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female guinea pig smells like fish

The fishy smell seems to signal an infection, possibly a UTI. cage Wipes: Cage wipes are an effective way of cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing your guinea pig’s habitats. If your guinea pig is intact, then this clearly indicates why your cage is smelly. Sized At 8.5x11, A Perfect Size To Color And Frame! “This means that even if outwardly castrated, the animal can still be an intact male internally, and boar taint will occur”, explains Dr. McGlone. It’s not absolute that all boars will develop taint, but without some kind of intervention, up to 50% of them are likely to. Boar taint is caused by two naturally occurring compounds known as androstenone (a pheromone which is responsible for a sweat/urine scent) and skatole (produced in liver and large intestine, responsible for an even less pleasant fecal aroma). No, you should always use white vinegar to clean your guinea pig’s cage. There are three main reasons why your guinea pig has a fishy smell and these are: Guinea pig is suffering from cystitis or UTI with the relevant symptoms; Guinea pig is suffering from impaction and the anal sack needs cleaning; Guinea pig has a sperm rod Change his bedding before you put him back in the cage. If its a male, sometimes they mark their territory and it can have a pretty funky smell. Should I get a guinea pig? The American market has an expectation for a minimum size in their pork cuts, and it costs just as much in rearing overheads and labor to raise and process a 300lb animal as it does a 220lb, so for profitability it doesn’t make sense to slaughter young. So, today let us learn how to keep a guinea pig cage from smelling bad. Immuno-castration is an injectable vaccine (called Improvest or Improvac) approved by the FDA, and already used in some countries for over a decade. I can't think of other reasons, really. Guinea pigs can get a pyometra (which literally means pus in the uterus) just like dogs and cats do and it is caused by a bad infection. Yes, you can put it at the bottom of the cage. (With Helpful Images). Either their cage or tank is retaining smells, or your rat has an infection or sickness causing it to smell. 9. I have dark yellow brown discharge that smell like fish & its coming out like water could it be bv ? It is also useful in cleaning the urine stains and getting rid of the strong smell from the cage. So what are the best alternatives? Water is changed and bowl cleaned daily. The content published on this blog is for informational purposes only. 4 . On Salmonella-Shigella (SS) agar, Proteus usually smells like “rotten cooked fish”. how to treat this. As the wounds get infected, it would start to smell, often with a rotten or fish-like whiff. Employ immunological castration. Sometimes, parasitic infestations like ticks and fleas can cause a fishy smell due to the wounds left by the bites. They have no natural odor. However, by using good quality bedding and proper cleaning of their cage, the smell can be kept at a minimal level. Also, guinea pigs should have: 1 to 2 handfuls of good quality guinea pig pellets with added vitamin C. 1 cupful of fresh veg every day and occasionally fruit. You can use this fantastic Zoo Med Wipe Out for the same. i fell 2 weeks ago.i fell into a metal guinea pig cage.the metal bar broke-through my cotton pants & broke my skin.tetnusshot4-5yrs ago.do i neednew1? You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. Some guinea pig owners often complain that their guinea pigs are smelly, but this is unfounded. Do not keep parts of it even if it seems clean. Top answers from doctors based on your search: Connect by text or video with a U.S. board-certified doctor now — wait time is less than 1 minute! And, it is not chemical castration”. We will explore various reasons for the smell in guinea pigs and what you can do about it in this article. Also, remove all the hideouts and toys and wash them too. Not castrating is like Russian Roulette  – you’re bound to get one that turns up with boar taint and that’s wasteful for your bottom line and more importantly, a waste of the animals life” he says. Choose a large size cage so that your guinea pig has enough space to eat, sleep, and play around. If they do smell bad, it is most likely one of two things. Otherwise it may be an infection. Please Note: This article is not intended to replace professional veterinarian advice but is my own opinions and research as a dog owner. Guinea Pig Urine Smells Fishy. © 2010-2020 Jess Pryles - https://jesspryles.com/boar-taint/. In very extreme cases, the fishy smell might occur because of something called pyometra. It is worth noting, however, that some types of dogs are more likely to smell than others. Breed it out using genetics. The female genitalia is supposed to have some smell, but it should not be a very strong fishy smell that you have to worry about other people smelling from across the room or anything like that. The real question is...why are you smelling your guinea pigs butt? On the other hand, the smell *could* be coming from his bedding, but then he would smell like urine & not fish. Often guinea pig’s pee smell as the bedding used is sub-standard or the cage is not being deep cleaned as regularly. A pyometra can lead to blood poisoning, kidney failure, peritonitis and even death.”. are rodent allergies the same as guinea pig allergies? However, the fact is it is not the cage that is smelling bad; it is the pee being left in the cage, which releases ammonia and starts smelling like a fish when left for an extended period. I would urge you to take her to the vet. Should I be concerned? unlimited hay Realistically, unless you shop at farmers markets, craft butchers or have direct access to your producer, you’re unlikely to be in a position to make that choice. Around 75% of the population are susceptible to boar taint, with varying degrees of sensitivity, and women are more prone than men. No change in diet, behavior, droppings, food, ect. The fishy smell seems to signal an infection, possibly a UTI. Why does my dog smell like fish? Although foul-smelling guinea pig pee is a sign of bad diet or urinary tract infection (UTI), this is not usually the case. It is not something that every owner should be concerned about. The problems with these are guinea pigs have a strong sense of smell, and using such fragrance around them can lead to respiratory issues in them. Yes, there are risks with experimentation. Please advise. If your guinea pig’s pee or poop is smelling bad, then it might be directly related to your guinea pig’s diet. However, boars have a thick white coating inside their perineal sacs. They have a wet bottom and chances of flystrike. Poor vaginal hygiene can lead to a buildup of bacteria in the vagina that can start to develop a fishy smell. When Can You Give a Puppy a Bath for the First Time? She's also a respected authority on Texas style barbecue. You must be wondering why is my guinea pig always hungry. A dirty cage often smells terrible. Have you ever bitten in to a pork rib and found that there was an unpleasant, funky aroma that lingered long after your bite? When a baby comes you can smell two things: the smell of flesh, which smells like chicken soup, and the smell of lilies, the flower of another garden, the spiritual garden. Chances are you will come across it every once in a while, and if you do detect it, at least now you know what it is! Guinea pigs should not eat nuts. How a pet rat and a stray vermin rat would react if they meet each other? If your enclosure has a white sludgy residue(calcium) of urine, then the same can also be effectively removed with the help of this mixture. It includes a lot of hay, some veggies and occasional treats. How to keep a guinea pig cage smelling fresh? Apart from the cage, some health issues in guinea pigs like Diarrhea, Urinary Tract Infection, etc. How often should a guinea pig cage be cleaned? Hours Of Fun And Relaxation For Adults As Well As Kids, 50 Unique Halloween Theme Coloring Designs, Hours Of Fun and Relaxation For Adults As Well As Kids, Remove any part of heavily soiled bedding and replace the patch with fresh ones. Make sure you choose the one that doesn’t have a strong smell. However, if you want to know more about some of the reasons why your female dog might smell, keep reading! Mine smell alright :) If you notice a fishy smell on your female’s dog’s breath, it could possibly be a gum condition like periodontal disease or gingivitis, which is caused by poor oral hygiene. Try this fantastic Kaytee Clean Cage Deodorizer Spray for incredible results. Can't get stopped. A sick rat odor will smell like infection. Many people believe that they are easy to care for and low maintenance pets but it would come as a shock for many people when they have to take them to... Why Is My Guinea Pig Always Hungry? We all love to cook. My guess is she has a UTI, digestion issues, or some other illness as a result of a sub-optimal diet. Bizarre Foods focuses on regional cuisine from around the world which is typically perceived as being disgusting, exotic, or bizarre. It is challenging to provide all necessary information on guinea pigs diet in this article, so I recommend you check out the following articles: If your guinea pigs keep smelling even after continuously cleaning their cage, then there might be an underlying health condition behind the same. Instead of castrating, they leave the animal intact and slaughter according to weight, the idea being that if the animal is 220lb or less it hasn’t reached puberty. When is the best time to release a hamster? Here are some Amazing coloring books for adults as well as kids: Recommended Supplies For Guinea pigs: Our Top Picks! Neutering/spaying a guinea pig will need a small medical surgery and cost you a good chunk of money depending upon the area you live in. Use a weight calculation. Cashew nuts are very high in fat. Hello r/guineapigs! Thank you! Now that have hopefully identified why your female smells of fish, you’re probably wondering: what’s next? Any unneutered dog is at risk of developing a pyometra, especially if they are over six years old. Let us learn more about it in detail, so you don’t have to struggle with the same in the future. link to Why Is My Guinea Pig Always Hungry? Moreso, that public fear is more significant to producers than animal welfare because after all, if there’s no demand for your product, you’re out of business. Most of these leave a residue behind that can be harmful to our guinea pigs. Cashew nuts are very high in fat. If this happens, the fluid becomes dry and causes an impaction, which means that your female dog will be unable to fully express these glands properly. heres a hint, its the same stuff that comes from yours ;). From the manufacturers website: ‘Improvest is not a hormone or growth promotant. Clean the cage with a mixture of Water-Vinegar or other commercial disinfectants discussed earlier.

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