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how to talk to a live person at edd unemployment 2020

1-5-1-1-0 worked for me on the first try. However, getting through to a real, live human being at EDD if you missed their call can be near impossible. This is works! Looks like the 213-477-140x numbers are out of service. I'm not sure which one ended up working, but I did get through. You will have to wAit until 8:00. Also the Vietnamese trick did not work for me . but the system has been crap since this virus began -__-. Sending good vibes to everyone! You hang up and dial again until you finally getting put on hold to wait. I have to certify the first 2 weeks of September so I should have 3 weeks pay soon enough. I can't fathom calling close to 5k times in one month, and hearing Nothing back and never reaching a representative. Jeff your tip worked I couldn't believe I spent the past month trying to get through only a 5 min wait. Called at 1:30 pm and got transferred to the person who was supposed to call me, they were all very helpful and friendly. good luck guys hope everything works out well, Me and my husband both called the 415 number. Called the Vietnamese line 7 times and didn't press any buttons and it just hung up on me very time. He responded with "for unemployment insurance"? Then when you call another language to attempt to get through they wont help you because you don't speak the language, America is Americans, English so regardless help please!!! I started calling at 8 this morning, dialing various numbers. Thanks so much Jeff H. Brilliant idea. I am also dealing with this hectic process . I’ve spoken with an agent on 3 separate days and each time took about 200 tries before I eventually got to speak with a human. Any updates to share? Post in the comments below if it worked for you or if you found another way or a different number! I'm not sure who Nina spoke to but it works for me. A rep from EDD told me to also try: 1 (for english) 6 + 7 + 3 after the 2nd english voice finishes his menu spiel. Finally this number worked! Thank You!!!!!!! I had missed my telephone interview, hence me calling them. 213-477-1404 Hope this helps!! I’ve been trying for 3 days had no luck and on the second try ! Claim/Extension I am currently trying the 909 and 415 numbers. Also tried to find a place to go in person but it seems to not exist. just keep calling keep pressing 0. Trying to get a hold of someone at EDD is ridiculous. Follow these steps, remain polite. This website is very useful! My phone will be glued to my ear! Im finally on hold !!!! After waiting about two to three minutes, I was able to speak with a representative who set up a phone interview for me to help certify for several weeks of benefits that I did not receive. I tried every hack & trick posted online without luck, this time I called my local EDD office at 3 pm Friday. He said the issue is in the servers, and their being overwhelmed by calls, and online information. Or, did they get frustrated with you for calling the wrong number, because you called the Tech Support line - not the claim services line? FINAALY got to talk to a human being today. Good luck! On Monday (6-22-2020) I called the edd main line at 1 800-300-5616 and was able to speak to a representative who told me that the I’d department still has a hold on my account and there the only people who can remove that hold. the 800 number has never worked for me in 20yrs.. get creative and determined. If I do not get through with the 800-300-5616 by 12 pm I will mess with the 833-978-2511 number (Open from 8am-8pm). How To Get Through To Edd California 10/28/2013 01:50:50 am. After 5,000 numbers and a long 3.5 hours I was able to get to a live representative! It’s a chore but you might as well give it a shot. 4/16/2013 1169 Comments Here's a trick has proven to be yet another effective way to get through to California's Employment Development Department (EDD CA)! They put me on a “call back list” for the 3rd time now. If you are flagged, your claim sits in limbo. Lierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i hate myself right now. The subreddit for the Golden State of California -- for news and info on what's happening all across the state. Which I found when I started to wonder if the whole system was rigged to lie to everyone. I finally put my earbuds on and went outside and sat in the sun and kept dialing on my cellphone. The 1800 number isn’t working and I call as 8 am on the dot and it already says maximum callers and hangs up. YOU MUST wait for the prompt to enter PIN With the click of a few buttons, I have been paid for 5 weeks. Good luck! OMG THIS ONE WORKED!!!!!

Mollie Gould Birthday, Dermatology Nurse Cover Letter, Stubben Survival Saddle, Is James Forrest Single, Why Dijon Talton Left Glee, Icon Electric Vehicles,

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