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Debbie Cooper, aged just four, who was a passenger in the car hit by Mr Stuart died of a brain haemorrhage caused by a fractured skull. But, despite her genuine friendliness, Stuart is a secretive public figure. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. Stuart says other newsreaders, even some who had only been with the corporation five minutes, received telephone calls or were lunched by news executives, told how valuable they are and promised future opportunities. But Moira could not fit in Bermuda as it was segregated. On an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? “It is extraordinary at this age and stage to do different things,” she beams. Contacted by The Sunday Telegraph, Ms Stuart's spokeswoman declined to comment. Available now When the broadcaster presented an episode of Who Do You Think You Are?, the popular BBC1 programme in which celebrities trace their family history, Ms Stuart explained she was ignoring her father's side of the family because she never really knew him. I never had the opportunity to know the man he was or think of him in any other way than to feel betrayed. Perhaps, surprisingly for someone who is perceived as an non-threatening Black British institution, Stuart is the first to point out that her big break came after the inner city British riots of 1981, which followed the police oppression of Black youths. "I'm waiting to hear about a number of things so I'm not prepared to speculate about my career at the moment." She describes herself as a novice political activist. Read our community guidelines in full, The latest offers and discount codes from popular brands on Telegraph Voucher Codes, 'Nothing to hide': Presenter and newsreader Moira Stuart, Moira Stewart with the BBC newscasting team in 1981, who left at the same time for a job on Virgin Radio, Radio 4 presenters: Faces behind some very familiar voices, 'The man I fell in love with and lived with for five years was an undercover police officer with a family', Alex Lowe on the Clinton Baptiste podcast: 'You’re not dependent on Oxbridge people to give you the nod', Mark Dolan’s war on Covid tyranny: ‘Wearing a mask is an act of virtue signalling’, Cancel culture will fizzle out - as these lessons from history prove, Why does the BBC pay Alan Shearer more than Mary Berry? The subsequent inquest heard how Mr Stuart, then aged 52, had overtaken a car at 65mph in pitch darkness at 10.30pm but 'for some reason' stayed on the wrong side of the road. Well I've learned four new things today! “I promise you I haven’t attacked any kittens.”. EMMERDALE fans spotted EastEnders actor Stuart Laing pop up in last night’s show. “I was 
the first, and that was why there was such an extraordinary reaction, and why the hate mail, and why the threats. You have the wrong partners, Pam St Clement is with ex newsreader, Moira Stuart, and Patricia Routledge is said to be with ex House of Commons Speaker, Betty Boothroyd. The combative tactic used by Anna Ford, when she was dropped by the BBC allegedly for being too old, of hiring George Carman QC to threaten them with legal action is something you could not imagine Stuart ever doing. No, no, no.” At first she jokes about avoiding publicity: “Ain’t no way that I want to be caught with rollers in my hair and looking like hell.”, But then she turns serious. Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License. Her mother gave birth to her in Royal Free Hospital. The famous face arrived on the ITV soap playing a character called George – a potential new business partner for Moira Dingle. But, in February, 1999 - when she faced the same career crisis as today - she spoke frankly with editor of The-Latest and fellow broadcaster   Marc Wadsworth. © She had no clue that the man whose reckless driving killed her daughter was the father of one of Britain's most endearing television personalities. And that has cost. She has never given much away about her romantic history except to say that she twice came close to marriage. She writes about a variety of social issues, providing depth, texture and an alternative, progressive perspective on current affairs. Stuart has been one of the BBC’s most recognisable faces – and voices – for decades. Moira Stuart was born on 2 September 1949 in London, the UK as Moira Clare Ruby Stuart. "I went to Somerset House and found he had died the year before. A, is suing the firm for £2.6 million, accusing it of racism and paying him less than white colleagues. George did try and make a move on her though and turned nasty when she refused his advances. "But during the war there was the stress of rationing and making a living and our relationship couldn't survive it.". “And I still have things to do. Newsreader Moira Stuart has never been publicly linked to anyone romantically and she is intensely private. Did the BBC not intercept this bile and keep it from her? She states that at two occ… Yet the Black female face of BBC television for almost two decades cannot deny a Tv buff's knowledge of programmes and personalities on the five channels she watches in the  "Chiswick shoe-box" she calls home. Stuart has joined Classic FM, where she will not only read the morning news but host two of her own music shows. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). He even had a fling with a sex-change model. These were the days of the National Front, and the racist messages were vicious. John Humphrys had even complimented Moira off-air after she recorded for a news bulletin. Content on this site cannot be reproduced without the prior consent of the editor. There was a rumor about she being linked with her alleged boyfriend, TV, and radio presenter Desmond Lynam. “I could have been writing letters, signing letters, from race through to gender, my entire life.”. Karen has been a contributor to this site since 2008. The tragic secret behind the death of newsreader Moira Stuart's father has emerged for the first time. I talk about the Protestant fundamentalism of the evangelical Black churches which is anti-gay and influences the attitudes of even non-believers in our community. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. But I most definitely prefer men." But now it’s all change. She specialises in human interest, celebrity and lifestyle features. "I missed him by a year and the worst thing was that he was living less than a mile away from me. Moira Stuart is a private person. Mr Stuart was driving back to London when the crash happened on the A30 near Hook in Hampshire on September 4, 1966. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Her other incredible work includes Have I Got News For You!, The Holiday Program, Who Do You Think You Are? He provided exclusive eyewitness reports for The-Latest on the Mumbai bombings of 2008. If consent is given then the name of 'The-Latest.com' must be published as a credit. While she remains “a great admirer and supporter” of the BBC, Stuart was pigeonholed as a news presenter. Her work has appeared in the Financial Times, The Spectator, The Sunday Times and other international journals. After some years in 1980, Moira played Darong in series one of the game show The Adventure Game. "She was tiny and she was just about to start school," said Mrs Cooper, now in her 70s. Mischievously, I run the rumour past her that she once went out with the blue-eyed soul blonde pop star, Dusty Springfield, with eye make-up as heavy as her own. Richard Lance Keeble, Professor of Journalism at Lincoln University and Visiting Professor at Liverpool Hope University, has written or edited 36 books. Born on 2 September 1949 in London to parents Harold Stewart and Marjorie Stuart, Moira was raised along with her two sisters, Sandra and Sharon. But this mainly consists of her quizzing BBC correspondents. and many others. However, on 2 May 2006, BBC Breakfast moved to a new studio with a new look. If a bomb's gone off and I'm reading a news item about it then I'll be as sombre as necessary." Her new Saturday show, Moira Stuart’s Hall of Fame Concert begins in July. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. He has written articles for news website Merinews.com and other regional publications. Her parents separated when she was only 10 months old. %0D %0D Yes, it is said (though I don't know if true) ex-newsreader Moira Stewart is gay as is BBC newsreader Jane Hill, who came out recently. You Might Like: Suzy Kolber Married, Husband, Gay, Net Worth, Salary. More often now Stuart does the odd interview during her news bulletins. “This is when you had the likes of Callas, and no matter what your preference you cannot deny when music moves your soul.” Her uncle was a jazz musician who took her to clubs as a teenager, where she hung out with Dizzie Gillespie and members of the Count Basie band. However, the details of her net worth have not been revealed to the media to date. Stuart is possibly a single woman. As we are a not-for-profit social enterprise, we claim the fullest exemptions permitted by law. Stuart used to go to the school in London before attending Our Lady’s Convent RC High School, Stamford Hill. Mad May’s husband who had an affair with Dawn!”, While a second tweeted: “That bloke with Moira was in EastEnders he played Dawn's boyfriend I think his name was Rob.”.

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