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ibis ripley v4 vs ripmo v2

The biggest difference is the amount of travel each bike utilizes. Visit the high-res gallery for more images from this review, Final Results: Lousa World Cup DH 2020 - Round 3, Final Results: Lousa DH World Cup 2020 - Round 4, Qualifying Results: Lousa DH World Cup 2020 - Round 3, Dangerholm vs. Kapfinger: The World's Finest DH Bike Challenge - Pinkbike Poll, Qualifying Results: Lousa DH World Cup 2020 - Round 4, This Aluminum Gearbox Hardtail Has No Seat Stays, Pole Bicycles' CEO Resigns, Company Founder Leo Kokkonen to Take Leading Role, Update: Atherton Bikes Seeking Around £600,000 in Crowd Funding Investment. I’m on a 18 Jet RDO which I similar to your 15 Rip. In some conditions the wider tire will be more efficient and faster, like when a bit more float helps (sandy, gravel, etc). I've demo'd both the Ripley V4 and Pivot 429 Trail but not on the same trails. Notice how I called it a long travel trail bike? That’s because the Ripmo is exactly that. I currently ride a Ripley LS V2. It seemed to me like the DW link worked really well and I have no complaints about it, but I think I'd have to run it on more of a variety of terrain to get a good sense and contrast the two. Even a year later, it is still one of the most sought after long travel trail bikes. It’s a tough call between the Ripmo and the Ripley. It’s also the best climbing long-travel 29er I’ve ridden to date. All of these probably are bigger factors than the width when it comes to rolling resistance. Selecting a Shimano SLX groupset on the Ibis Ripley v4 offers a good balance of cost and quality. Any of the photos of the bike I provided accurate? It will handle the rocky stuff well enough while really excelling on the climbs and flats. The Ripley uses aggressive trail bike geometry in a short-travel package, keeping the bike lightweight, very efficient and far more capable than the travel numbers might suggest. Anyone Switch from a Ripmo to a Ripley V4? 120-130 mm bikes... Ibis Ripley LS vs Pivot Mach 429 Trail, Ibis Ripley, Niner Jet 9 or Pivot Mach 429 SL. The Fox shock is driven by carbon fiber clevis, and the whole thing looks a hell of a lot like a Ripmo to me. Honestly, I felt like the plushness was the same as the Ripley suspension going downhill. It makes rocks and roots disappear under the bike. This isn't the bike to run 30-percent or more like something with more squish. Thats pretty remarkable considering how well the Ripley descends. The new geo has transformed the Ripley from a fun but sometimes on-edge descender to a bike that can be ridden nearly anywhere. I’m looking at a RAF or V2 Ripmo. I'm 215 lbs and upgraded to carbon wheels prior to the start of this biking season. Three months on and it's clear that while the redesigned bike is still a Ripley at heart, it's also changed quite a lot. It’s what makes the Ripmo such a great all purpose bike. Do you feel like the carbon wheels are worth it? For riders that like to push the limits and hit bigger features this can be a bit of an issue. Grippy rubber, low weight, and a quick bike. If you want to bolt-on a chain guide, you can do that, too (right). It has the travel to get you through some nasty terrain but mellower geometry to make the rest of the trails fun. 05-05-2019 #22. bogeydog. The Ripley's 120mm of travel is still controlled via a dw-link system, but there have been some kinematic changes that add more ramp-up through the stroke. (They added a lot more travel in the newer bikes). The old eccentrics acted as compact links that actually rotated within the frame, and while it made for a clean looking bike with room for a front derailleur, Ibis says that going to a more traditional dual-link layout is the way forward. I’m curious to your thoughts on CVA vs DW link. It’s plenty plush off the top for smoothing out the trail chatter and very supportive in the mid stroke allowing you to pop off every side feature on the trail. The 120mm-travel Norco Revolver is a more race-focused machine. Can you elaborate on what your trail built Ripmo is and which trails in MN do your normally ride? Ibis says the new Ripley comes in 0.65lb lighter than its predecessor, making for a 5.6lb frame with a Fox DPS shock. There are mountains of positive reviews but after 8 months of comparisons to its competitors, I still believe the Ripley is being sold short. Fox Float 34 Factory Series 130mm, 29”, 15QR, Race Face Next R 175 or 170mm, 32t Alloy Ring, Ibis S35 Carbon Rims / 29” / Industry 9 Hydra Hubs. I made a point to hit every jump, drop and feature on the Ripley that I hit on the Ripmo. Back in 2011 when Ibis first introduced us to the 29'' wheeled Ripley, it was a short-travel, quick-handling machine that prioritized efficiency. But I’m not sure how much of that comes down to a new shock vs a 6 year old shock, or if it is CVA vs DW Link. The Ripmo comes with 145mm rear travel paired to a 160mm fork, while the Ripley uses 120mm rear travel and a 130mm fork. Trails like the Wasatch Crest, BST, Mid Mountain and Zen come to mind as perfect for the Ripley. So which one should you choose, Ripmo or Ripley? I love it, but have also ridden a V4 Ripley and love that bike as well. Came from Ibis' aluminum 938 wheels and upgraded to the S28. This isn't necessarily true. Sure, it absolutely crushes the downhill and you feel so confident. Trails like Captain Ahab, The Whole Enchilada and Gooseberry Mesa would be the trails that come to mind when trying to find the perfect trail for the Ripmo. For the average trail rider, a linear bike can be quite nice and feel very plush. Lines still go inside the frame (right), but now there are internal tubes to make dealing with it easier. It's not quite the oversized toy that it used to be, now evolving into a more capable trail bike that's calmer, easier to ride quickly, and a bike that will appeal to more riders than ever. If you get stoked about rocky descents, drops and the occasional loose moment on the bike, go with the Ripmo. I'm just not that fast or efficient, and at 230 lbs or so, the weight savings aren't as significant as it would be for a 150 pound guy. If you like loud hubs, you'll love the noise this one makes. SLX has a proven track record of excellent performance and includes the Shadow Plus rear derailleur with a … The Ripley Gets Way Longer and a Bit Slacker. Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. Then when things turn downhill, the Ripley was able to handle everything it’s bigger brother did on my test ride. Originally Posted by BmanInTheD. It also doesn't help that most people are afraid to venture away from Fox or RS shocks. If you’re still on the fence, come in and demo both. . Sounds like that wasn’t your experience, It was pretty smooth, but I would be interested to try it on some rougher trails a and see how it feels. The Ripley 4 is a surprisingly capable bike, especially when compared to the older iterations. It will still climb very well without sacrificing much on the downs. With the recently announced Ibis Ripley 4, we now have another excellent do-it-all trail bike option from the California brand. Running bigger volume reducers in the shock will provide a more ramp up in the last third of the travel. Giant's Trance Advanced 29 has 115mm of travel, 130mm up front, and similar intentions to the Ripley. © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. I've demo'd both the Ripley V4 and Pivot 429 Trail but not on the same trails. In the Ripley's case, it's 11mm of travel on the Fox shock's stanchion, which equals 25-percent of the stroke. The new 29er from Ibis, the Ripley, Mk4, is a degree slacker, half a pound lighter and a whopping 47mm longer than the previous model. Ripley vs. Ripmo: Honestly, I think the Ripmo just felt sluggish. mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Apr 2015 Posts 2,167. They are both really good and really similar. Ripley vs Ripmo vs Mojo. By morkys in forum 26+/27.5+/29+ Plus Bikes, Ripley vs Ripmo - I demoed both along with a Pivot Trail 429 and my current Niner, I'm here to tell you a little different story and why I feel that the Ripley is the best in its class for 2020. There is still a big gap in pedaling, handling, and feel between my "light" Ripmo and the V4. Hard to compare on screens, though. Or have time on both? You might want to check out this video on a shock yoke isolator. As for climbing, with both fully open, I thought the Ripley had much better efficiency in the suspension while still maintaining traction. The Ripmo can tend to feel very linear, especially in that last third of the travel, making it very easy to use all of the travel. I felt the V4 was the better climber than the 429 or my LS. You don't need to run any less to improve the pedaling, and you don't need any more sag to make the Ripley something it isn't'. It goes about things in a slightly different way. Just a few jumps). I’ve read that DW can ride harsh. Get yourself a Cane Creek DB IL and plushness you shall have!! If you want to know more about the bike read/watch that one. On the other hand, if your ideal ride is a long ribbon of flowy singletrack with a handful of rocky sections scattered in there, go Ripley. It depends on the tire construction, the rubber compound, and the tread pattern as well, among other things. The bottom link is borrowed from the Ripmo (left) and said to add stiffness and subtract weight. Ripley feels like a rocket in comparison. I ran the Ripmo with the biggest volume reducer for the Fox DPX2 and didn’t feel any harsh bottom outs, even on some of the bigger trail features. The Ripley climbs with the best of them. (Nothing very choppy though, and no drops.

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