knows as Lay (Zhang Yixing) is not part of Exo’s Christmas album for this year as his schedule in China clashes with Exo’s. Height: 172 cm (5’8″) He is 176cm this is link ), But can you also make a Kpop Ships/OTP of Chanyeol x Sehun of EXO (ChanHun) please~~~~ (because I like the one you made about KyungJeong of HISTORY), ChanHun, they are like the realest ship in EXO. If you hate EXO so much! I still like and chose (bias voting) Baekhyun tho (: and squishy ( yeah he also looks squishy ), you are a bit right , but lay is the nations represenative on idol Producer (chinese version for pd101 ), I know this is late, but D.O. Nationality: Korean They left because SM treated them badly compared to their Korean stars. Shortly after, Soribada then gave its explanation and reasons to the fans and netizens of the K-pop group, but instead of consoling fans and making them accept the decision, EXO-Ls went crazy even more due to organizers "ridiculous" reason. – He is the neatest, strongest and cleanest member in EXO-M. For a long time, there was quite a lot of confusion about why he took that decision. I think they probably knew. where are you from? Chen: Lu Han I always thought they were Chinese. Blood Type: O , @memejaebumfam:disqus MBTI Type: INTP They can just go to Black Pink and BTS page and praise his/her favorites instead… , Price their intelligent,they funny right,lets make EXO video song got many dislike,i will tell another army, Yoo answers meYes or no,they say EXO fandom are more then bts,,how about that,we army Don’t take this simple,we need to di something,,they Don’t know army limit now, I’m ashamed that this person calls himself/herself an Army. P = Perceiving, J = Judging, (Special thanks to Ex12, Adreena, Love you., Carly, prcy ♡, i hate jeremiah, WANNABLE, NaNi cAm, Shishi, fordey, cuxv, Ishi, Sommerstorm, Moon Night, Nayeonierion, Tale sight, FTW, Aishah Aishah, No red velvet No life, ruuu, Wong Si Qi, MemeJaebum FAM, Malinda Waltz, cнατєαυ, Charlotte XU,Bacconn.Lovverr, Mark Del Prado,  Pink Princess, 루한, Arnest Lim, I’mhotlikewasabi, zukokobop, den den, Kpoptrash, Emmie, OhItsLizzie, Quinn Russ, Lea, Banin Adel, 오세훈형, XiuminLove12, Eun-Kyung Cheong, Bailey Woods, Bubblina, muneera xx, JESSICA, una, Risa Tamura, KSB16, EXOL FOREVER, 김 크리스티안, elisha, Nicole Zlotnicki, 채가연, VIOLET VOIDS, Asmamat), You may also like: Quiz: How well do you know EXO? Kim Minseok (Xiumin) . You don’t have to ship/like them. Quiz: Can you guess the idol by their birthday? – He has a habit of often biting his lips. If that’s the case shouldn’t Suho be considered a visual as well? Buuuuut my bias is chen. @SehunOohEXO:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! Omg Layyy I love to dance in the dark as well wtf I thought it was only me haha wow that’s rare to hear of someone else liking to do that! There were a few other photos on the official EXO website but I think this looked the best. As @laurentolley:disqus or @disqus_LC4ICvbapM:disqus tried to explain you before, the name Park it’s always written as 박 in Hangul. @SehunOohEXO:disqus Sehun All Rights Reserved. Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs) 9) Lay The reason Kai is in the center the most is because he’s the main dancer. @irisprincessneko:disqus Please give them more love. Soompi, koreaboo has also announce chen solo debut this is exo profile, why are you haters picking on exo, have we go around saying bad stuff about blackpink yet? For example who’s your boyfriend…, Yes, we will. – He acted in the web dramas: “EXO Next Door” (2015), “Falling for Challenge” (2015) We united as a whole and used that energy to put in extensive hours of practice and rehearsals to make a perfect performance.

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