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inotia 4 improved chest locations

Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Create an account in a few clicks or log in to continue. Kiyan talks with a miner, Donovan, that tells him the wolves aren't as bad as they are told to be, and asks Kiyan to don't kill the werewolf Walter, who saved Donovan's life. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Think it was out in US a little bit over last month? Kiyan and Eara get back to Nirtini, just to discover Shin, Cornette and Arnen chasers getting close to them. Kiyan goes to his room located in Headquaters and meets a young woman named Portia. Black Knights on the other hand are similar to warriors but with a focus on dealing damage through their magic. Kiyan, having the reccomendation from Cardinal Janus, travels to his next destination. Knight, giant, and the cache, select it to Battlefield send . They get out of the Sanctum. She is skeptical about his reason, as she noticed he beared the Ritual tatoos of the Shadow Tribe. Humans can't enter the tribe, but Kiyan and Eara got permission to be there, because they saved an orc's life. Once winning, Kiyan finds that people are being kept prisoner by the goblins and seek for his help to escape. So this is it, you can endlessly get out and get in on that certain area and watch for the “Yellow Dot” on that area to see if there is another chance for you to get a weapon. Abbot wants to kill Kiyan and use his power, but Eara defends Kiyan. After recruiting troops, you will own over 20 basic skills to start the journey to discover the great Inotia empire. An Infinity Bag (good for 16 slots) and 10 gems pack also cost $0.99 so it’s not as if you’ll have to hock an arm and a leg for it. After sparing The Channel, Shin appears and reunites with her as they both leave the caves of Shadow Forest. Olaf notices Eara is the Channel, tells he's from the Steel Orc Tribe, and he's in the Secret Sanctum to hide from an attack from the Bone Orc Tribe. Required fields are marked *, Please assign a menu (Go to Appearance => Menus and assign a menu to "Mobile Menu" location). She doesn't want it, because they would just use her, and Kiyan offers himself to take her to the Empire. Ben asks him to do two tasks for him, getting his goods back from monsters and killing snakes. She refuses, knowing he is not a Berkel Knight and is not willing to be guillable and follow him, initially. Five hours later, Kiyan wakes up to ancknowledge she has left him. Having explained that the Church and the Empire have used her name to justify killing innocent people. So far, I've been playing this game.. For dexterity dependent classes like the Ranger and Assassin, you’ll want to allocate stat points to their dexterity and vitality attributes. The one he spoke to claims that he had killed other goblins and Kiyan is forced to fight against them. Each character class possesses about 15 different skills. Look, I even have a scratch here, you see? Inotia 4 Cheats, Hack, Mod. You know, statistically the most popular working cheat code for Inotia 4 was GEM Pile by using this cheat code “BO_eUCIDomnX1”. Very painful, I'm not a soldier, I tried what I could. Priests are harder to level up due to the fact that their skills are party-based. However, they are unable to enter as they need a Rescue Team and a Wizard to inspect the Leap-Gate. Hi there! Inotia 4 is a classic role-playing game, with the animation of Anime characters and unique storylines. Once inside, a man called chief Robbie asks him to collect materials in exchange of guidance to the Goblin's base. Once he arrives, he meets Commander Alexander, who is skeptical that the amount of soldiers present will be enough for The Channel. TOP 10 Games RPG Offline Hack'N Slash For Android - … Hacks for iOS and Android. Have you completely unlocked Inotia 4 storyline? Combine all the skills to customize your party's strategy. The Channel watches in horror to witness him slaughter them. The stone says they have to prove themselves to get it, and have to defeat five guardians (I had a tough fight at this lvl in the game). This is all Inotia 4 Cheats we have. However, he is celebrating mass in Sanctus Imriel and so Kiyan will have to meet him in person to learn further details. An Elf, Shin, stops Kiyan in his tracks and demands The Channel back. This weapon set will be especially useful against the Level 12 Queen Spider that you’ll be fighting in the Spider’s Lair (main quest). This page contains the main plot of the game I also want to warn you that the story isn't that good at the end, because it wasn't finished. and Kiyan answered "You should make a will". Shinn sees him as a coward for attacking a defenseless woman but is ignored. Suddenly, the exit door opened. Each area of the Inotia 4 game map includes side quests for players to better understand the main storyline. Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel Walkthrough 88 - The End - Duration: 33:16. This Inotia 4 Hack don't required to download any Hack Tool; Inotia 4 Cheats works even without jailbreak and root; This is not Inotia 4 Hack Tool, so it's 100% without viruses; Using Inotia 4 Hack you don't need to download any Inotia 4 Mod Apk. During their battle, Shinn notes she posseses powers beyond her ability, to which she praises her powers as genitory, commenting after blocking his path, it was nice knowing him then leaves. Besides, this game is still provided completely free of charge, giving gamers the same experience as previous versions. With improved graphics and the storyline of the previous series, fight battles against goblins, orcs and more! If a game catches my eye, I make sure that I get to play it. She acts cold towards him, calling him 'insufferable' and once Kiyan acknowledges having to deal with her attitude, he returns a similar remark. Inotia part 4 leads players to the new arena, with high-speed, more frightening, and more dramatic fighting battles than before. Kiyan and Eara finally find the exit, but it's locked, and they need to wait for 3 days (you don't have to wait while playing the game). I didn't think you'd actually do it, wait, wait! Eara says she hopes Kiyan's soul remain untainted, and Ben said "Riiight, and also don't get a sword shoved in your body. Eara says the two of them are in a highly secret diplomatic mission, from Brtjvbz, and won't reveal any info about the tribe, to what Kiyan replies "does that even exist?". Kiyan makes Kiyan go to headquaters after commenting that Kiyan is their 'best assassin' and has proven loyalty to their tribe. Finally, at the end of the Dungeon, they find a Lunatic Djinn, who says "Yes, yes, Djinns are extinct, creatures of legend, blah, blah, blah. also i only have an assasin as a party member, Is it your first encounter? Kiyan have a hard headache, to which Abbot says it's his body responding to the darkness. However, is warned about a deadly Queen Spider that resides in the Goblin base. Would you like to react to this message? Inotia 4. Now, die!". You can finish the game using any of the six classes. Interesting". The game has simple but extremely interesting gameplay. If you need weapons and other equipment, then you’ll need to know how to use Fusion Machines. Kiyan asks to be alone with Nirtini, because he knows she was Portia, and she tells him she was sent by Janus, to help. Kiyan said it was too much for some lousy directions, and Ben replied that's how valuable the information was. If you choose the latter option you might want to level up your party members as well. Dry deserts and frozen snowfields, mysterious forests and dark dungeons ... Getting there, Zahad says "stop talking and kill me, if you dare". New hero emerges . Enjoy a stronger and better scenario. Required fields are marked *. Warlocks rely on magic while rangers rely on weapon damaged aided by their dexterity. Meanwhile, Kiyan enters the safehouse where Eara is. After defeating her, he says he doesn't kill children nor women, and that she has a "dubious advantage of being both", making Cornette to be pissed off, to be called a child (plot hole: this goes against the time where he almost killed The Channel, a woman, in the begginning, remember?). But it takes a lot of patience though. Abbot then says that Kiyan couldn't take the darkness power, but Kiyan can still fight. I've read on this wikia that it'd be the best place to farm a good mercenary, after you get a priest with "Celebrity" hability. However, to their surprise, the Goblin gets up and attacks at The Channel. Inotia 4 deserves a classics role-playing game. Kiyan offers to get rid of the werewolves, if the Mayor gives him the magic stone, and the Mayor agrees. A useful tip that I wanna share to you guys, when you entered another area and you find a drop weapon, you try to pull it right? Kiyan decides to go alone, because they needed the information. They were tired of that lifestyle, and discoverede that, Inside the mines, there's a purity stone that lets them remain rational. It’s essentially the recommended starter class due to its above average combination of strength, defense, and vitality. Inotia 4 Consists of the Following Classes: Assassin Black Knight Priest; Warrior Warlock Ranger; Details on classes: Edit. Play as Kiyan, the virtuoso of the Shadow tribe, and Eara, the influential Channel of Light, in their fantasy adventure story.

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