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PAUL: All right, then. One in 10 people before the pandemic sleeping rough in parks and streets in Sydney are people who'd march on ANZAC Day. PAUL: Well, I think the Housing Industry Association and the Master Builders Association would probably agree with the sentiments here. CLARE: Yeah, and there's 100,000 stories like that right across the country. PAUL: Talk soon. Well, I mean, he summed it in Parliament, ‘I was not going to have one public servant diverted from the task of focusing on our whole of government approach dealing with this pandemic’. Anthony Albanese knows this better than most. Thanks, Marcus. … LEIGH: It's interesting, isn't it, Marcus? Are you at all surprised by the fact that this is a kind of watered down ICAC, if you like? Tuning in the last few days to 2SM… MARCUS PAUL: Well this is great news. Australia's leading site for radio and audio industry news and jobs. So for those who know ICAC - I mean, there were really this year some incredible scenes in the Independent Commission Against Corruption in New South Wales, where we had a premier basically reveal some, you know, very personal aspects of her life. I hear this story all the time. I went into the bedroom where the kids slept, three kids - one four, one three and a baby less than 12 months. Cnr Gungahlin Pl and Efkarpidis Street, Gungahlin ACT 2912 | 02 6247 4396 | Andrew.Leigh.MP@aph.gov.au | Authorised by A. Leigh MP, Australian Labor Party (ACT Branch), Canberra. Andrew, good morning. Veteren broadcaster joins East Coast Radio. Now, I know that a lot of people might say, well, we put people in public housing, but they trash the joint. Some of them do, yes. Interview with Marcus Paul, 2SM Interview with Marcus Paul, 2SM. PAUL: Talk soon. SUBJECT: Commonwealth Integrity Commission. Jason, good morning to you. It's just not right. So that means it could be mid 2021 or later before the CIC actually comes into force. LEIGH: Well, it'll have substantially less powers in some cases. I mean, a separate public sector branch of the CIC will focus on public sector, intelligence agency and ADF employees, the staff and federal judicial officers, and some higher education providers and research bodies. It's not rocket science. PAUL: You've campaigned long and hard for a federal ICAC. When its original proposal was first raised a couple of years ago, these criticisms were mentioned. I believe that Marcus Paul could well be the rising star of 2SM. While I believe that 2GB's Ben Fordham's program is more newsy than his former afternoon shift, Marcus Paul could be serious competition. While I believe that 2GB's Ben Fordham's program is more newsy than his former afternoon shift, Marcus Paul could be serious competition. So for example, royal commissions can investigate matters that don't reach the standard of criminal conduct. Marcus Paul, former 2CC radio host, who resigned on Wednesday. PAUL: No, it's not. JASON CLARE, SHADOW MINISTER FOR HOUSING: G'day Marcus. This is no time to be wasting public money. It is owned and operated by Broadcast Operations Group.The SM call sign is taken from the initials of St Mark's, Drummoyne; a church built by James Meany. I get emails each and every day and I had a call this morning, an elderly woman who's partially blind, one of the most vulnerable people in our community. Shadow Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government, Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness, E&OE TRANSCRIPT RADIO INTERVIEW 2SM MARCUS PAUL IN THE MORNING THURSDAY, 8 OCTOBER 2020   SUBJECT: Labor’s plan to invest in the repair of social housing. The big cities, small country towns, there is social housing everywhere. The CIC would have quote ‘greater investigatory powers than a royal commission’, Mr Porter said. And the Department of Housing said, Look, we can't fix it for three years. CLARE: Terrific. We have a recession and as you as you rightly pointed out, two birds, one stone. PAUL: That's right. ENDS   MEDIA CONTACT: ARLEY BLACK 02 9790 2466, Transcripts: And they seem to have done absolutely nothing to address them. The walls are black with mould, and I pulled open the wardrobe and the clothes have mould growing on them. This model is similar to the model that they were talking about a year ago. MARCUS PAUL, HOST: As you know, those who listen to the programme regularly will understand that I'm a very strong advocate for social housing. SUBJECT: Commonwealth Integrity Commission. Now data shows unfortunately, apart from that, we need work for plumbers, sparkies, plasterers, painters, brickies, they've all been crying out for work. And you do it responsibly and reasonably. PAUL: Yeah. It's also vital that we boost the funding for the Auditor General, whose funding has been cut by a fifth over the course of the coalition government. He grew up in social housing, grew up in poverty raised by a single mum, rose to become the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia so he knows the power of putting a roof over someone's head and how it can change people's lives. MARCUS PAUL, HOST: Andrew Leigh is the Shadow Assistant Minister for … The government’s simply been sitting on their draft bill, prompted into action only now because of so much discussion around the Leppington triangle, around sports rorts, around regional rorts, the stacking of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the stacking of the Australia Post board by Liberal Party mates. All Rights Reserved. PAUL: What? CLARE: And it is at exactly the same time when we're in recession, where the housing construction industry says that we're going to build maybe 25 per cent fewer homes over the next 12 months and that means less work for tradies and for the people that make the building supplies and materials. They don’t seem to have done much work over the past year. At the same time, the Prime Minister defended any delay by invoking the COVID pandemic, saying it was complex legislation and it required detailed consultation. And as you pointed out, in your introduction, it's almost every suburb and every town, big and small. Marcus who resigned this morning, had been part of the Capital Radio Network station for four years and was hosting the Drive program Canberra Live for the last two and half years.. Vulnerable people, we should be looking after them a little better. Brent Bultitude Weekdays 12pm-4pm. Labor has been calling for a much more powerful integrity commission since the start of 2018, and the government's known about these criticisms, Marcus. Good to have you on the program, as always, Andrew. It would go after the sort of misconduct we've seen from the Morrison Government - the regional grants going 90 per cent to coalition electorates, the sports rorts being sorted out on color-coded spreadsheets with political pork barrelling rather than focusing on the most needy clubs. Well, I mean, the CIC would include the power to tap phones, carry out search warrants, compel witnesses to testify at hearings and force people to surrender documents and other evidence. Regional Australia is set to benefit today as the government gets on … He denied an interview with Maria Hawthorne, the former political staffer at the centre of the Joy Burch affair was to blame. PAUL: Alright. 1 July 2020. David Ipp, the late Commissioner of ICAC in New South Wales, talked about the importance of public hearings in encouraging other witnesses to come forward. They serve a vital part of the work of an integrity commission. The pandemic didn't seem to stop Scott Morrison spending a week up in Queensland campaigning for Deb Frecklington’s  state election campaign, but it's been his go to dog-ate-my-homework excuse for not going ahead with the Commonwealth Integrity Commission. Authorised by Jason Clare Australian Labor Party Canberra. PAUL: Yep, well Albo will give his Budget Reply speech tonight so we'll tune into that and it's great to have you on this morning, Jason, I appreciate it. It's not good enough. It does seem pretty strange to me, Marcus, that the Prime Minister was happy to castigate Christine Holgate for her role over the Cartier watches very publicly in Parliament, but now wants the integrity issues of his own government to be scrutinised privately behind closed doors. There he is, the Shadow Assistant Minister for Treasury, Andrew Leigh. But now I see Labor is calling on the Morison Government to create work with thousands of tradies in almost every suburb across Australia by investing half a billion dollars to fast track urgent repairs to social housing. I was talking to a bloke who runs a housing company the other day, he said that we could stop this work within two weeks. 2SM WITH MARCUS PAUL IN THE MORNING. 8 October 2020. The Canberra Times reports that Marcus … And these are people who are missing out at a time when we're facing a global pandemic and a recession. CLARE: And it's in all of our interest to keep them from running down. If this was a government office, if this was a government department office it would be fixed tomorrow. LEIGH: This is more a cover up commission than a corruption commission, Marcus. The Canberra drive show host left the station this morning and while he hasn't given any reason for his resignation, he did offer to stay on to see out the current survey period but was reportedly asked to leave. ANDREW LEIGH, SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR TREASURY AND CHARITIES: Good morning, Marcus. Is that right? If the clothes have mould on them, what's growing in the kid's lungs? Grant Broadcasters has announced Gregg Easton has accepted an... Ladies hold on to your hats...look who is joining smoothfm. The John Laws Morning Show Weekdays 9am-12am. CLARE: The stereotype in a lot of people's minds of the average homeless Australian is the old bloke on the park bench with the bottle of grog in a paper bag. CLARE: This is what social housing is about, it's helping the poorest of Aussies to help them to get back on their feet. But of most interest to many will be the CIC's power to investigate parliamentarians and their staff. She has mould throughout the public housing complex, she lives in mould, broken glass, she makes repeated calls, nothing gets fixed. "The decision was mine and I just feel that it's time to move on to other areas including broadcast journalism in other … You can do two things at once here, you can fix government homes that need to be fixed and you can keep tradies who are running out of work in the housing construction industry by getting them on the tools doing this work right now. The state governments have the list of all the work that needs to be done and we could crack on really quickly. CLARE: And you could create this work really quickly for an industry that's suffering. One in four needs basic simple repairs. There are more scandals than you can poke an Auditor General at, and that's why they've brought forward this model, which is frankly inadequate and needs to be strengthened. "I can categorically say that my interview with Maria had nothing at all to do with my decision today, there was no pressure from anyone about that," Mr Paul told the Canberra Times. I mean, you've been on the case as much as anyone and I think the government is only acting because of the strong public pressure that has been on your program and from Labor, from independents like Helen Haines. It's absolutely vital that we have the integrity commission. And that number is not going to turn around quickly because there's no migration at the moment, which drives housing construction, when there's a lack of private demand to construct new homes, fill it by fixing the government homes that we own right now.

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