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keep it clean program summary bj's

You’ve probably read this far for two reasons: First, you are a programmer. In the following article, I have listed 13 important points inspired by Google that any developer could apply to their code reviews. Good. Using clean code principles helps to get a new programmer onboard. For a complete listing and more detailed description see here, Twitter’s coding standard advises against the use of @author tag. The reality is almost always as follow. Now I feel ashamed of my coding skills. Consider what would happen if a perimeter() function were added to Geometry. Use the Git version control system to collaborate on development. It gives me motivation to create a new blog faster :) Comments/Suggestions are welcomed as always. Code can change hands numerous times in its lifetime, and quite often the original author of a source file is irrelevant after several iterations. Now, you are reading this blog for two reasons. We need better programmers. So why would I still care about writing clean code?”, A little while ago, I was having a discussion with one of my friends, Kabir. Now we can easily add new Shapes i.e. This also saves time for both training the new programmer as well as the time it takes for the new programmer to adjust to the project. If you are writing for PHP, use PSR-2’s coding style guide. So you have to carefully think what to implement also thinking about the future perspective that what will be easy to update. Probably that line should be a function call. We should choose a name that specifies what is being measured and the unit of that measurement. Error handling can be ignored. Exception messages — When throwing an exception here are samples of good and poorly indented messages. Code review becomes easy if you are using a version control system. If your method has more than three indentations, then it’s time to refactor in new methods. When you feel compelled to add a comment, consider rewriting the code to make it clearer. Though it has taken some extra hours of my daily time limit, it will pay me in the future. Your code can do wonders for yourself and mostly for others. If you enjoyed this article, you might find my other articles useful. Now is the time to do good programming. But producing quality, clean code is your duty as the programmer. If your code needs commenting, you are doing something wrong. It’s a great skill to have. Any other classes that depended upon the shapes would also be unaffected! Here are all the best practices when it comes to spacing and blank lines (A white space does make a difference), It’s worth mentioning that almost all code goes changes throughout its lifetime and there will be times when you or someone is trying to figure out what a complex block of code, a method, or a class is intended to do unless clearly described. How do you remember which method name goes with which class? Writing clean code has many benefits, and it's easy to see why. The following is considered as best practices when it comes to java source files: Class and interface names are CamelCase and it is recommended to use the whole word and avoid acronyms/abbreviations. We find it’s better to trust commit history and OWNERS files to determine ownership of a body of code. Now consider another approach for the above scenario. The second rule of functions is that they should be smaller than that. Our code should explain everything. That’s good for your company. This book has given me a lot of knowledge on what are the best practises and how to actually write code. Declarations and Assignments— One declaration per line is recommended since it encourages comments as shown below. Clean code is focused —Each function, each class, each module exposes a single-minded attitude that remains entirely undistracted, and unpolluted, by the surrounding details. In other words, what would I tell to my student self? Your pool should not need to be shocked on any regular basis to keep the water clear and clean, especially if you have an ozone system. Clean code is taken care of. As for in this example, as any new shape can be added in the future, I will pick OO approach for it. // Prefer (✔️) - Space after "while" and before "(", // Prefer (✔️) - No space between "doSomething" and "(", // Prefer (✔️) - Add a space after an argument, // Prefer (✔️) - Space between operand and operators (i.e. On the other hand, if I add a new shape, I must change all the functions in Geometry to deal with it. By, Apr 20, 2020 / This is almost always the excuse I hear when I ask about dirty code. Someone has taken the time to keep it simple and orderly. How to Make Passive Income as a Programmer, A Complete Developer’s Guide to Securing the SDLC, 9 Mistakes Most Automation Testers Make (But You Don’t Have To), How To Build a Chatbot: 4 Components of Creating a Bot, Should I Learn More Than 1 Programming Language At Once, How To Start a Freelance Programming Career, The Essential Guide to Becoming an IoT Developer. So, start writing the code as clean as you can from the first line of code so later you can work more on performance and logic improvement. Documentation Comments — are meant to describe the specification of the code from an implementation-free perspective to be read by developers who might not necessarily have the source code at hand. Javadoc is a tool that generates HTML documentation form your java code using the comments that begin with /** and end with */ — see Wikipedia for more details on how Javadoc works or just read along. Correct naming can prevent comments. His expertise is in helping startups build their tech products. Sometimes it can go longer, but the code should be conceptually clean to understand. It will help your colleagues, your team, and your employer as well. This implies that the blocks within if statements, else statements, while statements, and so on should be one line long. Complex fulcrumPoint = Complex.FromRealNumber(23.0); is generally better than Complex fulcrumPoint = new Complex(23.0); Pick One Word per Concept —Pick one word for one abstract concept and stick with it. Minimize the number of entities such as classes, methods, functions, and the like. Runs all the tests 5. OO code(using objects), makes it easy to add new classes without changing existing functions. But it takes time and resources to make a program good. If computers were the audience, then you might be writing the code in machine language. Use intention revealing names. We need better programmers. Put declarations only at the beginning of blocks (A block is code surrounded by curly braces { and }). As any project grows, it will need new features, or changes to existing features. 6. Mature programmers know that the idea that everything is an object is a myth. And it’s not uncommon for your colleagues or managers to help you solve the problem. // Prefer (✔️) declare at the beginning of the block. And when 5S is sustained over time, that's when businesses will start to notice Class Names — Classes and objects should have noun or noun phrase names like Customer, WikiPage, Account, and AddressParser. Sustain is about making 5S a long-term program, not just an event or short-term project. “Why should I care about writing clean code?” you may still be asking yourself. A programmer is an author, but they might make the mistake in identifying the audience. They are necessary to write. Choosing good names takes time but saves more than it takes.The name of a variable, function, or class, should answer all the big questions. | Powered by WordPress, Nov 02, 2020 / Coding standards document can be lengthy and boring. Formatting and indentation are all about organizing your code to make it easy to read, and it includes spacing, line length, wraps and breaks and so on, Methods — Here are a listing of best practices. ―Robert C. Martin, Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship. This article cherry picks bits and pieces from coding conventions by Google, Oracle, Twitter and Spring and it’s objective is to provide you with an easy to follow and less boring set of practices to make your code easy to read and maintain. Clean code is readable and easy to understand by everyone whether the reader is the author of the code or a new programmer.

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