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northgard clan tier list

Has a niche with Naglfar although in higher level games it is easily countered by simply building a tower. (fill in the blanks. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. At the moment this clan doesn't make much sense and is outclassed by pretty much everything else. Your units are tougher, larger and eat 10% more than the other clans. Aegir : Torfin can use Provocation : All enemy units and towers target Torfin during a short period and his defense is increased by 100% for 6 seconds. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Additionally this tierlist is based on high level gameplay (iron+). Destroying your buildings earns you back their building cost. Will you rush another relic instead? You can buy. report. Gefjun's Jar : Allows you to spend Food to summon new Villagers or Sheep and build another Sheepfold. The Archery Range replaces the Axe Thrower Camp. Raven becomes good when it hits 500 fame, which takes too long. Killing Wolves and Brown Bears provide (20 for wolves, 140 for bears) Military units eat 30% less and provide. Footnote: trade via trading posts, don't build bragaful relic. When going for trading you can easily attack in 801 before winter. Plunder — When you decolonize an area, your units there gain +30% health. Activate on demand to reveal spikes that damage and slow down the enemy as long as he stays within. Basic clan member Military Units Special Unit Northgard Natives Campaign and conquest foes Villager 5 : Warrior 10 : Warchief 20 : Draugr 10 : Eldthurs 20 : Equipped Villager 10 : Skirmisher 10 : Berserker 20 : Fallen Valkyrie 20 : Ice Worm 100 : Militia 10 : Mercenary 10 : Shield Maiden 20 : Wyvern 100 : Dark Vaettir 15 : Axe Thrower 15 : Signy 20 : Myrkalfar 10 : Undead Wyvern 100 Any video/guide on that build order? Proud Hunters, their excellent archery skills and unique luring technique are more than enough to ensure the ongoing prosperity of their people. Whenever your … Draconic Frenzy — +100% attack power for a military unit with no other military allies in their zone. Each Clan has his own Starting bonus, Fame bonus and a slightly differing Lore tree. Spend Hunting Trophies to unlock powerful abilities for Brundr, Kaelinn and the Trackers, Place a Trap in a non-enemy zone. Ox should go down by 1. Snake Honestly this clan is borderline B tier, it can easily drop down to C tier. Handiwork — Non-upgraded buildings receive +15% production. What is others opinion about dragon clan in 2v2? 33 comments. Cause thats what is awesome as horse. I don't know what to tell you other than don't play this clan. Wolf is just top class. Age 18 (Tears of the Earth): Signy can use Scorched Earth to burn any area during 3 months (3 month cooldown). When an enemy builds bragaful you know when they're going to attack. Lasts 30 seconds. Enemy units in your coastal territory lose life over time. It works similar to Factions/Races in other RTS Games. Boars in allied territory are pacified and can be sacrificed for 500. Ancestral Influence — Relics don't use a building slot. Boar This clan can be good but it just isn't there. Effective build order: Sharp Axes > Coinage > Shield Mastery > Hibernation. In addition each clan has its own unique Relic. No port. Having a bear on your side when the enemy doesn't means you are SAFE in winter. Press J to jump to the feed. Activate on demand to reveal spikes that damage and slow enemies for as long as they are in the zone. Waiting for OnlyRex to comment O.o. Stag Stag just needs a couple of lores to change around to become good. It is common to have over 1.2k gold in mid 802 with this clan which instantly makes it A tier. All clans have access to five common Relics. It has amazing economy, amazing sustain via thralls, no penalty for injured, allowed to clear with villagers and what makes it S tier, it has the most overpowered unit: Dragonkin. Whenever your Warchief decolonizes a zone, you colonize it for free. Required Happiness for your population is reduced by 10%. Edda of Vör : Allows your Norns to earn Fame, at a rate of 1.2 Fame per month. The Clan does not have access to Mines, Miners or Smiths, Warchiefs mining and forging speed is 10% higher, Villagers build and repair buildings 30% faster. Goat The goat feast clan is very good for rushing early. The reasoning is, going for trade gives you more gold by 802 but apart from that it is also much more flexible than going for bragaful. This clan does not have any Fame bonuses. So it adds an element of surprise and if you go the standard 802 attack you will have more gold anyway. Effective build order: veiled threats > conquerer > field rations. Each Clan has different characteristics and bonuses unique to that Clan. Effective build order: just get food trade and feeling safe. Non-upgraded buildings can hold only one unit, and houses hold less people. Your units have a +15% attack power and defense bonus. Specialized civilian units have a +40% base production bonus, except. Led by Mielikki, the Beastmaster, the Clan of the Lynx have an exceptional connection with nature. Blood Sweat and Tears — no Tooltip available. hide. I have never met a dragon clan who can rush a year 802 win yet. Specifically talking about Normal difficulty FFAs and 2v2s. No Lighthouse. D&D Beyond Scabbard of Gram : Equips your Warchief with the unique sword Gram, which freezes enemies (-20% attack speed) along with the area around them. Specialized civilian units have a +40% base production bonus, except loremasters. This is the only clan in this tier, this clan is miles above every other clan. The only one I bought, and it will be for quite some time. You can start scouting early 801 if necessary when going for trading which is impossible if you go for bragaful. Mielikki the Beastmaster is weaker than other warchiefs but does not cost iron. Also sorry for the poor formatting I'm new to submitting long posts like this. Increases non-villager productions by 10% in. No commercial Victory. Feasting machine, building eldhrumnir and feasting all throughout 801 is what makes goat strong. This clan has many good lores, solid 200 fame bonus and is a good pick in any game. The Wild Hunt — Mielikki can place one additional lure at a time. Lay of the Land — Reduces environment hostility by 70%. Very good sustain, you can put every single villager to work whilst having positive food production. Wolf, Snake and Raven should all be bumped up by 1 for 3v3. You take unnecessary lores to reach your good ones which slows you down. Problem is surviving until 803. Some of the pros of the clan are veiled threats, free food for killing wolves and bears, strongest warchief, best sustain with army active, fast decolonization with conquerer lore. Conqueror — Increases your military power against, Rangers — Increases your scouting and exploration speed by 100%. You generate more gold via trading to your teammates compared to going for bragaful and sailors. Gives Brundr and Kaelinn +35% max life. Why do u recommend going for trading as horse instead of bragaful with some sailors? The 200 fame bonus for Dragon is really absurd. Boars in neutral or enemy territory are hostile ( 200 if killed by Wolf Clan). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hibernation — Your non-sick clan members heal during winter in allied territory. save. Also bragaful is a bit slow compared to trading. Cons are the goat clan falls off later on in the game. Hope this helps some of the newer people looking to get competitive. Trading horse can start scouting during that time, whereas braga horse can only really start scouting at the end of 801. edit: I'm adding a link to a horse game played with the build order I mentioned. Can build Fishery on lake tiles and beaches to assign fishermen. Getting warchiefs asap is key to having a good game as horse. Burned zone: -50% production, snakes units and buildings +50% attack. Fame. Skull of Hrungnir : Allows you to summon an Undead Giant. Snake I would drop 1. Effective build order: City Builder > Ferocious Charge > Unstoppable > Feeling Safe. Upgraded buildings gain an additional 10% production bonus. Harpoons — Fisherman's Huts can have one more. In improved zones, specialized units get a +10% production bonus and buildings have a -50% upkeep cost. And by all means play the clan that you enjoy the most. Nimble Paws — Lynxes frequently leap and dodge every attack while airbone. Signy moves faster and can go through tiles with foes without engaging combat, Your military experience is common for both paths. Oskoreia spirits gain +20%. Otherwise a great list! This clan has many good lores, solid 200 fame bonus and is a good pick in any game. No Happiness or production penalty for being wounded. Having the worst lores in the game and having no happiness lores makes the goat clan feel awkward to play past 802 winter. When frozen, nearby enemies get -20% att speed and -20% move speed, Each additional territory gives +2 max population, No Happiness penalties for non-upgraded houses, ~Freya: Blizzard Penalty is hugely reduced (50%), ~Jord: Warchief and upgraded tower get +10% Attack, Giant Boars in ally territories are peaceful and defend you and your allies, When owning the Relic, Giant Boars can be sacrificed for 500, Age 15 (The Cunning): You start with your warchief, the young, Age 16 (Pride of the Clan): Signy gains 5% move speed and can now attack at range.

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