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humans are selfish essay

This whole project depicts how selfishness and cooperation balance each other out in nature. I have selected Christianity and Scientology to illustrate two major perspectives on this, and I believe they can both be considered to validate this quote, although in very different ways. After reading true stories of unfortunate situations and observing many reaserches, it all becomes clear that mankind is greedy and will do anything to benefit themselves. Altruism is the opposite of egotism. The Value of Nothing Analysis. Even during their infantry, some children have been known to be naturally good at playing with other people’s minds (Chandler 2). It is the prime idea that selfless acts do not exist. The first discrepancy of this statement arises when we consider what is meant by the word, “selfish”. Theodore Kuah (27) As time goes on, the question of whether humans are selfish or not becomes a controversey and is widely disscussed. Why is it that people will abandon each other, yet when surrounded by people they act as if they are the sweetheart they are, As people are put in a group, they are told to cooperate together. Evolutionary theorists concentrated mainly on competition, natural selection and selfishness, but couldn’t deny one evident fact that humans would not be able to survive in nature without social reciprocity, communication and cooperation. Altruism is “Any ethical position that put the needs of others before the needs of oneself for whatever reason,” (Leib). The underlying assumption is that human beings are naturally selfish, meaning that they want to maximize self-benefit; and are rational in nature, implying that people know what, Is Survival Selfish? This code thus asks its believers not to find truth by faith, but rather through personal perception. The very urge of humans to form governments explains their selfish interests (Pappas 2). Motgomery also talks about how in crowded places such as “Disney World” we are not ourselves. It works the same way with selflessness. In the short stories “The Birthmark” and “Rappaccini’s Daughter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the value of science over human life is established. Web. They have a basic drive for self-preservation and power. Many philosophers try to ask whether humans are altruistic or egoistic. He presents an idea about scientific research, especially regarding feminine beauty. The heart and mind become more open, rather than the tunnel vision selfishness can bring. We completely forget that we are human and can be selfish in those ways too. It is only natural to be selfish at all times and in all matters, since selfish conduct is ethically justifiable. Even when humans are perceived to be helping out the weak, they do so with the primary motive of helping the self. Study for free with our range of university lectures! This shows I naturally had a selfish view of the world because of my own biased perception, and it is only when perceived authoritative figures offer an alternative perspective that we doubt ourselves. These cases attest to the selfish nature of human beings. In a sense, the cooperators are paving the way for their own demise. In addition, we never sell your paper nor divulge the paper or client details to anyone. This gave me a whole idea of crime awareness which is alarming in the country. Human nature dictates that every action, no matter how selfless it appears, is inspired by a selfish reason. When pondering about the question if survival is selfish or not it comes with varied reactions and answers. Finally, people will naturally be motivated to do what is right. Taking these into consideration, Mohism’s fundamental argument is that we should all provide care and love to everyone, not just our close acquaintances, and we will be innately and naturally motivated to do this, as this is what is right. Recent researches have shown that providing more freedom in such games can further aid in making selfish strategies more productive. Egoism is “An ethical position that puts the self at the center of any question that asks, ‘What’s Best for Me”,” (Leib). I believe such inconsistencies should encourage us to ask questions as learners, because it is always possible that an authoritative, educational source might be mistaken! Henceforth a deeper understanding of human actions is produced when the true nature of humans is accepted. From these arguments, it can be deduced that people only do the right things because they are afraid of facing tough punishments in the event that they are found guilty. Our academic experts are ready and waiting to assist with any writing project you may have. This implies that selfishness is not only a trait of mankind, but rather a sinful way of knowing – instead of obtaining truth through God, or faith, and serving others.

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