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ham sui gok pronunciation

Other ones, maybe called something different, are crispy. It all depends on the flour used. Roll the dough into a ball and flatten it using your hand then gently stretch the rim until it is 10cm (4") wide or large enough for the filling. Powered by Invision Community. Tip 1: When mixing the sticky rice dough, it is not best to use boiling water or stir too quickly, or the dough will be too tough. Jan 4, 2014 we pronounce it as ham sui gok, no idea why it;s called that but i guess every chinese knows what it is. Adding sugar would make them brown like the ones you get at dim sum restaurants. You must control the temperature of the water and oil in the dough skin. These gorgeous fried glutinous dumplings are a favorite at yum cha restaurants for their delicious porky goodness and wonderfully chewy skin! Remove stems and mince. The recipe can be found at: http://www.keyingredient.com/recipes/30939/golden-glutinous-rice-dumpling-hom-sui-gok/, OMG, I totally envy Kelvin getting to eat all this stuff you make!!! These factors will influence the formation of the pearl bubbles. I only had 4 in the end because like I said, if the temperature gets too high. of yams to 1 lb of glutinous flour. If you recreated this authentic recipe, I’d love to see it! (I had asked specifically for wheat starch, but I don't think they knew what it was.) Canada. That may be because the walls are thin. Kind of lets you know the demographics of the area! 5823 Victoria Drive. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ham Sui Gok is a type of deep fried dimsum made with savoury minced pork coated with a semi sweet glutinous rice flour dough. Haam-sui-gok are also incredibly filling, almost unbelievably so, probably on account of their ‘doughy deep-fried-ness’ and so care should be taken not to overorder. I do subscribe to trying to make something I like at least once. After the dumplings swell, reduce the heat to low. Copyright © 2001-2020 by the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, All Rights Reserved Fraserview. If you like your hom sui gok to burst, you'd better wear a face shield and cover your arms. Apr 8, 2017 - I finally know how to make these ham sui gok! These are the dumplings that will be cooked. And for the record, splatter guards don't actually prevent oil from splattering up, they just lessen the amount of hot oil to scald your skin! Traditionally it's an early morning/brunch affair and, when used as a family gathering, takes on much the same atmosphere as a Sunday lunch does here in the UK. Trick is finding the time. The dough cooked through, but remained pale. How much sugar would I have to add to the dough to make it a touch sweet, but not too sweet? Hey, not bad for a first effort! It's my delicate Asian skin, doncha know! ( Log Out /  And thanks for the kind comments about my hum sui gok...it almost makes me want to try again to improve on my first attempt! I mixed the glutinous rice flour with cold water, and the wheat starch with boiling water, then added lard and something else but I can't remember what. Cantonese Pronunciation: English Description 烧卖 Siu Mai: Steamed dumplings filled with a minced pork and shrimp filling 豉汁蒸排骨 See Jup Jing Pai Gwut: Steamed Spare Ribs with black bean sauce 豉椒蒸凤爪 See Jiu Jing Fong Jau: Steamed chicken’s feet in black bean sauce 萝卜糕 Lor Bak Go: Fried cake of Chinese radish (aka daikon), rice flour and dried shrimp 叉烧包 Cha Siu Bao: B.B.Q. I have a recipe from Eileen Yin-Fei Lo and it calls for glutinous rice flour mixed with cold water, salt, lard, and wheat starch mixed with boiling water. I came across this one recipe which made it sound quite easy and decided to give it a try this morning. I thought it seemed a bit weird because I had never had a hom sui gok fried! Also, some of my thin ones broke and caused quite a bit of oil to splatter. Ham sui gok’s skin is sweet, crispy, and chewy and its filling is sticky, savory, and juicy. Some of the ones I had patched up looked like they had tumours! Haam-sui-gok (鹹水角) English terms: Deep-fried Meat Croquette This variety of dim sum is another fairly standard addition to any yum-cha table. Based on my few attempts at making them I think your recipe sounds ok. You do need to have wheat starch in the dough to make the dough firm up, however. And clearly, I didn't take the time to mince the shrimp into smaller pieces, nor did I take the time to break up the ground pork as it cooked. rice flour+7oz cold water, 3/4c wheat starch+7oz boiling water, 1/2 t salt and 4T lard. As for the filling, I thought it would be a wee bit saucier.

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