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former cbs 58 news anchors

Jessob will begin anchoring the CBS 58 News every weeknight starting this November. Well, Nora was not treated well by CBS on her morning show. Now that Jeff Glor is no longer the anchor, I no longer watch CBS evening news. Journalist are there to report the news of the day. Good things happen to good people and you are definitely good people. Too Bad. Doris & Gale Bandy, Sanford, Florida. I have never been one to watch much tv, but I began watching Jeff Glor on the CBS nightly news. Please bring Jeff back. He Denies the Allegations. CBS 58's Mike Curkov … Jeff is very kind, impartial and seemed to love his job. People are so afraid of Socialism, but this is Capitalism at its worst. Beloit College political science professor gives insight to the... Wisconsin ranks third among highest percentage of non-registered... Quiet weather for Wisconsin and most of the country on Election... Kenosha County voters prepare for Election Day. You will be dead last! What were you thinking!!! Jeff added a personal touch to this evening news. Jeff made you feel like he was a personal family friend. He should be back on Evening News that’s where he belongs and that’s where everybody watched him. I found he was the only anchor who tried not to put his spin on the news. All Rights Reserved. I respected him as a competitor because of his ability to connect with people and handle all different types of stories.” said Kent Harrell, News Director at CBS 58. Nora presents an arrogant facade. Will switch to ABC till Saturdays so can watch Jeff.. LeBron James Is Joining the Los Angeles Lakers. for CBS but I can’t seem to find him. Three New Stars Join Cast of Next Week’s Live ‘All in the Family’ Performance — But What’s Up With the Live ‘Good Times’? I miss Jeff already! Still really missing Jeff Glor. Jeff glory is the only reason I watched CBS evening news. Bring back Jeff Glor. Shakeup at NBC’s ‘Today’ Show: Executive Producer Out, Network Names Successor, Ann Curry Says Harassment Was Pervasive at NBC, Police Investigating New Allegation Against Kevin Spacey, Rupert Murdoch Recovering After Injury, Hospitalization, Trump White House Tell-All to Become TV Series, Matt Damon Admits He Messed Up With His Comments on Sexual Harassment, Reveals What He Wishes He Would Have Done Differently, Singer Denies Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Amid Criminal Investigation, Why Betty White Is Trending Today — Don’t Worry, It’s a Good Thing, Raise a Glass to the ‘True Freshman’ — He’s a Dilly. Replacing him can only be poor CBS management. MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Weigel Broadcasting Co.’s CBS 58, WDJT-TV is pleased to announce a new addition to its evening anchor team. Jeff you deserve better than this. Doctor Watching TV Spots Woman With Cancer, Hunts Her Down to Save Her Life, Former Fox News Fixture Lands Programming Block on Another Cable Channel, Unexpected Change for the Miss America Competition, TV Station to Pay After Airing Nude Body of Murder Victim, Report: ABC May Greenlight ‘Roseanne’ Reboot This Week, Conan O’Brien Explains Why His Show Is Being Cut in Half — and Also Revisits NBC’s Late-Night ‘Clusterf–k’ Back in 2010, Ticket Sales for Mariah Carey’s Vegas Residency ‘a Disaster’, CBS Responds to Pauley Perrette; Mystery of Alleged Assaults Not Cleared Up, What a Wonderful Character Actor, Whether on ‘Mannix,’ ‘One Day at a Time’ or ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Joseph Campanella Dies at 93, Comic Legend Stan Lee Files Billion-Dollar Lawsuit, Cable Drama Series to End Its Run After Fifth Season, The CW Rolls Out Expanded Fall Schedule, Adds New Shows and a New Night of Prime Time, ABC Unleashes Fall Schedule Loaded With New Shows, Fox Adds Three New Comedies, Two New Dramas to Prime-Time Lineup — Here’s the Network’s New Fall Schedule, NBC Rolls Out New Fall Schedule, Five New Dramas, Two New Comedies — ‘Chicago’ Shows Get Their Own Night, Third Woman Comes Forward With Allegation Against Tom Brokaw, NBC’s Megyn Kelly Has a Warning for Tom Brokaw’s Backers at the Network, Like President Trump, Tom Brokaw Attacks the Media Messenger, Former ‘Jerry Springer’ Producer Accused of Murder, NBC News Issues Guidance Memo to Staffers on How Brokaw Story Is to Be Handled, Viacom Unveils New Digital Unit, Plans to Roll Out Hundreds of Hours of Premium Programming, Feud Between ‘Karate Kid’ Rivals Rekindled — 34 Years Later, He Helped Give Us Some of the Most Beloved TV Ever: ‘The Golden Girls,’ ‘The Partridge Family,’ ‘Brian’s Song’ — Producer Paul Junger Witt Dies at 77, Drama Series From Acclaimed TV Creator Canceled. CTM Saturday will also be great for him, a nice team. Many, many changes at the anchor desk and nothing changes! the CBS news…… I don’t understand why that decision was made. Enough is enough, Jeff Glor is far superior than Nora plus she has likely missed more work than Jeff ever has “special assignment” bull. Jeff Glor is a great newscaster.. Blessings on him. In the Age of Trump, Has Journalism Passed the Point of No Return? Please let me be the boss of CBS for just one minute so I can fix this! I give him so much credit. 1 New Drama, Leonard Nimoy’s Old Show Gets a Reboot — and Even a New Spock, Nicole Eggert Details Allegations Against Scott Baio About Underage Sex When They Were on ‘Charles in Charge’, Drama Series Renewed for Eighth Season — But Two Characters Are Leaving the Show. pulled. Jeff had integrity which is seldom seen anymore. Smiles appear forced. Glad that you are still with CBS and look forward to seeing you on the shows. Copyright © 2018 Dexter Canfield Media Inc. Police in Chicago Were Told a Deal Was in the Works With Jussie Smollett, Philip McKeon, Former Child Actor, Dead at 55, Business Is Booming for One Veteran Media Exec — and He Was Just Named Time Magazine’s Businessperson of the Year. A former Special Air Service serviceman and honorary lieutenant-colonel, Bear Grylls is best known as an adventurer who does interesting things—from eating goat testicles to drinking elephant dung juice—in the TV series Man vs. Wild.Also known for his charity and humanitarian efforts, Bear was appointed OBE in 2019 for services to charity, young people, and the media. Anchors. It takes an extraordinary person to stay with a network who axed him in a more popular spot. Should They? Will It Kill the Sale of the Company? I switched to CBS evening news when he was there, because I think he gave the news better and more grace than any other news anchor. And We don’t like nora, very cold. I agree with the theme of the comments above. I totally agree with the other remarks. What a loss to CBS evening news. Former NFL Pro Bowler Denied Bail, Faces Possibility of Multiple Life Prison Terms — Judge Offers a Weird Reason for His Decision, Why the ‘Indiana Jones’ Sequel Will Miss Its Release Date, The Beatles’ Animated Classic ‘Yellow Submarine’ to Be Rereleased to Theaters — But Some Fans May Not Appreciate the New Enhancements, Nine Reasons Real Estate Professionals Want You to Stop Watching HGTV, New Broadcast Network Off to a Strong Start, ‘The Show That Invented Modern Reality Television’ to Return, In a Must-See ‘Carpool Karaoke’ — That Lasts Almost Half an Hour — Paul McCartney Sings a Bunch of Beloved Beatles Classics. We’ll be joining so many others in finding another evening news program to watch. I really enjoyed Jeff’s reporting style. Your delivery and emotion was just top notch. 1 New Series Gets Expanded Order, Shocker on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finale: A Fan Favorite Not Only Doesn’t Win, But Doesn’t Even Make the Top 5, Rock Band Set to Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show, ‘Twilight Zone’ Revival Names TV Personality as Host — Check Out the Clip, U.S. We need him, and CBS needs him! We loved the way he modernized the evening news and he was so heartfelt in his reporting. No longer watch CBS world news go to NBC world with Lester Holt. I use to watch it every morning Monday through Friday and when the decision was made to replace him with Gail King and Nora O’Donnell, I thought “what is CBS doing?”. Will give Nora a miss in the evening. President Trump makes final push to Wisconsin voters in Kenosha... Former CBS 58 anchor Whitney Martin stars in Netflix’s “Nailed It“, Trump takes Florida in a big win for his pathway to reelection, AP: Bryan Steil wins re-election in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District, Widespread Election Day unrest not materializing, How the exit polls will work in a pandemic, President Trump makes final push to Wisconsin voters in Kenosha rally, Update: Milwaukee police seek 'critically' missing 3-year-old boy, last seen with 29-year-old woman, Judge sets bail at $2M for Kyle Rittenhouse, teen accused in Kenosha shootings, CBS 58 Investigates: Wisconsin election security, Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Woman dies after walking through Milwaukee park, CBS 58 talks with Drew Barrymore about her new daytime show. Chen began filling in as news anchor for The CBS Morning News (1987) and This Morning (1988) in June 1999. Nora O’Donnell REALLY!!! I didn’t like Nora on the morning news because of her lack of compassion. When Jeff was let go from the CBS morning news program, I was upset. Jeff is an outstanding anchor and certainly one of the very best! Jeff Glor was the best CBS had to offer. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? How Well Does He Do? Cover of New York Daily News Summarizes How Many U.S. Hope you enjoy it. Jeff Glor is worthy of MUCH more than Saturday morning when people are busy with errands, housework, etc. Bad decision by CBS upper management. I probably would’ve told CBS what they could do with their offer and move to another network. On the other hand, once more I watched Jeff on CBS This Morning Saturday. Would Those Working in the Movies Recognize a Classic Screenplay if They Read One? Liberals Are Feeling Today — Did the Daily News Go Too Far? Meghan Reistad. ABC and NBC networks and anchors just breathed a huge sigh of relief as their CBS competitor —Jeff Glor, an incredible talent whose integrity and heart raised us all up was just chopped. Jessob remembers the amazing people of southeast Wisconsin. I think CBS made a big BooBoo taking Jeff Glor off the evening news He did an excellent job keeping us informed. Can’t wait to see the ratings. PLEASE… Bring Jeff Glor back to your Evening News’ anchor seat. Horrible, Mr. Glor was the best news reporting in years…..sooo upset and why, did he get a better offer…..he was credible, professional, intelligent and simpatico. Our family (still) really misses him. Well, I too am joining the mass of other comment writers praising Jeff Glor and lamenting his removal from CBS prime-time news. We switched to CBS for Jeff. NPR Needs to Be Much More Forthcoming Than It’s Been, Rose McGowan Cancels Appearances After ‘Meltdown’ Is Caught on Video, Nicole Eggert Files Police Report Against Scott Baio. Steady stream of voters at polls during Election Day 2020 ️. Why didn’t CBS just add Nora to co-anchor evening news with Jeff? Isn’t it time to reconsider. I like Norah, but Jeff will be made an offer by another news outfit, and I hope in the evening. I think CBS News chief Susan Zirinsky needs to back up and punt and try again with some male in that news slot. You Won’t Believe How Many Billions We U.S. Consumers Spend Annually on Streaming Services (Hint: It’s About Twice as Much as We Spent Domestically Going to the Movies Last Year), Fox News Contributor Quits the ‘Propaganda Machine’, Action Star Accused of Sexual Assault in Casting Session, ABC Releases Pilot Episode of New Drama Series, Amy Poehler to Direct, Star In and Produce New Comedy With Many Fellow ‘SNL’ Alums on Board, ‘Sex and the City’ Actress Runs for Governor, Martina Navratilova Reacts to News That John McEnroe Was Paid 10 Times What She Earned in the Broadcast Booth, Massive Pay Hikes for ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Members. He was such a pro with empathy in his reporting ~ one could sense his honesty… and a personality that you just could not wait to relax with the news reporting he transmitted. Pauleen Le.

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