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The reason I am not surprised, though, is that some cops — just like some people in all walks of life — are real (moderated). I've been producing "CC" for almost six years now, and I can't tell you how happy I am to be doing something that I love to do – something that I studied in college – even if it is only on a volunteer basis. Select this result to view Judi Franco's phone number, address, and more. Nothing more to be said after this great article!! Register for a user account. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. They discuss a wide range of issues in their program from New Jersey headlines to a host of other sometimes off-beat topics. The second best result is Judi Franco age 30s in Granger, WA. Before we knew it, the half hour came and went. I am not one to bash police. Proud to be New Jersey!" With its broadcast studios now based in Ewing, the station has evolved over the years moving from music to its popular talk format in 1990 with a range of hosts during the week. If their role is to serve and protect life, then that begins from the youngest, earliest lives, and it behooves the police officers to understand when to issue tickets, and when to provide escorts. So just who are the radio hosts who have stirred the controversy? Jim Florio a one-term governor. Join Facebook to connect with Judi Franco and others you may know. inducted into the New Jersey Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Franco, now a resident of Long Branch with her husband, Mark, is originally from San Francisco, where she was a child actress and singer. Can’t cops ever just once give a fellow human being a break? If this was a story about one cop, then we can write it all off that it was a rotten apple. However for a pregnant woman it is not fine. He says he enjoys fishing in both fresh and salt water and is a frequent traveler. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. It seems to me that this guy had a vendetta, and I’m not sure why. Now, I don’t know Anthony Marotto. And vindictiveness is just about one of the worst traits you can have when you are charged with the responsibility of serving and protecting and carrying a gun. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). A statement from NJ 101.5 at the time said of the controversy: “There were spirited discussions of the relative importance of human rights and animal rights, as well as the passions of animal rights proponents, which involved calls from audience members.”, What they're saying on N.J. 101.5 about suspended radio hosts' 'offensive' comments about AG, Were Dennis & Judi rude or outright racist? A clear statement to the higher ups must be made! Occasionally, the show delves into topics such as local and mass media and its influence, local sports, and interviews with politicians who serve Long Branch higher than the municipal level.One of the most interesting personalities that has been on the show was Long Branch resident Judi Franco. Wouldn’t it be horrible if one day Anthony Marotto had his wife, or his daughter, or his sister in the critical stages of labor with all of the anxiety, pain and fear associated with it, be stopped and held by a police officer with absolutely no compassion for her plight? Especially one in need of medical attention? Respect goes beyond speaking in a professional tone of voice. Judi is one-half of "The Dennis & Judi Show", broadcasting weekdays from 10AM – 2PM on radio station NJ 101.5.About a year prior to the taping, I was reviewing old shows in our tape library and noticed one with Judi on it from about 2 years prior. Connecting with NJ 101.5's Judi Franco - Long Branch-Eatontown, NJ - It's guests like Judi Franco that makes producing "Community Connections" worth the effort. (Eventhough they try to convince us how its for our benefit). At one point during the conversation, she asked me if my uncle was the judge in Long Branch. The NJ 101.5 FM heavily brands itself as New Jersey’s own radio station — “Not New York. “One day, I remember Judi Franco (another host at the station) was in tears over his harassment. Does the police force not know of these types of cases? Judi Franco a mom, grandmom, volunteer. There are far too few, on a statewide basis. Posts on social media said Malloy and Franco said animal rights activists need to get their priorities straight. Carton had the program director in a chair yelling and screaming and cursing at … Respect requires acknowledgement of this. No, but I can’t help wondering why, unlike the good guys out there, he couldn’t take this couple’s particular situation into account when he made his decision to leave them sitting there waiting for their summons. “We are aware of the offensive comments made by Dennis and Judi during today’s broadcast," the station said in a statement late Wednesday. Dennis Malloy and Judi Franco have been working together for more than 20 years. Judi Franco Hates Blogging Sunday, December 26, 2010. No. But it certainly makes you understand why many people hold resentment and anger toward police officers like Officer Marotto. This past year, I was re-elected co-chair of the Long Branch Cable TV Commission. (You can also follow Kevin Cieri's blog on his Facebook page, "Jersey Shore Retro" as well as on Twitter [@jsretro]). Perhaps he had one of HIS family members hassled on the side of the road when THEY were in a dire emergency. I would higher a lawyer and sue Howell township for 5million so that this wouldn’t happen again . Not Philadelphia. The cops and local gvm’t officials always say that they don’t hand out tickets to raise funds for the gvm’t. And even though it seems that Anthony Marotto felt the need to treat this couple like criminals, our justice system even provides for a certain level of respect for criminals. (Although I doubt that.). Maybe in some aspects of his life he’s a nice guy. Judi's on-air persona and experience showed as she kept the interview moving with her snappy and well thought-out answers to Adam's questions. Obviously this fellow is not. They do it only to teach us to be safe drivers. Join Chesed of Lakewood and get 2 brand new books free! For the police, it is fine. All rights reserved (About Us). All we ask is to be treated with respect and that’s totally lacking by the Howell Police. Maybe he had a fight with his wife that day. Very well written. I told her we'd be in touch for a follow-up show, maybe in about a year or so.It's people like Judi who make life behind the camera so interesting, and makes Long Branch a fascinating place. No — it’s worse than being anti-Semitic. Perhaps they need some further education about the urgent nature of advanced labor. Either they were bullied as kids, their family lives were dysfunctional, or their souls are just empty. Very well written!! My problem is with the horrible attitude of the official Howell Police statement stating it is ok from a government perspective to officially delay a medical emergency and put human life at risk to raise revenue for your town. N.J. radio show's listeners are split, 'My name is Gurbir Grewal,' N.J. AG responds to NJ 101.5 radio hosts' insult, NJ 101.5 suspends hosts Dennis & Judi for 'offensive comments' about N.J. attorney general, Bill Gallo Jr. may be reached at Malloy, 60, who lives in Marlton, “loves being able to make people laugh, keep the public informed and give honest, bold opinions about our world today,” his bio says. In fact, I have met some and I’ve heard that as a whole the force is a group of really good guys. Find on Facebook. No one lays it down as clear and straightforward in all of NJ like Judy! WeShoot offers special discount on Self Defense Taser; No Permit required [Plus Special TLS Discount!]. And Officer Anthony Marotto has a lot to learn about respect. Maybe somebody in his family died that day. But I’m also not surprised that a Howell police officer wouldn’t let a couple rushing to the hospital with the wife in the critical stage of labor off the hook. The super awesome friend Chris Hammer pressured me to update when he posted the blog address on FB.. sneaky, isn't he?? I’m just glad it wasn’t MY kids in this situation – my girls don’t have a minute to spare, and they barely make it to the hospital; some have even not made it all the way there. The station, its hosts have seen controversy before. I beg to differ. "Community Connections" originated close to ten years ago to help promote community service/public service groups that operate in and around the city, as well as identify public officials and what their role is in the city's affairs. NJ 101.5 announced late Thursday the hosts would be suspended for 10 days in a statement that included apologies from the station, Malloy and Franco. At that time she told the Trentonian: "I have a son at home with special needs, and three older kids. I’m not even going to call him an anti-Semite, although I know many of you are expecting me to. In addition to my duties as co-chair, I also produce "Community Connections", the public affairs talk show that tapes at Monmouth University, is hosted by Adam Schneider (the Mayor of Long Branch), and airs on LBCTV20, Long Branch's public access channel. I can’t help thinking that perhaps he wanted them to be punished for some reason. nailed it Judy Franco. List of Lakewood Polling Locations for Today, 2020 Elections, CHEMED offering FREE Tdap Shots for Pregnant Women Each Wednesday Throughout November and December. Respect for other humans involves discretion, compassion for and thoughtfulness of others. We love it that we have you on our team! Right on! — in  state sandwiched in between two of the nation’s major media markets, New York and Philadelphia. Very well said. Franco, 56,  is a volunteer at the Sephardic Bikur Holim food pantry in Monmouth County, which provides meals for thousands of needy families, her station bio says, and she also has participated in various charity functions aiding non-profits in the Monmouth County area. Their “Dennis & Judi Show” had aired 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday on NJ 101.5 FM. After it turned to an all-talk station in 1990, the station’s personalities helped to rally New Jersey residents against tax increases. They have also lived in Toppenish, WA. She did such a good job that the crew in the control room, all made up of Monmouth University communications majors, was hoping that she'd stick around and shoot the breeze with them -- she was that interesting. Radio host Judi Franco: NJ cop who pulled over expectant couple lacks decency, respect. I'm sitting in a lovely little hotel room now.. ... And being away from my family doesn't help.. Grewal, the nation's first Sikh attorney general, was referred to as "turban man" and "the guy with the turban" as Malloy and Franco discussed Grewal's recent move telling municipal prosecutors not to pursue charges for marijuana arrests. She impersonated her father and talked about her experiences in radio, as well as her thoughts on where radio was going in the future – it was a really great interview. This cop probably has no wife/ kids. He is divorced with three grown children. View the profiles of people named Judi Franco. But he certainly doesn’t have the common sense or decency to wield that much power in his community. Well written, I hope they take to heart, sometimes when I drive through howell(and Jackson) I get this sense almost as if they are playing a game and silently say to themselves “How many Jews can we catch today” Kurdzuk, Tony. I would expect the state of Federal government to evaluate each prospective officer befour they go on the job if they are mentally stable. So, here is a message for the many police officers out there who don’t understand why the public shows disdain for and/or resentment toward them. Judi is related to Bartolo F Montes and Irma O Montes. She is an intelligent, articulate radio personality who does the 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. slot (with her equally intelligent and articulate partner, Dennis Malloy) on FM 101.5 – who just happens to be Jewish. You are very fortunate that nothing happened and iwith today’s lawyer you should have no problem suing! Nov 23 2017 11:41 am . Richard Codey's wife's battle with post-partum depression.

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