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is katie green leaving ksfo

Green took her first steps into the radio world back in 2008, co-hosting the morning show on a local alternative rock station. Learn more. Put some other filler in there. I have it on all day in front and back of house. I have listened to The Lumens public service announcement up to 6 times in a row. In hindsight he was simply a stopgap measure until a new team could be brought on board. To add a little more frosting to the cake, in 2018 the San Francisco Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame conducted a vote of the people and distinguished me as broadcaster of the year. My sister in law is a listener and she told me that most mornings at 7:11 am there was a Joe Biden moment. As many of you are aware, on October 16th I took a leave of absence from hosting, The KSFO Morning Show. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Speaking on behalf of my newsroom employees, I asked the owner why the raises disappeared. She’s doing a great job with Brad but I gotta think Brad will need to get back to his life in the insurance business and keep better hours for his family. Brad Sussman was just not ready for prime time. Find more Radio Stations near KSFO 560 AM. And then, September 11th occurred. After Josh’s visit, we had a family huddle to see if adopting him was the right thing for us to do. Cumulus Media is debuting a new local morning show at News/Talk 810 KGO San Francisco while moving the syndicated Armstrong & Getty over to sister Conservative Talk 560 KSFO.. Nikki Medoro will move from serving as co-host/news anchor for afternoon host Chip Franklin to anchoring “The Morning Show with Nikki Medoro” from 6-10am. The connection was magical. I do hope you are feeling well. We LOVE you guys so much and are so grateful that you’ve chosen to spend your mornings with us. SFBullsProHockey Recommended for you. I simply entertain another station during this time slot now. Both Brian/Brad Sussman and Katie Green give my day a great start. Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more! Your email address will not be published. Several times I received “Readers’ Choice” honors as “Favorite Weathercaster” by The San Francisco Chronicle. I just wonder if the traffic reporter will ever learn how to pronounce Bay Area place names. We next decided that I should look for a TV news job out west. The KSFO Morning Radio Show Brian Sussman is the former host of the Morning Show on KSFO in San Francisco. Then there was the spur-of-the-moment plan to demonstrate against (another) outlandish gun-grab by the state legislature. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. (I just wish they also played the award-winning fourth hour of the show.). Got a question about KSFO 560 AM? We’d peel up Broadway Street and (with the assistance of the clubhouse) be on the tee by 7:20. Happy New Year. You listen to Lumens 6 times, and you will feel tortured. Campaign against size zero models. I am not the only one as I am sure all of the KSFO listener thinking about you and wishing you a speedy recovery. You can hear some of the best talk radio from him. It made my day go faster, and you kept me informed daily, as well. And a wonderful 2020 to you as well. The owner’s previous employment was in the engineering department of a TV channel in St. Louis. Great lineup of shows like Rush Limbaugh, Savage, and Levin. For whatever reason, the entire staff (probably about 20 people) was banking on me to fix things with the GM. Feeling really great, by the way. Best Ksfo Morning Show Brian Sussman Katie Green Podcasts For 2020. The Answer AM 860 has some very learned and respected talk show hosts, so I would probably defer to them on many things. We were all blown away when thousands of listeners showed up. It's more about them and their repetitive gags and sound effects than entertaining their audience. (I just wish they also played the award-winning fourth hour of the show.). Over the last 10 years, broadcasting for you has been the highlight of my days. Keep up the good work guys!! My efforts were eventually honored by the National Educational Association with an award of excellence presented to me in Washington, D.C. He was the general manager, his wife oversaw the books, and his son was in charge of sales. Katie Green Recommended for you. For that, I will never be able to thank you enough. Aside from the the ANNOYING commercials, Because I know you have to pay your rent! All I hear are commercials. Katie Green is becoming obnoxious and Brad Sussman - replacing Brian - is not the brightest bulb in the warehouse. Great stories, interesting topics, humor...nothing missing as far as I am concerned. Those were great times you shared with us, and in those times, we were all one. Time to go. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Two things ..why do all the other talk show hosts do a three hour show five days a week and Michael Savage gets away with barely showing up anymore .It is obvious he does not respect his audience.Drop him and put someone in his time slot who wants to be there with a real show.And stop playing that nauseating commercial for car seats for kids Where they talk about sucking up there kids snot with a straw.Sick and disgusting. CLICK HERE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. I’ve watched or listened to you since day one when you came to the Bay Area. Really appreciate all the longtime support! I have listened to Brian for at least 10 years, but the show is becoming stale. The two hosts are unprofessional. Brian and Katie in the morning are my favorites. And at KPIX. I loved television news and, despite not getting a raise after my first-year review, wasn’t complaining. “I was blindsided by some bizarre health issues,” he wrote. Glad you’re doing better and look forward to your return. Wow, Suss. As for me, I will still be giving you the news and traffic during the new morning show on KSFO. Brian and Katie have got to go. KSFO went from 5 stars down to 3, when they changed the lineup, & added Dave Ramsey. I calmly explained to him how my co-workers were already being paid below-market wages and retracting everyone’s raise was unethical. It was a one-toilet john and the only such facility in the entire station. Looking back, I feel fortunate to have worked in television’s major leagues during the last big years of local television news, before those colossal audiences were drained by the deep proliferation of cable, streaming programs, and social media. They were so excited to see you and talk to you, you would have thought you were a big name movie star! Great lineup of shows like Rush Limbaugh, I enjoy listening to KSFO in the morning, especially. Start off with Rush and then to Savage. This is a great radio station. In an upcoming post very soon I’ll share what the future holds. I like Sean Hannity, and now Brian Sussman is on and he's local and great!” in 8 reviews, “Great lineup of shows like Rush Limbaugh, Savage, and Levin.” in 6 reviews, “I enjoy listening to KSFO in the morning, especially Rush Limbaugh.” in 4 reviews. Enough of the Sussman's - a change of host is needed and Brian's departure was a perfect time for that. I rediscovered Armstrong and Getty and Jack and Joe really do a good job with the news and they have a great rapport with each other. A year later, Gray was gone. She immediately did a U-turn and with a sour expression declared to all, “People! So the station has some things going for it. I wanted to share a cute story with you. Please give us a new host and please, Katie Green - dial it back. Bay Area TV and Radio Personality. Sussman made the announcement Wednesday on his personal blog. KFAX called to see if I could fill-in for a few days, which I did. Here’s the Wall Street playbook, Cumulus Media is an equal opportunity employer / AA. When he calms down and becomes sober, he can actually be excellent. Savage was my favorite once, now her is barely there, I miss him I miss his days of radio Rush and Levine are all that is left. San Francisco Hall of Fame Broadcaster, weekend drummer, Mizzou Alum, Host of Another Chance Podcast and Hidden Headlines Podcast, KSFO Radio Show. The troops in all departments were up in arms. I've heard Benicia , Sunol, Suisun, and Acalanes given pronunciations that are completely new to me (and I assume to other Bay Area residents). The Sales Manager at the local Christian station, KFAX-AM, was an acquaintance and knew I was interested in radio. OK, they have graduated to THREE STARS, by conscripting Armstrong & Getty. Please have him on more often . Hi Brian. While in Pittsburgh I also co-produced an elementary school weather curriculum that became popular in schools nationwide. Great station with great content. Quit torturing us out here making us listen to the Lumens ad back to back in a loop. This is good news. I look forward to your return. I will only miss Sherri Yee and hopefully she will continue on at KSFO/KGO Cumulus if that is her wish. What you The Morning Show has been going downhill for a year or more. Sussman revealed that he actually resigned last April from the Cumulus Media station due to an impasse in contract negotiations. I believe the story was he inherited some money and decided to launch this ABC affiliate about seven years earlier. who is doing  the schedule? The talent pool in the large markets back then was astounding, and the lucrative financial compensation was never to be seen again. I started listening and have been listening ever since , Thanks, Yvonne. I’ll be sharing details of what the future holds in an upcoming post very soon. So for me, the adults are back in charge of my morning talk radio.

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