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marker baron bindings adjustment

Adjusting Ski Bindings – How to Adjust Ski Bindings Right. Lift the tab up with the tip of a screwdriver. You can download it here. Slide the rear binding back until the indicator aligns with the appropriate millimeter mark on the rear binding. Instead of the adjustment screw sitting in front of the binding, it will be found on the backside of the toe piece pointing directly at the heel piece. Thank you. BARON EPF 13 L (110 mm) BARON EPF 13 S (110 mm) Baron EPF 13 L (100 mm) Baron EPF 13 S (100 mm) New. Do you have any feedback on this? Note the length of the boot given in millimeters on the outside of the boot sole. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("forum_title", "Tech Talk"); My questions: Is this ok to be at the end of the adjustment? I’ve had to take a knife and dig out all the snow and ice before being able to switch modes. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("forum_id", "8"); The wrong setting means the ski could release unexpectedly or could not release when needed. You may be able to check the amout of BSL adjusment to confirm the size of your Duke. 60 Canal St, Can you give me a key dimension on the actual binding, so I can check and make sure I have size Large mounted on my skis? I have been using a credit card making it tight enough so i can just pull it out. I am not sure I’d want to ski them everyday, but hearing Ptor’s comments seems to open up that as a possibility… Then it become a question of boots; I still prefer alpine boots for “downhill skiing.”. Thing is, Duke and Baron are truly slackcountry bindings, in that they’re not intended for massive touring use. Many Marker bindings are on "rails," meaning they can be loosened and moved up on the rails closer to the front of the ski, or slid back slightly. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("nsfw", "yes"); Other than catching the edges of the binding plate or binding and possibly causing release or damage are there other issues with using these on a narrower ski? We review the Marker Baron ski binding, It's the ideal blend of alpine performance and touring convenience for reaching those hard-to-get-to areas where, NOTE! It’s about the fact that if you are into alpine skiing in bc conditions, you CAN climb when you want to – and your friends either boot (exhausting), carry snowshoes (unlikely) or alpine treckers (really not very fun) or don’t climb at all. Here are your bindings. What we like about Marker’s Duke and Baron is they pretty much mimic alpine bindings when in latched heel mode, but you can tour them (albeit with more weight and not much in the way of heel lift). Much appreciated! Randonnee Ski Touring “AT” ski gear — What is Hip? Or, short of that, a revised distance btw rear toe screws and front heel screws? I haven’t been able to get my hands on a set of large Duke’s yet. I’ve had my Duke’s for 2 seasons, I think halfway through the 1st I started to notice the fore/aft slop. Really, that’s it. Thanks for updating. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("nsfw", "no"); Is it possible your box was mismarked and you actually recieved a size small? Has anyone ridden dynafits extensively at the area? As for our firstlook, as many of you know the Marker Baron backcountry skiing binding is quite similar to Duke in appearance, and is exactly the same in function. Melanie Nozzolillo has been writing professionally since 1998 on a variety of topics including wellness, physical fitness, sustainable energy, sports, photography and film. But could you try? In addition, you adjust the forward pressure to ensure the boots remain stable when locked in the bindings. To do so there are just a few things you need to know and you'll be swapping skis with your buddies on the hill in no time. When you first engage your boot everything will seem fine, but that isn’t always the case. It also helps me to keep the tip in contact with the snow as that helps me balance a bit. 175 lbs, advanced to expert, but ski with expert/pro a lot who talk me into things. Also, for what its work to others, I simply center punched the front ‘5th’ bolt (rather than measuring the 101v.102 issue) once I had everything ‘dry’ mounted, (pre-epoxy) then took the binding off and drilled. Matt, if you’re asking if another brand or model of binding will match up to the mounting holes for a small sized Duke, I doubt it. I’ll double check the measurements before I drill. Technically, DIN settings are universal across all brands of bindings, but often an experienced skier will find they need different DIN settings for different brands of bindings. Then you do your best to keep the skin out of the snow which when held high shouldn’t be a problem and fold it up. Tanner-D. Posts: 2043 - Karma: 3,965. This is OK and nothing to worry about. It’s time to put pressure on the industry to get it right. Grab that trusty screw driver and loosen it up so you can be safe out there. Marker Baron/Duke/Tour binding template now updated with clarity for different size bindings. "When the child was a child it waited patiently for the first snow and it still does"- Van "The Man" Morrison, Lee Lau - xxx-er is the laziest Asian canuck I know, “Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.”, HOW TO Adjust Marker Bindings (Duke, Baron, Jester, Griffon, etc. having the keen eye for detail that i do, i noticed what i consider to be a BIG flaw in the marker duke which precluded me from picking up a pair for a heavy slackcountry setup. If you are "III" level skier, go two DIN settings higher. The Mantras have a lot of metal in them, and that ski combined with the Baron made for a heavy setup. Designed and Developed by WildSnow, Naxo Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Silvretta Pure Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Fritschi Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Naxo randonnee alpine touring AT ski binding FAQ, Dynafit Binding Frequently Asked Questions FAQ. If you can't get the forward pressure set properly or it seems that the bindings need to be remounted on the ski take 'em to your local shop and have them do it for you. Push the heel of the boot fully down in the rear binding. Lift the rear release lever up by hand to lock the boot into the binding. I have a set Alpine Trekkers for my son to try his first easy touring on. Thanks Winslow. I'm not a licensed binding tech, but I've been doing my own adjustments and ski tuning for many years and have scoured enough resources to feel confident enough in this advice to follow it myself. The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. What we are looking for is the ability to insert the and remove the card with a little resistance. With regard to the minimum ski width thing and the Marker line of AT bindings as per the post of Joseph. used as a substitute for professional medical advice, Oh, there are plenty, I just wanted the race precision. The focus just isn’t on their climbing ability – it’s not about how efficient they are. Close the adjuster lever firmly against the toe piece. If I can verify that, I can verify the key dimension for the screws. Posts: 2043. It has to do with an interference with the heel clip on the Trekker. Great power transfer and step-in comfort are the key features for a successful and playful day on the slopes. var sidebar_align = ''; However, in my case in winter I am skiing primarily lift-served backcountry areas at places like Crystal Mountain and Alpental in WA. Adjusting has to do with adjusting the heel piece on flat mounted skis or the toe and heel if it's a system ski (integrated binding system). We got a pair of Marker Baron backcountry skiing bindings in for review a few days ago (Update 2011: F10 and F12 models now available, our mount instructions and general review information still apply). I got rid of the F12 but I’m left with skis that I’d like to mount a straight alpine (non touring) binding onto. BTW everyone, I have a pair of Freeride Pro here for eval. If you are planning to purchase bindings and boots within the next few years, the Marker ID bindings will allow for more boot options that take advantage of the Grip Walk feature. Then I lock the heel down and this is the key part. My Fritches ski great, but only for wider-side-country, still a bit heavy. Thanks Ryan I can take skins off that way, I don’t any more because it wears out the skins. Thanks for any input. The adjustment screw is found in front of the binding near the surface of the ski, which is significantly easier to adjust than older models because it can be done with the boots engaged. Joseph, I just looked at the bindings and you need 76 mm for them. That’s good enough for 90% of skiers out there. Identify the release scale and adjustment knob on the release lever. You need to understand ski geometry, forward pressure on the binding and what the release point on the rear of the binding. If it's too loose, meaning the heel piece is too far back that screw will be sticking out as seen in the image below indicating that the forward pressure is too low. It’s great to have that option as it makes a considerable amount of additional terrain accessible a relatively short distance from a traverse or bootpack. Sounds like it will be 1 inch longer than the stock one. A few people feel the rain. But issues of style and so forth explain why bindings that might not tour great can still be very popular if they work well for alpine and have a certain look. I have a very nice pair of 2011 K2’s on offer to me for a good price. By the way, not sure if you guys are rolling through the Yukon on your Alaska trip or taking the ferry up the coast but if you need a place to plug that camper in for the night and have a hot shower in Whitehorse, YT, we should get in touch. Reading through thread and didn’t seem to find any resolution on the large/small mounting template issue. At fist a little cautius at the resort but after no unwanted releases skied them like any other binding, I am sold.You do not need to take off ski to go to ski mode. Once you get the tail free, it’s just a matter of having a crappy enough glue job to do an Indiana Jones whip maneuver with the tail, whipping it forward to get the tip loop free. I’ll fix today. Where on the binding does it say if it’s a large or small? I skied exclusively on a Dynafit comfort for a 100+ day patrol season in the Cascades a couple years ago. It’s awkward to raise the heel lift and yes, it doesn’t go very high. Still trying to find some I can measure. With the new boots in the binding they still have about 5 clicks of adjustment left. I looked at you mounting template and edge-to-edge it’s about 57mm. Weight difference is probably due to Baron being constructed with less aluminum and more plastic. I don’t have a size large binding so I can’t double check. I know that the Baron is a beefer more charger binding. Remember to compare the actual binding to the template before using it, in case it doesn’t print at full scale. …wouldnt post this here, but since the topic came up…. We want the AFD to make just a little contact with the bottom of the boot. just like cars, it’s nor profitable to make one that will last many years without need for servicing or replacement. Ski bindings are an increasingly high-design piece of equipment and need to be adjusted to the proper tension setting (known as the "DIN" setting). I thought the same thing regarding “beefier” for area use. Either way, if you do a home mount, let us know how it goes. The reason I ask is that I found a different template on the net for the Duke/Baron and there appears to be a large discrepency on the key dimension. any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. I also verified the location of the “fifth hole” that’s located aft of the front 4 screws. What might cause them to suggest a minmun of 76mm? djk. lou, I just mounted some small dukes (last years) with the template, and 101mm was a little short. The key dimension for the LARGE size is called out at 218 mm. I’ll try to get it soon. Since then I’ve purchased Dynafit-compatible boots and you can bet money that when my Naxos give up the ghost I’ll replace them with Dynafits or G3s.

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