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is kuvira evil

Unknown to even her own soldiers, she had constructed a giant mecha, where she would place her superweapon. [19] Matt Patches admitted to having first considered Kuvira a sociopath who was "lost in a cloud of ideology", but Patches believed following her fight with Korra that she was also "a little more cognizant" in regards to her own valor. In reality, it’s not always easy to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. After the airbender's airship left the city, Kuvira used her radio to command the other guards to begin securing Zaofu for the evening. Kuvira responded by telling her how hard the decisions she had to make were, and Korra admitted that she knew the feeling, resolving to talk things over with Suyin once more before an official siege began. When she arrived in the city, she demonstrated her weapon's power by destroying a few structures, forcing Raiko to surrender. She is also proficient in metalbending, capable of subduing numerous opponents by metal strips to cover their eyes and bind their limbs. Book One’s Amon may have secretly been a waterbender, but he comes to represent a group of people that rarely stand at the center of this universe: non-benders. Max Nicholson of IGN felt that the writers of the series did "a pretty good job of relating" Kuvira's motives rationally and commended her scene with … After single-handedly defeating twenty bandits, Kuvira forced them all to pledge their loyalty to her. Suyin makes it clear that she will not hand over Zaofu, and Kuvira gives her a day's warning before she takes the city by force. However, unknown to both parties, Korra and Iroh planned to capture Baatar Jr., who was supposed to discuss the terms of surrender with the president. 466, This story has been shared 447 times. Kuvira was attached to the brainwashing technology, causing her to relive a childhood argument with Opal. The one that works is two hummingbird suits (piloted by Varrick and Zhu Li in one and Asami and her father Hiroshi Sato in the other) drilling a hole inside the suit with plasma saws designed by Hiroshi during the Equalist revolution. She climbed to the mountaintop with the rest of the metalbenders after Mako alerted Lin that they had been double-crossed, but was immediately blown off the peak by one of P'Li's combustion beams. They also wanted an earthbender be the main antagonist for the final season; waterbending had already been done with Amon and Unalaq, airbending with Zaheer, and firebending with Ozai, Azula, and Zhao in the previous show. During Wu's inaugural speech, she took over and announced her plans for the Earth Empire, saying that leadership should not be decided by birthright and that any who stand in her way would be crushed, metalbending the Kyoshi medal of freedom given to her by Wu for emphasis. Unlike Aang’s epic three-season face-off against the Fire Nation and Fire Lord Ozai, The Legend of Korra devotes each season to a different foe as it tells Korra’s story. Three years later, she is tasked with restoring order to the land following the chaos brought about by the Earth Queen's death. "[10], For her redesign for the fourth season, Kuvira initially had a long braid that extended to her legs and an asymmetrical cape, a design that Konietzko favored, though it was abandoned for contributing to difficulty in animating. When Bolin found himself questioning Kuvira's words, she reassured him that "being crushed" was "simply a rhetoric meaning that she meant business". Sympathizing with Kuvira, Korra relates Kuvira's desire for control to her own following her poisoning and subsequent recovery. Korra confirmed to Kuvira that they would leave first thing in the morning, and she told Baatar that he would be getting her wish to never see her again. Dancing (formerly), uniting the Earth Kingdom states, overseeing weapon development, invading the United Republic of Nations using new technology When Kuvira woke up, she was back on the airship and inside the platinum pod, Korra and Asami explaining that this was to help her cool down, and prevent her from doing anything else foolhardy. Kuvira told Guan and Sheng that she was beating them at their own game, and they would have no choice but to surrender and tell the world about how they stole the election. Kuvira is voiced by Zelda Williams, who according to Konietzko, was shown a picture of the character when auditioning for the role and found herself to be similar in physical appearance to Kuvira.[9]. This ultimately bears fruit in the form of a large cannon that fires destructive beams of spiritual energy. [6] Korra and her allies decide to bring down The Colossus, and in the ensuing battle, the mecha is destroyed and Kuvira is injured. Korra refused to release Kuvira, claiming that she could handle Guan without her, and left the cell as Kuvira told her to think over the offer, and that she would be there when Korra inevitably needed her help. [9] Leading up to the premiere of the fourth season, Konietzko did not specify her background though acknowledged the possibilities relating to it, stating in a September 26, 2014 post, "We don't have any kind of confirmation on what Kuvira's backstory is, other than what Suyin has told us, but there are a lot of really cool theories. Finally, Korra’s on-screen journey ended with a face-off against Kuvira, an earth and metalbender who was hellbent on transforming the Earth Kingdom into the Earth Empire. Three days later, the group arrived in Gaoling and waited for Guan to make his move. Following the group's escape, Kuvira and the other guards searched the city, albeit to no avail, as they were unable to find any traces of the four benders. Soon after, Baatar Jr. and two more soldiers find the trio, and at the end of the ensuing battle, Baatar places them under arrest, … King Bumi | Bolin joined Varrick and Zhu Li in deserting the army, but Baatar Jr. caught up to the trio and arrested them. White Lotus sentries, Air Nomads Unalaq was followed by the most haunting and destructive of Korra’s foes, a new airbender and old Avatar hater by the name of Zaheer. Zhu Li, Spirits How to Watch Live on TV and Online, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved, Prince Zuko has the all-time best redemption arc, Where 'Avatar' Should Go After 'The Legend of Korra'. After the Red Lotus took the airbenders captive at Northern Air Temple, Kuvira traveled there in an attempt to free them. Suyin noticed her worry, telling her that she would have to face him sooner or later. Bolin attempted to convince Suyin that Kuvira only wanted the best for the world, but Opal brought up that Kuvira throws dissenters into prison camps. Metalbending Police Force | By clicking "SIGN UP" above you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice. 661, This story has been shared 550 times. Kuvira was ultimately defeated and, seeing the error of her ways, accepted her punishment. Iroh | Kuvira asked what Baatar Jr. would think, and Opal noted that since they all came around, she was sure he would too, adding that even though Kuvira was not born a Beifong, she would always be a part of the family. What Time Is 'The Good Doctor' on Tonight? But all of them were also more complicated than Fire Lord Ozai’s plan to rule everything. Following the coronation of Prince Wu, at which Kuvira announces her intentions to rule the nation herself, Kuvira moves to take control of Zaofu, intending to use the city state's wealth and technology for the sake of her empire. As White Lotus sentries escorted her from the courtroom, Kuvira was approached by Team Avatar. Family Iroh | Kuvira threatened Suyin, saying that she knew what would happen to Zaofu if she did not join her. She quickly arrived in Gaoling, revealing herself to Guan inside Gaoling City Hall after he arrested Mayor Rhee. Meanwhile, Baatar Jr. had witnessed the apparent deaths of Bolin and Varrick, as well as the destruction of the spirit vine machinery, but he was certain that he could resume the research with the help of Zhu Li. Sheng raised that Kuvira did not know how the machine operated, but she informed her that she did, as Baatar Jr. figured out how Sheng's brainwashing worked in a matter of hours. When the city refuses to surrender, Kuvira attacks, destroying buildings and creating a huge mess. Suyin Beifong | Kuvira, admitting Korra's power was something she could never compete with, surrenders herself to the authorities and apologizes to Su for the pain she caused her and her family. As an earthbender, Kuvira has the ability to manipulate the element of earth. She tried to apologize, telling him that she felt terrible, but reminding him of the position they were in, and supposed that he would have done the same. Kuvira lost control of the weapon, which would have … 403. Before the brainwashing began, Kuvira told Asami that she had never intended any of what had happened. He told her that there was much more that the Earth Empire could accomplish, and that they should not allow others to reap the rewards of what they had done. Opal | Get news & recommendations for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and more, in your inbox. Following the … In response, Korra and her allies kidnap Bataar Jr, with the Avatar threatening to forever keep the two apart from each other unless Kuvira leaves Republic City. Above all else Korra proves that evil — much like good — can exist anywhere. Kuvira acknowledged the hurt she had caused the Beifong family but noted that they had turned their backs on her long before she had formed the Earth Empire. She forced President Raiko to pardon Varrick for his crimes and allow him back into Republic City, where she and her allies attended Prince Wu's coronation. For her efforts to make up for her bad deeds, Kuvira's sentence was commuted to house arrest at Suyin's home in Zaofu, effectively redeeming the former tyrant. Prince Wu | Kuvira denied this, saying that she had always wanted to motivate others to change their ways through her strength and leadership, rather than with a machine. She also has her army start harvesting the spirit vines in the Foggy Swamp, with Bataar Jr. taking over the spirit vine weapon project following Varrick's escape. Pakku | Kuvira fires the weapon at the place where Bataar Jr is being held, intending to kill Korra and her friends. Kuvira | Korra and Kuvira fall out from their half, and it seems as though the fight is over. The warlord proved to be more than a match for the Avatar, until she entered the Avatar State, leaving her opponent dazed. The attempt is foiled by Korra, Asami Sato, and Mako. The former Great Uniter then remarked to Mako, Bolin, and Wu that she was happy to see them too, in response to their silence toward her. Baatar Jr. noted that he was familiar with Sheng's thought process, having worked closely with her, but thanked Kuvira on her thorough descriptions of the setup, noting that Kuvira always had an excellent memory. When asked for her plea again, Kuvira claimed that she was not guilty. Kuvira restrained her, but just as she was about to kill her, Opal and Jinora, who were observing the battle, interfered. The discussion was then interrupted by Korra calling to inform them that Guan and his army had arrived, and the four of them set off toward the capital in a jeep. 420, This story has been shared 403 times. Korra asked what they should do, pointing out that Asami, Mako, and Bolin were still in danger, to which Kuvira said that they could travel to Zaofu and gather reinforcements there, revealing to the others that she had gotten Suyin's help. Despite the governor's refusal to sign, Kuvira left the contract with Kai, stating she would wait by the border for one more day to give him a chance to reconsider. By evening, Baatar Jr. had constructed a brainwashing device, which Kuvira complimented him on, noting that it looked almost exactly like the device in Sheng's lab. Goals Iroh II | Her metalbending extends to using it to make weapons such as knives, blades and whips from metal and sense when other individuals are performing metalbending in her vicinity.

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