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Furthermore, the midfielder was adamant in contributing to the team’s glory. A recurrent knee injury plagued her throughout the tournament. Nevertheless, Akers found love again in an unnamed man and shares a healthy son named Cody with whom she collaborates in animal rescue. The exhaustion was a result of playing aggressive non-stop soccer over a period of time. However, she bounced back in the second game. En 2016, elle se définie comme une « meneuse de jeu née. La Michelle Akers Horse Rescue & Outreach, Inc. est dédiée aux soins des chevaux et autres animaux abandonnés de sa ferme de Powder Springs, en Géorgie[3],[1]. However, this didn’t stop the likes of Michelle Akers and Mia Hamm from breaking the stereotypical barrier and claiming their spot on the world sport. Malgré les précautions, Akers subit une commotion cérébrale[3]. Hence, a young Michelle spent most of her childhood and adult life in Seattle. Elle apprend à gérer son régime alimentaire et ses habitudes d’entraînement et devient milieu de terrain pour minimiser les coups infligés par les défenseuses adverses. Elle prend sa retraite internationale en 2000, peu avant les Jeux olympiques de Sydney, gêné par une blessure à l’épaule. Après avoir pris officiellement sa retraite en octobre 2001, Akers crée une association à but non lucratif. Akers débute en universitaire avec l'équipe d'UCF Golden Knights de l'Université de Floride centrale. In fact, her performances got recognized with a Female Athlete of the Year award bestowed by the USSF. In 1994, doctors diagnosed Michelle with Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. Despite the massive pay gap, women football is gaining prominence as of 2020, which is duly credited to women like Michelle for their revolutionary and inspirational passage to success. Michelle Akers, of the U.S women’s national soccer team, shoots the ball against China during a friendly match at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. … Travailleuse infatigable et connue pour son style de jeu agressif et physique, Akers apprend à canaliser ses efforts. It is the 8th segment in the Women’s World Cup franchise. Such an awesome figure attributed her with a formidable physical presence on the field of soccer. She enrolled at the University of Central Florida upon completion of her high school studies. In the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia, her team won the gold medal in women’s soccer. He is recently ranked world No. With a towering height of 5’10” (1.79 m), the soccer legend had an overwhelming presence in the field. Even though an ankle injury ruled her out for the first match, the midfielder came back against Denmark to be the primary scorer for the USWNT with a brace. The University authority later retired the 10 No. En quart-de-finale contre Taipei, l'attaquante inscrit le second quintuplé de l'histoire de la sélection américaine (7-0). Akers et l'équipe américaine remportent la Coupe du monde 1999. On the other hand, Women have won a total of 4 times. Kareem Hunt is a 25-year-old muscular athlete known in the Football business. In addition, Michelle's on-field intense aggression and pragmatic attitude equally supplemented her formidable presence. Michelle Akers with the USA Women’s squad. In the 1991 season, she, in an exceptional display of her scoring ability, scored 39 goals in 26 games which is a team record. Cadre de la sélection, Michelle participe au sacre américain lors de la première édition de la Coupe du monde féminine. Avec Mia Hamm, elles sont les seules à représenter les États-Unis et les deux seules femmes de la liste. Moreover, it is a testament to the Hall of Famers’ resilience. Who is a woman? Besides, earning a name for oneself in a sport primarily dominated by men is a commendable achievement. She grew up in Seattle, the largest city in the state of Washington. She attended Shorecrest High School. Having played as a forward for a long time, her athleticism would also pose a threat to her health. Michelle obtient de son diplôme l'année suivante et termine son cursus en tant que meilleur marqueur de l'histoire de l'école[3],[4]. With 10 goals she was the top scorer of the tournament and hence earned the Golden Boot award. Michelle developed a golden period of her career afterward. En 1992, elle revient à Tyresö et établit un record du championnat suédois en marquant 43 buts[6]. The game with Denmark was eventually drawn with a 2-2 scoreline. En 1991, Akers prend part à la première Coupe du monde féminine, organisée par la FIFA en Chine. Eventually, the USWNT stood victorious in the women’s world championship beating Norway with a 2-1 score. Additionally, Akers received the FIFA Order of Merit, for her on-field and off-field services. In like manner, Michelle participated in the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atalanta, where the women squad would successfully bag a gold. She could not play the team’s first game due to an ankle injury. Elle intègre l'équipe des États-Unis de football féminin à sa création en 1985. Michelle inscrit son premier but lors du second match face au Brésil (5-0), puis un doublé dans le dernier match de poule face au Japon (3-0). Conversely, the norms of society didn’t bother young Akers as the brave women of 1970 stood as an inspiration for the Californian. The 54-year-old soccer icon is a married woman. Trois ans plus tard, Akers remporte son second sacre mondial avec la Coupe du monde 1999. Michelle Akers and April Heinrichs with their individual awards. Besides her selection as four times All-American, she became the all-time leading scorer in the history of the UCF. Although her parents gave her tremendous support, the society would still hold her back. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Michelle Akers. Thus, World Cup winner’s received a hefty six-digit sum as rewards for their accomplishments, which is technically only 7.5% of what men make even today. Furthermore, the American midfielder is a part of the historic World Cup Winning women squad. Michelle Akers works as an animal rights activist. Akers intègre par la suite l'Université de Floride centrale à Orlando (en Floride), pendant laquelle elle évolue sous les couleurs des Golden Knights, l'équipe de soccer de l'université[2]. To illustrate, the world cup winning athlete is an animal rights advocate and involves the rescue of horses and other animals. Avec son mètre soixante-dix-huit, Michelle Akers est une figure imposante sur le terrain et est une joueuse complète[3]. Since its inception in 1985, Akers was an invaluable member of the USWNT. The team was participating in its first ever international tournament in Italy. She became the first woman soccer player to have received the distinguished award. Considérée comme l'une des meilleurs joueuses de l'histoire du football féminin, Michelle Akers est élue trois fois footballeuse américaine de l'année et seconde meilleure joueuse du XXe siècle par l'IFFHS. Depuis sa retraite, elle continue à promouvoir le football et écrit plusieurs livres, dont un documentant sa lutte contre le syndrome de fatigue chronique. En 1994, Michelle revient à Tyresö pendant trois mois avec trois autres joueuses américaines : Kristine Lilly, Julie Foudy et Mary Harvey. In the same year, she received the Hermann Trophy. Les Américaines obtiennent la médaille d'or en vainquant la Chine[4]. Most importantly, her failing marriage, physical ailments, and her entire life’s experience as a player, and in general, a woman, prompted her to publish a book on that journey. In the 1995 FIFA Women’s World Cup, she could not replicate her previous success. Le 18 août 1985, Akers fait ses débuts au sein de l’équipe nationale féminine américaine lors du tout premier match international de son équipe, contre l’Italie (défaite 0-1). In other words, a painful surgery awaited her, and after undergoing reconstructive surgery, a rejuvenated Michelle collected a gold medal at the Goodwill Games in 1998. En 2004, Michelle est nommée au National Soccer Hall of Fame américain ainsi qu'au FIFA 100, liste des 125 meilleurs footballeurs vivants. Although the details regarding her exact salary remain unknown to the public, we can assume it to of significant numbers considering her achievements. During the 2000 Olympic Games, Akers was battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and a shoulder injury at that point ended her glorious career. She scored a sensational five goals against Taiwan in the quarter-final of the tournament. 1966. Michelle Akers and April Heinrichs with their individual awards. Michelle Akers, née le 1er février 1966 à Santa Clara en Californie (États-Unis), est une footballeuse internationale américaine. Her US team lost in the semifinal to Norway and eventually finished at the third position. Trois jours plus tard, elle marque le premier but de l’histoire de l’équipe[3],[1], lors d’un match nul avec le Danemark[4]. Michelle Akers pictured with her son Cody. banned the professional women’s team and limited the game for recreational means only. Une fois son syndrome de fatigue chronique détectée, elle laisse son poste d'attaquante pour être moins exposé aux défenseuses adverses en tant que milieu de terrain. À ce poste, elle est notamment élue dans l'équipe-type de la Coupe du monde 1999. Mais l'équipe n'arrive pas à remporter le championnat[8]. They eventually divorced in 1994. To illustrate, Michelles’s unyielding physicality meant her to be in a constant altercation with the opposing defense. Further, during this period, Michelle was a young girl who developed a liking towards this sport. At the same time, the American enrolled in Shorecrest High School and ardently played soccer for the school team. En 2004, l'attaquante entre au National Soccer Hall of Fame et fait partie des deux seules femmes membres du FIFA 100. Even though of Californian origin, the Akers family relocated to Seattle, Washington, and resided in the suburb of Shoreline. Gold Medal at the 1996 Olympics (Atalanta), Gold Medal at the 1991 Women’s World Cup (China), Bronze Medal at the 1995 Women’s World Cup (Sweden), Gold Medal at the 1999 Women’s World Cup (USA), Central Florida’s Athlete of the Year: 1988/99, USSF Female Athlete of the Year: 1990, 1991.

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