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judging mature deer

Where Hunting Happens, Conservation Happens™. If you see one of these geezers, consider not passing him up. Ideally, you should make this comparison while the deer is looking at you. There will be at least three well-developed points (plus beam tip) on each antler for a near-book typical Coues’ deer trophy, and the inside spread will need to be near 15 inches. Contact Us for Prices or More Information. The H-1 will be the smallest place between the burr and first point. At three years old a buck looks more like a fullback, and at four he’ll take on the characteristics of a linebacker with a thick neck and big shoulders. However, we’ve transitioned to a time when deer are rated by inches and age. Typical whitetail deer scoring 213-5/8 points, Typical whitetail deer scoring 160 points. Now, this is not to say you’ll never see a three- or even two-year-old with nice antlers. A mature Coues’ deer antler set may well look like a small whitetail set, although usually developed to a more “finished” look overall. As opposed to the back fork, this fork will be much deeper in appearance. A high population of mature bucks makes hunting more exciting. Throughout his career as an editor, he has written and published numerous articles on deer management and hunting. As a general rule of thumb there are several basic rules to field judging whitetail deer. The spread between the relaxed ears of a whitetail buck is about 15 inches. Antler width can be trickier to estimate. To do this we need things of known sizes to visually compare the antlers to and in this case we will use the deer’s ears, eyes, and nose. Judging the length of the main beams is next. Lots of antler mass is most often found on deer three or more years old. Next, and to many, the most impressive features of a trophy whitetail are the number and lengths of the points on his rack. The AntlersJudging antler size is a bit easier, and this can be even more important because some locations restrict the harvest of deer with antlers that are not wide enough or do not have enough points. This means you might need to make a measurement before you pull the trigger. These will be our “rulers” for antler size estimation. OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL. Wednesday, September 16, 2020. The Boone and Crockett Club recognizes two categories of whitetail deer. Field Judging Bucks. A large non-typical Coues’ deer will show these qualities plus several noticeable abnormal points. If so, by how much? So we must and we will. Most mule deer hunters get caught up in the outside spread when in reality, the actual measurement taken will be on the inside spread of the main beams. Additionally, it’s just not as exciting to hunt a population of younger deer, as the rut is less intense, and calling or rattling in a buck is more difficult to do without a couple big boys lurking in the forest. The length of the points can be estimated using the same “rulers” we used for the main beams. The circumference of a mature buck’s eye is approximately four inches. Keep in mind that there are mule deer areas where, genetically, it is common for no browtines or weak browtines, even for big mature deer. H-2 will be taken at the smallest place between the first and second point. The total score of … I’ve seen nice mature bucks with missing or broken brow tines. Although by no means a confirmed calculation, whenever I’m field judging deer on the hoof, I typically subtract about five percent from what they appear to score to estimate the actual. Typical Coues’ whitetail deer scoring 144-1/8 points, Extra long main beams – 20-2/8 and 20-5/8 inches, Typical Coues' whitetail deer scoring 104-1/8 points, Strong G-2s and G-3s – 9-6/8 and 9-2/8 inches, respectively. The “backs” are very often the weakest part of a mule deer rack and if they resemble a “crab claw”, then he is probably a young buck.

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