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how old was bex when she had andi

Aside from that, it’s also the first show on the channel to star a majority Asian-American family. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Buffy is forced to change her hairstyle and needs someone to talk to, she goes to Bex who helps Buffy regain confidence in herself. While fighting over what to do, CeCe comes in and confronts them for tricking her. She is kind and friendly towards Andi and her friends.Despite being seemingly care-free, Bex has th… Bex encourages Andi to watch a scary movie against Celia's wishes. This makes Andi a little jealous that Bex is spending more time with Buffy than her. Andi wants Bex to participate in the memory game at dinner. She later drives out toward their location and discovers the three friends in a field, with no bikes or phones. Temple Of The King Tab, She also leads middle school kids to protest against unreasonable rules. Bex goes to Andi's room to catch up with her and Andi promises to make her a bracelet. Wisconsin Football Depth Chart 2018, Andi used to think Bex was her sister until Bex revealed that she's her mother on Andi's 13th birthday. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Affinity Magazine name & logo and Affinity Media name & logo are trademarks of Affinity Media LLC. Kip Andersen Credentials, Georgia State Commits 2020, She tells CeCe that even if they are not proud of her, she is proud of herself for finally starting something and sticking to it until it's completed. She helps Andi sneak back into the Andi Shack to get art supplies but they get busted by Celia and Ham. Andi Mack is a family show at its core, and Lilan Bowden (Bex), Lauren Tom (Celia), Stoney Westmoreland (Ham) round out the Mack family. Bex and CeCe had returned from taking Andi to the pediatrician for a checkup and were fighting over how CeCe made it look like she's Andi's mother. On Andi's 13th birthday, Bex comes back home ready to finally settle down. There might still be some hope for them. She also helps Andi realize that Jonah likes her back. Brown Andi and Bex's relationship forms the core of the show. Andi and Bex make different crafts together. This is seen in the way Bex keeps her memory box private, and how it takes months for her to answer most of Andi's questions about her dad and why Bex left home. Bex is the daughter of Celia and Ham Mack. Bex likes that Jonah wants to be Andi's boyfriend. Back then Bex had told Andi that the boy was a nobody, then tore the photo apart and threw it in the trash. Bex shows massive growth as a mother when she stands her ground and refuses to let Andi take a day off from school without a reason. While reading through a BFF quiz on a magazine, Andi asks Bex what's the one thing she most regrets not saying to someone and why didn't she say it? By the time Ham found Andi, it was almost an hour later. You can follow her antics on her twitter. When Andi acts out, Celia says she's turning into Bex. Real Madrid Blue Jersey, Bex is adventurous and loves to travel the world, party, and have fun.
On the night of her thirteenth birthday, Andi Mack's world is turned upside down when she discovers that the woman whom she believed to be her sister, Bex, is actually her mother. She asks CeCe to call off buying the Fringe. 2 Kings 21, Coleman Coliseum Seating Chart, Disney Channel ordered a pilot based on the concept in November 2015, and subsequently ordered Andi Mack to series in August 2016. Bowie leaves the house disappointed. When Andi stops talking to her, Bex goes to CeCe's house to ask for help. He can't be a nobody. CeCe always wanted her to get an actual degree. The series stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie, Asher Angel, Lilan Bowden, Lauren Tom, and Trent Garrett.It follows 13-year-old Andi Mack and her best friends, Cyrus Goodman and Buffy Driscoll, as they attend middle school. At first, Bex tries to dodge the question but after pressure from Andi, she admits that she regrets not saying yes when Bowie asked to marry her. The show itself is targeted towards older audiences and is already getting praise for the twist no one saw coming. Liverpool Next Fixtures, It gets worse when Bex and The Fringe get sued by a rival makeup shop because CeCe also wrote fake negative reviews for The Fringe competitors. So, she refuses to tell her. Date of Birth Both Andi and Bex struggle to live in their new apartment despite all the issues with electricity etc. Minsky had created the popular sitcom Lizzie McGuire, which aired from 2001 to 2004, but was initially reluctant to create another teen-oriented series. Cyrus comes to Bex for help when he needs someone to review his script and provide honest feedback. She apparently had a very bad break-up with someone named Gabriel, which convinced her that long-term relationships never work out. Celia is still not talking to them and even Andi starts avoiding Bex, because she feels like Bex is a bad influence on her. Celia gets scared that Andi is turning into Bex. When Bex suspects that Andi might not be happy, she returns her back to Celia because all she wants is for Andi to be happy. Bristol Rovers Shop, Bex gives Andi make up in front of Jonah and emphasizes how pretty she is even without make-up and gets Jonah Beck to say she's pretty. Latest Episode However, Bowie shows up for dinner with his former bandmates from The Renaissance Boys band who ask him to rejoin the band. Production Funny Single Valentines Day Quotes, But Andi is not okay with it. Cal Men's Gymnastics Schedule 2020, On the night of her thirteenth birthday, Andi Mack's world is turned upside down when she discovers that the woman whom she believed to be her sister, Bex, is actually her mother. So, she starts avoiding Bex. Andi MackBex Mack This becomes a problem when Bex encourages Andi to stay up late watching a horror movie, against Celia's wishes. While this is a mother-daughter relationship, it comes off as a sister-sister relationship because Andi grew up believing that Bex was her sister. Andi helps Bex figure out that the boy in the picture is her "what if" and she needs to find closure in order to move on. Andi is excited to have her cool older sister home for her birthday but Celia is not impressed. Anybody can edit Wikia. Bex is disappointed when Andi lies to her about going to Celia's house to get laundry done behind her back. Bex is graduating from her professional makeup artist school so that she can finally get a certificate. Bex is very secretive and struggles to open up to others, including her own daughter, Andi. She confronts them about it and takes Andi back. Bex is left home alone with Bowie where they eat and binge-watch their favorite show together. She's worried-sick about it only to find that Andi skipped school to be with CeCe. Bex reads the script and it's terrible, but she's afraid of telling Cyrus the truth. Andi and Bex are portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Lilan Bowden respectively. Your email address will not be published. The above quote only says that Bex got pregnant 13-14 years ago, not how old she was when it happened. Bex cancels her planned wedding to Bowie. After the story, Bex tells Andi that she did this because it was the best for her and the only way they could bring her up without constantly fighting. 40th Military Police Battalion, Your email address will not be published. Welcome to /r/AndiMack, a subreddit for the Disney Channel original television series "Andi Mack". After that, she and Bowie prepare Andi for her first real date with Jonah Beck. André Green Psychoanalyst, Cloud 10The Fringe (formerly) She tells Andi that she still loves Bowie but they're not getting back together. He apologizes to Bex and asks if she could let him back in their life but Bex isn't ready so she avoids the talk. Join. Andi gets Bowie to play the song he had written for Bex when they were young. Bex tells Andi that she kept the photo of the boy in the box of toaster tarts because she didn't want to keep his memories in her memory box, but at the same time didn't want to let go of the past. Andi is worried about Bex getting her in trouble and wishes Bex could just act like her mother. Tone Loc Movies And Tv Shows, He's the reason she doesn't know if she will ever get married at all. Peyton Elizabeth LeeLilan Bowden Racing Seat Certification, Luton Town Outlaws, After learning that they're going to propose, she urges them to do it. Eye color Rebecca Mack Memorial Coliseum, Kansas State Football Tickets 2020, Realizing that she could never compete with CeCe as Andi's mom, Bex decided to leave home. Bex helps cheer up Andi when she realizes that Andi is still worried about Bowie leaving. There is a picture of her and Bowie from when they were a couple during their teenage years and Bex has fully red hair. She gets herself a job at The Fringe where things are a little awkward because her boss is Brittany, a girl she used to babysit. Even if the show doesn’t say the words “pregnant teenager”, the topic itself has never been discussed on the network. He says that he always wanted to come back to Bex once he made it in life but it never happened. It gets awkward when Celia visits Bex at The Fringe and realizes that Bex's boss is Brittany since Celia and Brittany have some bad history. Bex is rebellious which leads to friction between her and her strict mother, Celia. Ricky Gervais Show On Demand, She makes it clear that she doesn't want Bowie as part of the drawing. Together, they convince Celia to allow him to stay for a while. Andi is very excited when her older sister, Bex comes home for her 13th birthday. Andi is very upset when she concludes that Celia is probably the reason why Bex left. CeCe agrees to help. Meanwhile, Bex has been trying to figure out a way to talk to reach out to Andi's dad. So, she lies to Cyrus that she liked the script. She is Andi Mack's cool older sister who turns out to be Andi's mother. 2006 Auburn Basketball Roster, @tatertaty. Both Andi and Bex defend Bowie so that Celia can let him stay with them for a while. Even after revealing the secret to Andi, Bex still acts more like Andi's older sister as opposed to her mother. She often wears makeup (usually black eyeliner). This is the day that Bex left home thirteen years ago. CeCe asks Bex and to come over to her house to remove their stuff from the closet. She moved to 154 East Maple Street, and Andi is living with her now. Formula Ford 2000, It setting is the town of Shadyside in the fictional US State of Midwest. She has a somewhat edgy sense of style, wearing a lot of dark neutral colors, leather, and jewelry. Bex really likes that Andi calls her "mom.". After returning, Andi misses Bex so much and asks to go back to live with Bex in her apartment. Ludlow, Vt, They bake a cake and put the ring in it. The actress is 31 now, and was 30 when filming, so 13 years before that she would've been 17. After making up, Bex asks Andi to teach her how to play frisbee. Bowie promises her that she will figure out the whole mother-thing. This leaves her with no time to talk to Andi about her boy trouble. When Bowie explains to Bex why he hates his birthday, Bex helps him see why he shouldn't let his father's death prevent him from starting a new tradition with his daughter, Andi. 1994 Premier League Table, Bex was a teen mom and is the actual mother of Andi. With Ham's blessing to buy The Fringe, Bex and CeCe start working on designs for their new version of The Fringe. Bex helps Andi figure out what Bowie was doing on her computer and they're both disappointed to see Bowie go. Apparently after that, Bex removed the photo pieces from the trash, put them together, and kept them in another box of toaster tarts. She says that she wasn't ready at the time. Bex goes to a mini-golf course with Bowie and Andi. Oh Bex, I wish you'd just grow up already. Nothing she ever did was good enough for CeCe. Bex doesn't trust Amber at all. Before leaving, Bowie tries to wake Bex but when she doesn't open her eyes. After a disagreement with her mother Celia, Bex left baby Andi with Celia and Ham who raised her as their own daughter.

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