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Kind of. **Please read forum rules before posting**. I was clueless. We were headed home late one night (we lived in the same place) and were riding down a hill on the edge of downtown. Also, even though I remember her being extremely beautiful, I can't remember in any kind of detail what the woman in France looked like. It was at the time a middle class neighborhood, and 3 houses down from ours, on the same side of the street, was a huge park. My bed was the one on the left and behind the bed was a window. Here are a few of the top responses — don’t read them before bed. He – and, I assume, the woman in the parking lot – saw me hit the car. Some weeks later, my cousin posted a photo of my great-great-great Grandfather (an American Indian, who was some big-shot with the tribe). and I went in and answered it. But somehow I didn’t. Now it could have been a similar cat from the neighborhood, but it only happened once to each of us then was never seen again.”, 5. 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I had gone to bed early, and woke up in the middle of the night, agitated, uneasy. So she takes my hand and we start walking to her place. One day I got a random call asking for some girl named Sarah. So it was decided that on the next full moon we would all go on a midnight adventure to ‘The Witch’s Place’. Before I even had the chance to turn the TV off (I couldn’t even move anyway), my mom had already come quickly to see what was up with that horrible noise. During the day it was beautiful, with a rope swing and plenty of grass for lounging. Stay up to date on the latest vote tallies as compiled by The Associated Press' nationwide team, Princess Diana died when Harry was just 12 years old, The Sweetest Photos of Princes Harry with Diana, First-Time Voters Across the Country Share Why the 2020 Election Matters to Them. I quite literally thought I was seeing things. One day she woke me up and asked me….”Did your father use to call you (insert silly childhood nickname here)?”, “I hadn’t heard that name since I was 6 or 7,” she continued. Our landlord told us that the house had always been in the family since it was built in the 1860s. but nothing was working. These are the Reddit Let’s Not Meet stories that will totally make you fear life. I thought about that as well, but if it was a cult I would imagine they had some form of end-game in mind. I ask him if that meant he had one, to which he responds with another double thumbs up. Paranoia at [its] finest. Whoever or whatever on the other end hung up the second I said hello. All rights reserved. Why this house? “Back in 2016, My mother was staying at my place because my father was in the hospital at the time and my apartment was right next to the hospital,” one user wrote. I remember the exact words he said to me. Nothing out of the ordinary, so I lock the door and head back to the lounge. There, in front of the bathroom walking towards the door of the bedroom with her head down, was a young girl wearing a short kurta and had short hair. Check out the rest of the thread if you dare. He then says “yes, I need one” so I give him my lighter. Then I got this feeling of dread and I got scared, so I ran away. I’ve never had something like that happen before or since.”. There is a lot of wilderness close to where I grew up, and for bored teenagers there is plenty of space to explore. “When my boyfriend was about four years old, he would talk to a man he saw in the mirror. I got the HELL out of there. That night, as usual, we stayed up late talking and went to bed at around 1 AM. About a year later, when I had just finished 6th grade, I had a dream in which Jennie and I were playing. Eventually, I saw my eyes flicker open, and then everything went dark. This is a support group for people raised by (or being raised by) a narcissistic parent. This unapologetically Black gift guide will help you navigate the products for you and your loved ones who are Black, proud and ain’t afraid to tell. Today I was sitting on the wall outside my building smoking and messing around on my phone. He had given me his name and address over the course of the call, and he invited me to stop by sometime. I stopped cold in my tracks. My voice came out like a terrified whisper and I asked my roommate to switch on the lights. Please tell us your true encounter ! There was no way for me to have missed that car. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. About In the summer of 2018, I embarked on a journey with my brother … “I went to bed one night after watching a bunch of spooky paranormal videos and was thoroughly on edge. He had built the house, so I knew no one had died in it. I went back through my call history trying to call some other people that had called me with the same result, a machine telling me the number did not exist. We saw a couple fighting in a parking lot. Sometimes it’s to connect with other likeminded individuals. The next morning I awoke feeling as though I’d been beaten. Introducing ... PEOPLE's Products Worth the Hype. I think she’s still there, though.”, 11. There is this big white mist just floating right behind me. When i was out camping by lake erie i went fishing early in the morning thinking id go and see if i could catch a trout or something nice for breakfest. When I regained my composure, I told everyone that we needed to leave NOW. Little b*stard. Just like that he disappeared. I felt like crying. We loved her, and I loved her heaps. (I love him, really.). A subreddit dedicated to the unresolved mysteries of the world. The only vehicle behind me was my friend’s Honda. The hall has two beds and an attached kitchen and a balcony and the bedroom has two beds and an attached bathroom. After a few minutes of us waiting there, a car pulled up a little ways away from our group. It looked like a person, naked and wrinkled, with extremely wiry and matted hair. I knew exactly who he meant. While I ran away from him the first time, for some reason, I didn’t freak out as much each time after. Think /r/nosleep without the fiction or creative embellishments. As I came around a sweeping bend in the road I saw a house like the one he had described. I’ve never seen him since. Then, right before I got to him, he pulled out. I was in a very rural area in Western Washington,” said one user. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Information and news about serial killers. I had probably been sitting there for about two minutes without looking up when I finally do and notice a guy on the corner about 20 feet away staring intently at me. I didn’t hear or feel the man walk away (as opposed to feeling/hearing him walk up to me), but I finally turned around and he just wasn’t there. I didn’t turn around because I didn’t want to face him, as if he was my fear. I woke my friends in the other bed and my buddy said ‘What the hell you swatting at? So there's this search party out looking for me, screaming my name and knocking on doors. Over and over men are yelling my name and then I hear a man say 'if you don't shut those f*cking dogs up I will!!'. I remember there was a ball field at the time, and a sandlot next to the field. Five minutes later, someone tries the door handle. Then at around 3 a.m., still not asleep because of fear, the band on my boxer briefs snapped as if someone pulled on them then let go.”, 12. This iconic “Princess Diaries” scene was actually a total accident, This $9 underwear line has more than 70,000 people hooked on its panties, Disney is now selling cloth face masks, including a Baby Yoda version, The 6 best robes for lounging, according to Nordstrom shoppers. We had moved… and I’ve never seen him again. Read through and feel free to share your own creepy experiences in the comments below. The horse threw me and I hit my head, HARD. We slept in another room for the night. My friend who was sitting next to me looked like he had just seen a ghost. The rustling's still there. I dry off my face and begin brushing my teeth but realized I didn’t hear anyone else. When you enter our room, you could just see the kitchen and there’s a doorway on the left which is our bedroom. It was a blood curdling shriek that echoed off of the buildings and haunted my dreams for months afterward. I usually go to sleep with the TV on and no sound, and that night was not an exception. It was a few days later when he said, “Can – uh, can I ask you a weird question? About a week later, I was home alone watching House of Cards in my room. Everyone was finally on the same page somehow. I have no idea why I still remember this.”, 9. I was weirded out after.”, 7. Thing is, I sort of recalled it but never put two-and-two together until a few months ago when I was talking to my mom who went into great detail. My favorite family member went on vacation and ended up going missing. The weirdest thing of it all? My dad came running into the room and found me sitting on the floor facing the bed. Over the course of a very confusing and uncomfortable fifteen minutes, he proceeded to tell me about ‘our meeting’ the day before: I had come around the corner in front of his house too fast, lost control, and hit a large oak tree in his front yard. It was in college while I was writing letters for my closest high school friends one night.

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