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[6], Episode 15 (2011) (Used by Illumi) Episode 27 (2011) (Term) Episode 28 (2011) (Concept), Nen teaches one to control their own aura flow and utilize the energy. The student is required to put their index fingers slightly apart, and have the tips close in on each other until they have the sensation of pushing against something. "Sense Point"). However, Limitations are also considered liabilities, since the power they grant is not consistent. Is keeping your loved ones safe a top priority? By creating an ability that one isn't suited for, one risks stagnating their potential by overloading their capacity for using Nen[5] something Hisoka calls "Memory Overload". Rihan's Predator shares some affinities with exorcistical abilities, although there are also notable differences[106] which leave it questionable whether it counts as one. Often, this ability means that the dragon can reappear in any other shadow in the general area. How much time and thinking would you put into developing a nen ability? It is utilized to damage a Ken user without leaving oneself as unprotected as during Ko, although the power of the technique is lower. Following is a list of all the abilities that can be generated by the Abilities Generator. Nasubi Hui Guo Rou and his 14 children are all hosts of parasitic Nen beasts, granted to them by an ancestor through the Seed Urn Ceremony. The only thing that can destroy them and make them revert is a swift freeze-thaw cycle that breaks them apart. [5] Aura usually decreases in intensity very quickly when it leaves the source body, but adept Emitters can separate their aura from their body for long periods of time, over long distances, and still be able to maintain it and its functions. Do you often get quick changes in your mood and temper? The dragon's body becomes crystal, with all the physical properties that crystal carries. This is the ability to understand the "collective consciousness" of plants. Wing membranes are dark brown, and wing length is typically between 9 and 11 inches. On the other hand, a neutral Ren can rarely be felt by non-users. At the same time, her students are introduced to the kumite section of her program, in which they spar using Ryu, so as to learn how to adjust their aura flow while attacking and defending. [63], However, while said Conjurer could potentially create the same ability as a Level 4 Emitter, his effective output would pale in comparison with the Emitter's. These techniques expand the user's options in combat manifold, but they also consume more aura than the Four Major Principles. Diffusive levy type (拡(かく)散(さん)・()徴(ちょう)集(しゅう)型(がた)()()()(), kakusan chōshū-gata—lit. [153], Additional conditions that are unrelated to paying the activation cost of an ability and which limit the range of its potential usages after also exist. The effect can last anywhere from a few seconds, to a few minutes (most common) to, if the dragon puts enough force into it, being a permanent effect. [62] The three categories at the bottom of the Nen chart—Conjuration, Specialization, and Manipulation—are the ones that appear to rely on conditions the most. Starting at one's own aura type, one has the potential to be 100% efficient at using abilities based in that category alone. The ability to see auras as a natural form of vision. The ability to manipulate the form of both inanimate and animate objects with the mind. Method of Activation. At High proficiency, it seems like the plants are actually speaking, and the communication is very reliable. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, the output is a factor that can vary with training. Are you easily excited or aroused and tend to get very emotional? as 変) means a person can change the properties of their aura to mimic something else, or only specific attributes. If you are a fan of Hunter X Hunter, most likely you know what nen abilities are and you probably have already made up your own for yourself or an O.C. here are the conditions: Predecessor must choose you as the successor of Zosimos' wisdom. Classification Are you eccentric or strange in a way that is alluring or entertaining? so the ability I came up with is a blend of "one for all" from boku no hero and the "philosopher's stone" from fmab. Curses may disappear if certain conditions are met by the cursed, but they can also be removed through the use of Nen.[30]. However, due to the inherent risks of a Limitation and exceeding one's 100% limit, not all Nen users decide to resort to this method. [3] However, for the same reason it can be dangerous due to it leaving the body defenseless against any aura attack. [57][note 3] On the other hand, the audience is in the vast majority of cases ignorant of Nen and confused by the supernatural powers they see. Nonetheless, sensitive individuals can feel its presence without being aware of its existence. The aura can cause blindness (due to lack of light, not overload of light as with Light Aura) at the will of the dragon. The exercise terminates either when a student manages to break 1000 rocks in a day, in which case they are ready for the next level, or when the stone they are holding shatters. It is said it takes one month to prolong one's Ren outside of combat by 10 minutes. Living creatures are not harmed by this so long as they aren't broken while frozen, but instead thaw out back to normal. Once they manage to do so, they have to attempt to throw it over a certain distance without the bubble dissipating. [135] Abilities of this type are most commonly, if not exclusively, curses. While Aether Magic is never obvious, the results can often be widespread and dramatic. This will often include magics that have to do with revealing things or blessing/cursing things. The ability to 'speak' mind to mind through the use of colors to convey emotion. The Four Major Principles, in order of study, are: Ten, Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu. Used by With Ren, the amount of aura is increased even further. The dragon has a poisonous stinger somewhere on it, either on the tail, the wing barbs, or claws. They become living shadow, able to douse the light in the area around them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [14][note 1], Of course, potential alone does not ensure that one will grow into a powerful Nen user, with one's regimen of training being fundamental in this regard. Here's mine; Nen type: Manipulator Ability Name: Undead Calling Description: This allows me to summon anyone who has dead back to life to work for me and do whatever I tell them to. [88] Someone using En can feel the shape and movement of anything within the area covered by their aura, with the degree of awareness and finesse depending on their level of skill. Often has something to do with hiding things or changing the probability that things will happen. [32][33] Death can also cause Nen abilities to linger even if their doing so violates the conditions of other abilities: a notable example is The Sun and Moon, which remained in Chrollo’s book despite the creator passing away and, if applied to a conjured object, the object cannot be dispelled until the marks explode,[34] both of which are in explicit contradictions of conditions of the Spider’s Skill Hunter. Zetsu can also be used to relieve fatigue, since it forces the body's external layer of aura to be fully contained within. Technique for (Supernatural) Use/Control of Life Energy* [70], Technique for (Supernatural) Use/Control of Life Energy, Enables para-psychological/supernatural-like powers and abilities, Hunter × Hunter - Volume 7, page 126 [Extra content. They are typically a grayish to grayish-brown color, though the occassional black, red, brown, and pure white have been known to occur. Ability/design: Emotional Manipulation, and temporal deacceleration. [82], The student must form the numbers 0 through 9 on top of their finger by manipulating the shape of their aura, much like Biscuit does to train their Gyo, while also running. The Divine Script has the power to strengthen the Nen abilities of the one who drew it, provided it is charged with their aura and the user remains in its proximity;[47] the latter inscription was noted to have similar properties to Nen and the ability to reinforce whatever it is applied to, but cause it to break as soon as it comes in contact with aura. You must achieve your goal in life using Zosimos' wisdom. [46], Tsubone[147] and Morena Prudo[148] may utilize this type of sub-ability as well, the latter in party form. Greetings Rebornians! You can "kill" them , for lack of a better word, by decapitating them and that is the only way. [37][38] However, only humans and certain Magical Beasts have displayed the ability to open their Aura Nodes and use Nen. These restrictions are called "Limitations" (制(せい)約(やく)()()()()()()()(), Seiyaku, or 制約(ルール), lit. [8] Nonetheless, this is by no means the only way to force or, more appropriately, semi-force, the Aura Nodes open: the same result can be achieved through "indirect attacks", non-violent or even beneficial uses of aura on a non-user, such as through healing, lending, or absolutely first-class Manipulation abilities. They have very distinct, long, tufted black ears. Are you very determined to reach your goals? They serve me until they are "killed" or until I send them back. It is the ability to control, manipulate, and create things out of blood. [59], Greed Island is a video game created by Ging Freecss and other 10 Nen users. At medium levels, up to five made be influenced, but only one can be made to go against their nature. The high-ranking members of the Kakin Empire army are completely unaware of it,[50] although Prince Benjamin Hui Guo Rou, the Military Deputy Adviser, can use Nen and commands a squad of Nen users. Also every time you summon an undead soldier you must offer blood to the soldier after summoning them which you will spill on them and they drink it. [79] In most cases, Ren reflects the user's hostility without their control, and it can even leave faint traces in the environment after the Nen user has left the scene. The ability to cause others around the dragon to be temporarily blind (or permanently, depending upon the dragon's whims). [28], After acquiring a working command of the basics, a student is introduced to a series of advanced techniques that often combine and/or derive from the four Major Principles. [132] There are fewer than 10 people in the entire world who are powerful enough to exorcise Nen curses left by the dead. There are at three groups: With this method it is supposedly possible to learn to generate enough aura to perform the Water Divination test after only one week of training;[25] in reality, however, none of Kurapika's students performed their first Water Divination with their own aura, as they had their Aura Nodes semi-forced open by his Nen ability. 492, YuYu Hakusho - Volume 14 (page 66), Chapter 122 (page 1), "Nen of the Flame" is an unofficial name given to this more theoretical discipline to reflect the difference in the, Gon and Hisoka, Hunters both, were able to participate in matches and use Nen abilities despite being Hunters, with no warning or ill consequences. This page is absolutely huge, reflecting the fact that I have a rather large number of options in the generator. About 2 feet in length, with a tail length of about another foot, they have long legs and a generally slim appearance. They are mental exercises akin to meditation that strengthen one's force of will. In general, it does not appear to be possible to break a condition; however, there are Nen users who create additional abilities to bypass certain restrictions of others, so as to be capable of circumventing them under very specific circumstances. [18] Shu can be combined with other techniques, such as Ko. Manipulation is the only category of Nen that none of the protagonists fall under. I will post a couple of action videos here to pique your interest, but the most exciting battles you'll have to watch on your own. Zosimos was an ancient greek that wrote about the philosopher's stone. The larger the body of water that is being manipulated, the more concentration it takes. Don't worry, your abilities are safe with us. The terms used for "Vows" and "Limitations" are homophones in Japanese (せいやく. A dragon with Heal Self can only heal itself; Heal Others can only heal others; and Heal Both can heal both itself and others.

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