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legend of fuyao ending

How can they get out of heaven’s peak when the bridge which was the only passageway from there was destroyed? To answer your question, I was okay with the ending but there were certainly parts of the novel I wish the show had used. If it is, then we’re more popular than we thought. Clkytta:  Yes, I’d recommend it. HAHA. . Didn’t like the end of this series at all. I couldn’t tell!! Did we miss any super important moments that you think should have been added? The series aired on Zhejiang TV from June 18 to August 13, 2018. I wish everyone happy drama enjoying time with this, I think it makes the $5 viki pass/mo and finishing Legend of Fuyao in less than a week possible. The official and complete and I mean there are no more sources of airing this show end is here!! The lotus was so precious to the First Lord of Chang Qing that he nurtured it with his own energy until the flower finally developed a consciousness. I don’t usually watch Chinese Drama but this is the best and I watched so many times and still love it. His absolute ferocity as he felled everyone in his path was awesome. Baron Chen is the second lead there and I was practically yelling at her to leave the big non-emoting jamoke (E.R.) He never tries to be the man – he lets Fuyao handle her business and saves her only when needed secondly, while in changqing, their grip on each other’s hand was too tight for those who are about to die and they can still carry on a lengthy conversation with each other and did not appear to run out of breath anytime soon. Welcome to the Chinese drama subreddit! Kdrama Jen: I think it goes without saying that the ending would have been a zillion times better if Wuji was shirtless. The relationship between the fur of the character and the bones and muscles is in accordance with the movement principle of real animals. He did it so well. Okay, so maybe those were great for a laugh. When creating assets, they are carefully created according to the anatomical structure, from bones to muscles to skin to hair. Although he may have lost his lifetime cultivation because of that punishment, he was also entitled to have it reinstated by the Evergreen Palace. From the beginning, their love was all-consuming, to the point they were willing to give up everything for it. The palace that they are shown in is the palace where Wuji originally lived ( The place where Fuyao was disguised as the princess of Xaunji Kingdom and where she ends up getting poisoned in the process, and Wuji had to save her. I thought the last scene was them in Celestial Palace in the afterlife. You better think this through. The Empress stroked her chin and smiled at the third prince. Cloud Rendering Boosting Your Production Process ILLUMINA (聚光绘影) is responsible for the comprehensive supervision of the whole film and the production of full-length visual effects. I think there must be nuance within the Chinese that just isn’t making it to the English. Without all of you, we would still be snarking about how our favorite OTP ended up chasing each other through the halls of the Celestial Palace for all eternity. Our second lead couple doesn’t get their happy ending or do they…. The Legend of Fuyao is an unbelievable series. There are some definite plot holes, but the OTP is so fantastic, I think it is worth watching just for them. Fuyao does make it back to our hero in time and we get our happy ending…at least for our two leads. And then he disappears forever. It really was due to the translations. :D) is also because it’s really fun to see what fellow drama lovers think about particular episodes or events, both from oversea and domestic fans. Shortly after its premiere, Legend of Fuyao 扶摇 has been making strides in online ratings. From here, a multitude of different storylines begin to form (with numerous new characters) which distract from the original plot (which at this stage I have forgotten)… I will say that this part does have some epic fight scenes (especially at episodes 34 and 47). I love how people end up in the hospital after spending literally five minutes in the rain/cold etc. I guess we have other „eyes“. I never knew that Chinese scripts could reach this level of depth and meaning. first, it seems as though fuyao at the end of the series is still jealous that the poem wuji wrote was for a possible sect sister. One of Wuji’s spies She’s cute and really smart and really cute. Here we have discussions and reviews of our favourite shows, provide recommendations for other viewers, and talk about all aspects of Chinese dramas from pre to post production. In the novel, it would be like a reverse-harem: FuYao x Wuji x Gaston x Hot Doc. For example, our heroine time traveled from the modern world in the novel, Bai Yang Qing is NOT our heroine’s father in the novel but the big villain who tried to trick our heroine into believing he is her father, Gu Qi Shao is actually fairly chummy with our hero in the novel so no fighting over our heroine there, Gu Bei Yue didn’t die in the novel either. Fuyao loved him enough to come out of the Demon compulsion and kill herself. I was wondering if the novel was written as beautifully as her translation is. The on-site special effects staff will collect the necessary information such as lights and camera data to ensure that the CG characters in the follow-up production are exactly the same as the light and shadow on the real person so that they can be more realistically integrated into the real shot. I loved the fighting and flirting stage of their relationship when we thought she was just a servant and he was masquerading as a prince. They both stayed true to form to the very end. ( Log Out /  I liked the part where our hero outsmarted his master but the author kinda overdid it with the tragic self-sacrifice thing (as this particular author is wont to do throughout the story) that it really overshadowed Fuayo and Wuji’s happy ending. It completed many film projects that were important in the early stage and was familiar with the film industry process. Not answering until an expression of anger flashes across his master’s eyes, Wuji asks instead “Master…are you taking care of yourself? I may have made up several more satisfying alternate endings, but hey, that’s what all fangirls do, right? I felt the same way. Visibly moved by Wuji’s question for a brief moment, Lord Chang Qing returns back to his cool manner and answers “I am fine. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Legend of Fuyao Episodes 63-66: A Chatty Recap (FINALE). In fact, I might just go back and watch some of their scenes again. A series of tragedies resulted in a journey across the land to gather the magical artifacts that could lift the curse that blighted her life. • Puzzled at first when she finds herself crying for no apparent reason when she spots a blood stain on a patch of snow, Fuyao becomes scared for Wuji’s safety once Yuan Bao (our hero’s pet) screams with grief. The pair fell in love as they battled the complicated politics and power play between the different forces. Thank you for this. Lost in translation maybe? Albeit I was upset and it did seem like they died I did realize they were overlooking the kingdom and that special tree that they used to make that cloth from was in the scene. Wuji in this segment dies and comes back to life. We were reminded very clearly how some things may get lost in translation. The biggest obstacle to our two leads’ relationship from beginning to end has always been one thing- our heroine’s desire to go home back to her own time, back to her dying mother. The future is right upon us. Their friends came to help them. Top 3 greatest love stories ever told. We are leaving our original thoughts about this ending because we were all convinced that Wuji and Fuyao were dead when we first watched the ending. I’m genuinely confused, because I watched it in Chinese (since I’m Chinese) and the ending was obviously a happy ending (they conquered the evil and lived happily ever after). I might be one of the strange ones but I find Wuji, Dr and the Prince (Gaston) all attractive. It is the fastest-ever Chinese TV series to hit 1 million views on YouTube. If you are starting to get confused with who is who… you aren’t alone. If hell opens up, I go. But her death breaking Fuyao’s last seal and basically releasing Di Feitian’s horcrux in her made sense–it was the thing that Wuji’s teacher was afraid of the most, so of course, they had to confront it. Home About F. Zong Yue has heard of the spot and how bad it is. being referred to in the prior message? Which means it is now time to see how the story of Fuyao and Wuji end.

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