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loki singing fanfiction

Stark? You are in the band!" Now go tell them, Loki: How?? Steve was laughing also. “Bruce where did you get that file?.” “From your night sta-”. “Okay darling, now where were we?” Loki turning around to see y/n quickly sketching. (Loki is one of the Jotnar trying to steal the Casket, maybe? Calling them estranged would be putting it generously, but still, when his long-distant foster brother arrives on his doorstep, Thor doesn't think twice about welcoming him back. “Before we start, y/n, do you have that file I asked you to print out?” Tony questioned. He had a plan. Sorry for updating Avengers and Movies a day late- stupid fricking laptop! Sell custom creations to people who love your style. I don't even know what caused it, but hey, it was fun. Steve choked on his drink. ", "Loki," Thor said, looking at his brother with big blue puppy dog eyes, "Please join the band? "RIGHT!" both men sang in perfect unison. Loki complained as Jane hugged him. Fanfiction. When Loki was a boy he spared the life of a magical creature in return for a boon. "Thor, get your girlfriend off of me." That will probably not stop me from writing a sequel. He has a lovely voice. "Thor has told you my true parentage, has he not?". I can't even remember the last he drank," Thor said thoughtfully. ""Hey! Clint laughed as he sang. She started humming along and singing a little too loudly until she was interrupted by a knock. The next morning, Tony called a meeting with the Avengers. Thor started tapping on the counter, his immense strength making the drumming noise echo loudly around the room. "And believe me I am still alive" the metal panel was moving along at a very easy, relaxed pace. Loki then took a strand of her hair and tucked in behind her ear and let his hand rest there as he was looking deep into her eyes. Tears immediately started running down her face. "When the duck walked up to the lemonade stand..." Clint danced to the music. singing in the shower pt 2 12.6K 418 214. "Do you know that there's still a chance for you?" "5 minutes give or take, ever since you started hitting y/n with pillows.” “I liked the part where you said that you won the day you met her, good job brother!” Thor said smiling with a thumbs up. Loki’s lips softly brushed up against hers. “Forget it,” she said as she freed herself from Loki’s grasp and started to storm off with her drawings. Odin and Frigga go on the warpath trying to find him, but don't manage. The sequel is up. "And the science gets done and you make a neat gun" Loki continued, jumping between actual lyrics and his own version, apparently at random. you see these shackles," Loki actually held out the metal cuffs around his wrists, making Tony wince. You record it for blackmail. Smutty One Shot filled with comedy and hot sex. In any case I'm thinking of doing a sequel, which will be fun. “What is this? However once there Loki must completely reverse roles and do something extreme to save the human race and all life on Midgard. The rest of the group went silent as tony turned to his karaoke machine, a huge smirk visible on his face. “Stupid,” y/n said. He had once seen two of them switch fezzes and compliment the others bow-tie, as well as pull out two metallic wands and wave them around whil, OW! He went flying in an imitation of what would happen if a sack of potatoes were hit by a train, a very large, green, angry train. "Maybe you're reason why all the doors are closed" Thor's voice quietened, (thankfully) as he absorbed the meaning of the lyrics. "Even though he broke my bones and smashed me", "Yeah, well that one you brought upon yourself, and it was hilarious" Tony responded, trying to ignore the fact that Loki, god of mischief and lying, was dancing around the room and singing still alive, "And tore things to pieces, and ripped everything else apart, as well", "If you're going to be all passive aggressive at least be specific", "As they burned it hurt because you had completely raised hell". Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Starts out dark but story gets lighter as it goes, Drama between angry Avengers and new Mama Loki, I have to figure out what the fuck I'm doing first, but he can also be sweet when he wants too, Loki (Marvel) & Original Female Character, Pre-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), Canon Divergence - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), thor is a lot more vascillating and self-deprecating than normal, Loki (Marvel)/Original Female Character(s). However once there Loki must completely reverse roles and do something extreme to save the human race and all life on Midgard. I’ll be willing to model for you at anytime.” Y/n smiled at Loki and gave him a hug. Y/n was getting tired and put her journal on her nightstand and went off to sleep. :D. Loki: Now what’s a king without his queen? Play videogames of course! Anyways, that is up now, so check it out! She absolutely adored the way he spoke.The word ‘darling’ slipped from his lips like it was meant for him to say. Though the original song didn't have any violin, she made it sound like it should have. She got up from the couch to meet him halfway, but Loki ushered her back before lifting her feet back up onto the pillow. That file looked too similar to another one that she had. "If you only knew what the future holds" Loki sang effortlessly, voice flawless and beautiful as the audience, and other two singers, stared at him in disbelief. Weakness will only get you killed. "Do all gods have such well-definied abs?" Eventually they stop trying, because they simply can't sustain their efforts. ", Loki raised a dark eyebrow. The others waited in anticipation on the various sofas and beanbags. !” Tony said interuppting. the two sang. "Sing SexyBack, and I'll let you keep them.". Steve: This is gonna be a tough fight so we all gotta make sure we are equipped and ready for it. “So…you’ve told me about songs from Steve all the way to Mantis,” Loki said, “but I don’t recall you saying a song that reminded you of me.” “Huh, well will you look at the time, I’m going to sleep now,” y/n said hesitantly. How long have you been there?” Loki said in a shocked tone. "And he said to the man, running the standddd..." Clint smirked. Twisted love, Loki is forbidden to speak about his "old"family, etc.++ Loki learned his parents stop looking for him as a child, he never got over it.+++ Jotun heritage comes into play. Y/n let out a big sigh of relief. "Why not give it a try?" Whilst Tony set up the game, Loki shook his head. Tony exclaimed excitedly. "You seriously need to work on your bribing skills," Natasha snorted, rolling her eyes. Everything will be fine and he'll get his brother back, the one he knew, not this scarred, haunted shadow of the man he knew and loved, alternately apathetic and vengeful. Pepper sang. “You know that I’m in love with you too right?,” he yelled as he was smiling. It’s over?” “Alright! What will the God of Mischief have in store for you? "And he said to the man running the stand," Bruce smiled. You: Loki, how do I tell someone I love them? "I'm not even angry" he went on, tapping his foot slightly to the beat. “Loki, you can’t just stab someone whenever you feel like it. Himself. “Well, you already had me when you started playing Marvin Gaye, what else you got?” He said plopping down on y/n’s bed. Clint broke the silence, mumbling what everyone in the room was thinking “what just happened….” Yet another Loki in chains fic. And don’t beat yourself up if they don’t say it back. A/N … I have no excuse for this. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. Y/n didn’t know how to deal with what had just happened so she quickly walked past Loki. Pick me up at 7. "So that's why I haven't been able to find it!" "He's always liked singing, and he is, as you mortals say, 'damn good'. For the people who are still alive" Loki paused his dancing momentarily to see Tony still glaring at him. Please consider turning it on! "He has to be in the band! "Yes, I will have some tea" Loki mumbled, he roamed down the hallway and toward the bathroom where he heard a beautiful voice continue to sing. “You don’t look ‘alright’.” In front of him sat Y/n clenching on her drawings with tears staining her cheeks and shirt as she was slouching on her bed.

Package Delivered To Wrong Address And They Won T Give It Back, American Spirit Colors Reddit, Lead Me Lord Chords, Fallout 76 Cap Farming 2020, Funeral Poems For Husband,

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