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james polehinke biography

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) later determined that this did not contribute to the accident. James Polehinke was discharged from the University of Kentucky Hospital Tuesday and entered the Cardinal Hi. The co-pilot of Comair Flight 5191, who was the only survivor of the Aug. 27 crash in Kentucky, is out of the hospital to begin his rehabilitation. Polehinke underwent surgery for his injuries, including an amputation of his left leg. Runway 26 was too short for a safe takeoff, causing the aircraft to overrun the end of the runway before it could become airborne. Comair Flight 5191, marketed as Delta Connection Flight 5191, was a scheduled United States domestic passenger flight from Lexington, Kentucky, to Atlanta, Georgia, operated on behalf of Delta Connection by Comair. Doctors later determined that Polehinke had suffered brain damageand has no memory of the crash or the events leading up to it. James Polehinke was born on July 20, 1962. The aircraft subsequently departed safely from Runway 22. Jim Polehinke was the only survivor of the 2066 Comair crash. It crashed just past the end of the runway, killing all 47 passengers and two of the three crew. Lexington-Fayette and airport police officers pulled Polehinke out of the wreckage. [2]:14–15, The captain was 35-year old Jeffrey Clay. Lexington-Fayette and airport police officers pulled Polehinke out of the wreckage. shortly after the crash to create an appropriate memorial for the victims, first responders, and community that supported them. The aircraft was assigned the airport's runway 22 for the takeoff, but used runway 26 instead. It's the second deadliest accident involving the CRJ-100/-200 after China Eastern Airlines Flight 5210 two years before. The aircraft was assigned to takeoff from Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky from Runway 22, but used Runway 26 instead. Copyright © 2020 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. [2]:99–100 Construction work was halted after the accident on the orders of Fayette Circuit Judge Pamela Goodwine in order to preserve evidence in the crash pending the inspection by safety experts and attorneys for the families of the victims. The Boeing 747-400 collided with construction equipment during the takeoff roll, resulting in the deaths of 83 of the 179 passengers and crew on board. [2]:91 And in May, acting on another NTSB recommendation, the FAA advised that pilot training should include specific guidance on runway lighting requirements for take-off at night. |  [43] In Comair's case against the United States, a settlement was reached with the United States agreeing to pay 22% of the liability for the crash, while Comair agreed to pay the remaining 78%. Comair pilots chatty before take-off crash. On October 31, 2000, the crew of Singapore Airlines Flight 006 mistakenly used a closed runway for departure from Chiang Kai-shek International Airport, Taipei. [6] In the National Transportation Safety Board report on the crash, investigators concluded that the likely cause of the crash was pilot error.[7]. [49], In 1993, a commercial jet at Blue Grass Airport was cleared for takeoff on Runway 22 but mistakenly took Runway 26 instead. The flight's first officer was the only survivor. At the time Johnson submitted the contributory negligence defense, he had not yet been able to speak to Polehinke himself. On August 30, 2006, the FAA announced that Lexington, as well as other airports with similar traffic levels, would be staffed with two controllers in the tower around the clock effective immediately. [2] The air traffic controller was not required to maintain visual contact with the aircraft; after clearing the aircraft for takeoff, he turned to perform administrative duties and did not see the aircraft taxi to the runway. The case against the airport authority was dismissed on sovereign immunity grounds, and this ruling was upheld by the Kentucky Supreme Court on October 1, 2009. On the morning of August 27, 2006, at around 06:07 EDT,[2]:1 the Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet 100ER that was being used for the flight crashed while attempting to take off from Blue Grass Airport in Fayette County, Kentucky, 4 miles (6.4 km) west of the central business district of the City of Lexington. [34], In April 2007, acting on a recommendation made by the NTSB during its investigation of Comair 5191, the FAA issued a safety notice that reiterated advice to pilots to positively confirm their position before crossing the hold-short line onto the take-off runway,[b] and again when initiating takeoff. Contributing to the accident were the flight crew's nonpertinent conversations during taxi, which resulted in a loss of positional awareness and the Federal Aviation Administration's failure to require that all runway crossings be authorized only by specific air traffic control clearances. They included a young couple who had been married the previous day and were traveling to California on their honeymoon. The flight was sold under the Delta brand as Delta Flight 5191 (DL5191) and was operated by Comair as Comair Flight 191 (OH191/COM191). [14], Clay called for rotation, but the aircraft sped off the end of the runway before it could lift off. Publicity Listings [31], During the course of its investigation, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) discovered that tower staffing levels at Blue Grass Airport violated an internal policy as reflected in a November 16, 2005, memorandum requiring two controllers during the overnight shift: one in the tower working clearance, ground, and tower frequencies, and another, either in the tower or remotely at Indianapolis Center, working TRACON (radar). In July 2008, United States District Judge Karl Forester ruled Delta will not be held liable for the crash, because while Comair is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Atlanta-based airline, Comair maintains its own management and policies, and employs its own pilots. The only survivor of a jet crash that killed 49 people in Lexington, Ky. -- the plane's co-pilot -- has hired a lawyer who specializes in aviation accidents. Election Day 2020: Americans cast final votes in divisive campaign, SEC fines, reprimands Florida coach Dan Mullen for role in brawl, Julianne Hough files for divorce from Brooks Laich, South Dakota AG 'distracted' when he fatally struck pedestrian, Wisconsin court sets bail for accused Kenosha killer at $2 million. [25] As of May 2012[update], Polehinke was a wheelchair user. Cases brought by Comair against the airport authority and the FAA, arguing each should share in the compensation payments, are now resolved. In response, Polehinke's attorney, William E. Johnson, raised the possibility of contributory negligence on the part of the passengers. The Commission chose the University of Kentucky Arboretum as its memorial site. [2]:15[13] "Yeah", confirmed Clay, but the flight data recorder (FDR) gave no indication either pilot tried to abort the takeoff as the aircraft accelerated to 137 knots (158 mph; 254 km/h). [11] Forty-nine of the 50 people on board perished in the accident; most of them died instantly in the initial impact. James Polehinke, the first officer, suffered serious injuries, including multiple broken bones, a collapsed lung, and severe bleeding. James Polehinke, the man who was flying the plane at the moment it crashed, would be the only one left to tell the story.

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