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is there a problem with tesco online

Tesco grocery shop down unable to check out and order and pay for goods. IE cannot load page in private use. I did and once I deleted them payment went through. Hope this helps. Clubcard vouchers have a 12-digit online code, and they can be used at Tesco.com except for purchases of baby milk, pharmacy products, lottery tickets, stamps, tobacco, phonecards, and gift vouchers. How do we get a reschedule? The customer service come out with the old Chestnut, change your browser. New website is far far slower than the old one. Can’t take payments even with a OTP (Peterborough Cambs). The regulatory problem is already history. till midnight to get a free slot and couldnt pay. Shopping in GL2 0UE area, when trying to pay get the error”Sorry, we had a problem processing your payment. For card payment at door: You can give the Customer Delivery Assistant an alternative payment card. Crashes at checkout. A total of 322 votes cast and 2148 users reviewed the website. Access denied today and yesterday tesco direct. No more option to create or add things to shopping lists. Confirmed a whole order, went to check out, put in my details, pressed continue and I get an error page…. Its not that we are stupid, behind the times or don’t understand the technology, we just cant cope with the size of a phone screen. Please try again.”, Cant book a delivery slot for any time of the week. Trying to check out but won’t take payment. Does that mean I'll have lost my delivery slot???? I can only use it by going incognito this is very unsatisfactory and I’ll have to start using another supermarket until they resolve this situation as obviously I am not the only one! I had to empty the trolley and start from scratch. I can’t even access my shopping basket anymore. My delivery booked for 8-9pm yesterday was cancelled at 13.30pm without any explanation. I get to the payment page and then it crashes. Cardigan. 500 Error message when you try to ammed order Cardiff. Yep, I am getting errors checking out today “something went wrong, please check your details, blah blah blah” It is no wonder the share price is where it is. Blackpool, Down in Beckenham, can’t even get on site, says system error, paying for delivery saver haven’t been able to arrange a delivery for 2 days, will not accept my card, via the app or the actual website despite the bank confirming that card is fine and was accepted by asda when i eventually decided to shop there, will be cancelling delivery saver once queues have gone down on telephone lines, was on hold for 15 minutes before i gave up! I just went and amended it with the rest of my items and thankfully all good now. Had several weeks of loosing the slot ahead of time, and losing the whole lot during checkout. Going to end up with wrong stuff!!!! Just drag the text your bookmarks bar : Down Right Now? Why? If you'd rather speak to someone, that's not a problem. 2 days now. I now have a page saying: Only got until 2.30 before I lose my booking slot for tomorrow… not happy at all. Now doesn’t even show any orders, can’t add items to basket or book any new delivery slots. I have been unable to send text messages via whatsapp from my phone since 1am today. Placed a Christmas delivery last night and the order did not accept my clubcard vouchers and now the order won’t let me amend and add the ecoupon vouchers that Tesco emailed me instead. Need groceries for a party this weekend , Page froze half way through shopping, then “internal error”, got fed up waiting so logged out and now can’t log in again. I find it incredible that they don’t care about customer satisfaction, or losing millions in sales! (from Slough). can’t get on to tesco club card website – says I’m not in the uk !!!!! i can’t even get on to the grocery shopping. Thank God thats over. Used to doing an online shop in 20 minutes not over 2 hours. Website won’t work at all today. No food delivery! In Norfolk, trying to set up delivery for tomorrow can’t check out says page down…any info please. Their new website is causing all this. No Tesco delivery slots available after 3rd Jan. I’m in Cheshire? Cant log onto tesco for shopping asking for verification on sign in but doesn’t come up on mobile phone cant get into my account, Down in Bury, Lancashire. If it were me, I’d go elsewhere, but it’s for my mum, and she won’t shop anywhere else. I can’t change my slot! The UK supermarket chain has come under fire from two big shareholders over what they see as a distracting, expensive takeover of wholesaler Booker Group. Not able to checkout, stuck on option 4 since 4a.m. I have been trying to place an online shop, when I get to the checkout, the total amount to pay is completely different from the basket total. I’ve tried about 10 times to checkout my groceries…it comes up with an error message stating to check my details, I’ve tried on several browsers, on different devices & still same, but £2 has been debuted on each occasion, I’ve now given up, will go elsewhere as I no longer trust the site, after 15 years I will now do my online shop elsewhere unless I personally receive a BIG apology & some form of voucher…I’m so angry over wasting over 2 hours of my life & not to mention the stress!! Sign in now. Tara Kiernan @TaraKiernan1. Looks like i will have to shop online at another supermarket. Firefox keeps putting up a message that a page is slowing down the browser. In Hemel Hempstead area, they should get phone lines up and running to allow orders to be processed, you cant order on line, I hate to think what this has cost in money terms to the company, never mind the annoyance of the customer base, same here items I wanted are now out of stock so sick of it, Unable to pay!! PITA :-/. Now with order I had delivered today , items mixed up with my previous order !! Page keeps refreshing, Trying to checkout my shopping and getting the Oops, something went wrong! *** For now when paying for Order dont use Google Chrome ***. Using Chrome. Looks like my slot will be lost . In the queue for over an hour – don’t care about the reduction, just wanted to buy a jumper!!!! Their servers are overloaded and they’ve had problems like this previously at busy times. Only two of the grocer’s current 12-person board were there when the accounting fiddles took place, and Chief Executive Dave Lewis’s hands are clean. COME ON TESCO GET THIS SORTED, Unable to save changes to order. Had to order from OCADO.? We’re sorry we couldn’t display the page you requested. Trying to access my Clubcard plus details from my android and tells me ‘Sorry, something went wrong’ but when I try on my iPad it’s fine. Must’ve spent thousands in the last few years. I’m in London sw15. I have now deleted the items but site now behaving as if I am starting a new order , tried to change the amount of an item from 2 to 3 and behold none in the basket ! They need to be careful, where there is competition people will leap. not happy as i had another very messed up order a few weeks ago where they sent me on a wild goose chase in baking heat with no drinks or medication with me and still didnt get my order. This keeps happening so I keep shopping elsewhere which is a shame. I’m south of Grantham. The supermarket appears to have had problems … I am so fed up with this app! What shops can you definitely get chicken that isn't Halal? Stayed up If Tesco is doing that, they are betting on an outsider, and my bet is most customers who shop online do it because they either haven’t TIME to go in-store, or have no transport, or live far away, or are disabled. For instructions choose your browser : A Domain Name System (DNS) allows a site IP address (192.168.x.x) to be identified with words (*.com) in order to be remembered more easily, like a phonebook for websites. Make sure to report and "downvote" such posts. Too many pages with few items on that takes ages to get to next page. The time it takes to do an online shop is nearly as long as a physical shop. So Tesco….my £12-14,000 is a mere drop in the ocean for you and you don’t care. When I checked, it had only added 4 items.

Miss Fame Height, Pale Rider Horse Breed, Gangaa Episode 596, Jeon Jung Hyun Jungkook Brother Instagram, Muskegon Chronicle Website,

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