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remington htp 38 special 110 grain review

Remington's 110-grain, semi-jacketed hollow point load for the.38 Spl. +P .38 short barrel round in their great Gold Dot series. It's like fireworks. For steel frame revolvers, I wonder how these modern loads compare to the old 158 grain lead SWC hollow point? Stick with target practice and target loads. Found it on the shelves at the BassPro store during fall 2014. This is why the .38 Special remains popular, particularly in snubnose revolvers. Buffalo Bore .38 Special +P Outdoorsman 158 grain. Personal accountability rocks! I am almost 67, female, with awful arthritis especially in the thumbs. !…draws from an Uncle Mike’s holster like a rabbit out of a hat! Recently, the increased interest in the carrying of defensive handguns has brought us improved munitions for the .38 Special. We offer the estimated delivery date at checkout for UPS and Fedex shipping. Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to qualify for shipping discount. For these tests, I’m using Clear Ballistics 10% gelatin packaged in 6” x 6” x 16” blocks and shooting at them from a distance of ten feet. Overview. Even though it does not expand, the flat nose bullet does a great job of tissue destruction. The listed recovered weight (RW) is that of the recovered bullet or the largest piece of the recovered bullet when a bullet fragmented. Remington 125-grain Golden Saber +P. But at night you need the extra help of a lazer lite,at my age. I am just now honing in the lazer. Furthermore, Remington Arms doesn't stop with producing ammunition... in fact, Remington Arms is one of the biggest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles! 1 layer of cotton shirt material (approximately 3.5 ounces per yard, 80 threads per inch) All Remington cartridges are assembled from high quality components and quality control check processes are in place to ensure strict product standards. Why? Remington HTP "High Terminal Performance" ammunition is designed with self-defense and hunting in mind. Tom McHale Literary assault dude writing guns & shooting books and articles. Only two days! A couple months ago….I found and purchased Mint Smith & Wesson Victory Model .38 Special….4″barrel….I would like to carry it hiking…but have heard all sorts of warnings about shooting “modern ammunition”..in “older pistols”…..would you anticipate any problems in shooting and carrying the .38 Special JHP in 125 grain. Remington Ammo is manufactured right here in the U.S. The fifth penetrated about 15 ½ inches. If you look at the new Ultimate Defense bullets, they might seem familiar. I still have the original grips, but I put a pair of S&W K-frame target grips on it and it is very comfortable to shoot. All HTP ammunition feature an appropriate expanding type bullet designed for the task at hand. 13 of 15. Here’s a look at eight modern loads that when fired from a snub-nose revolver should deliver the FBI’s minimum of 12 inches of penetration. Ahhhhh! Go to previous image Go to next image. ?….I appreciate anyone taking the time to answer……By the way…I wrote to Smith & Wesson and got the Official Letter back stating the Pistol was shipped to a War Plant in Texas in 1944….Its a Gorgeous pistol with Lanyard Ring…….brings back memories of when I was a kid and Sergeant Preston of the Yukon carried a similar pistol………..Regards……Hans Fischer. Remington Ammo HTP 38 Special 110 Grain Semi-JHP 20 Rounds [22293] Out. Remington's 110-grain, semi-jacketed hollow point load for the .38 Spl. Core-Lokt is the only ammunition I use for hunting. Do not purchase if you want true crack-free rounds. by Richard Mann - Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. Hammer Women Of Distinction Award, Women's Wildlife Management / Conservation Scholarship, National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors, NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award Presented by Brownells, National Youth Shooting Sports Cooperative Program, Self Defense Starts with the Right Mindset, 5 Reasons to Choose a 10 mm for Self Defense, Get Off My Lawn: Great WWII Guns for Home Defense, Winchester Assumes Operational Control of Lake City Ammo Plant, © 2020 National Rifle Association of America. I would not shoot modern defensive ammo in a Victory Model and would NEVER fire +P or +P+. Typically ships in 2-5 business days! All five rounds passed completely through the 16” gelatin block, so if anything, penetration might have been a little more than expected. Makes you think. If the gun is from 1944 my advice is to take it to a gunsmith to play it safe. The revolver isn’t cheap, nor is the ammo, but for carry it’s worth it.. Based on 1859 Remington product reviews on LuckyGunner.com, Review of 41 Mag - 210 Grain Semi-Jacketed Soft Point - Remington HTP - 50 Rounds, Review of 6.5 Creedmoor - 140 Grain - PSP - Remington Core-Lokt - 20 Rounds, Review of 45-70 Government - 405 Grain SP - Remington Core-Lokt - 20 Rounds, Review of 380 Auto - 88 Grain JHP - Remington HTP - 50 Rounds, Review of 410 Bore - 45 Colt - Remington Ultimate Defense Combo Pack - 20 Rounds, Review of 300 AAC Blackout - 220 Grain Subsonic OTM - Remington Express - 20 Rounds, Review of 357 Mag - 125 Grain SJHP - Remington UMC- 100 Rounds, Review of 30-06 - 180 Grain PSP - Remington Core-Lokt - 20 Rounds, Review of 22 WMR - 33 Grain Accutip - Remington Premier - 50 Rounds, Review of 380 Auto - 95 Grain FNEB - Leadless - Remington UMC - 50 Rounds, Review of 9mm Luger - + P 124 Grain BJHP - Remington Golden Saber- 500 Rounds, Review of 22 LR - 40 gr LRN - Remington Thunderbolt- 5000 Rounds, Review of 38 Special - 110 Grain SJHP - Remington HTP - 50 Rounds, Review of 357 Mag - 158 gr SJHP - Remington HTP - 50 Rounds. newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. Ammunition may not be returned! I’d like to see your tests of this and other Critical Defense and Critical Duty rounds for comparison. They also had a Scandium framed 44 mag that wasn’t much bigger, and even less pleasant to shoot. (Posted on June 7, 2020) Review of 357 Mag - 158 gr SJHP - Remington HTP - 50 Rounds. It is easy to see why Remington is a first choice of many shooters. All of the rounds expanded in this scenario, and four of the five exited the back of the block. But just for fun, I set up a target and 15 yards down range and fired some groups from a sandbag rest using the Ruger LCR 357 revolver shown in the pictures here. I've seen boxes containing deformed projectiles with bent hollow cavity's and other blemishes. You really get a superior product from the HTP line. The idea is that these petals will increase radial wounding, while the base pushes deep. I would like to mention I bought this stuff at Walmart dirt cheap for years before Walmart regretfully quite caring handgun ammo. When the .38 Special was offered to the shooting public back in 1898, smokeless powder was less than a generation old. They share the design of the famous Golden Saber projectiles. * Indicates fragmentation. My favorite CCW. This round worked well in a snub-nose revolver. Flash is very bright from the gun and leaves big cloud of smoke, and smell of course. (same as 9mm also) With a short barrel you are not gaining much using .357 with it’s extra pressure anyway. IF you have an FFL03 we can ship ammunition to you once on file, but you must have an AVL issued by CA to transfer ammunition. We have one of the largest stocking inventory selection of the best rimfire, handgun, and rifle ammunition. I have 110 grain bullets I plan to reload and shoot, (infrequently,) from a Ruger GP100, a Ruger LCR 38 Special or EAA 357. Next post: Top 5 Reasons NOT to Purchase the New Single Stack Glock 43, Previous post: DemolitionRanch Tests the Limits of the Can Cannon, my wife is a snub lover to the exclusion of all other weapons(which I like lol) she is also petite and recoil sensitive so I handload a 115 grain lead hollowpoint from hunters supply and it runs about 950 and will stop threats with her shot placement. Review of 38 Special - 110 Grain SJHP - Remington HTP - 50 Rounds. One difference you may encounter in the product family is that Remington is developing some loads optimized for short barrel handguns. Most boxes in the Ultimate Defense line have no marking indicating intended use, but I’m starting to see some marked with “Full-Size Handgun” or “Compact Handgun.” We’ll have to see, but right now, it’s a little confusing with three different package labels floating around the retail shelves. Be interesting to see the difference of the same bullet type from a rifle. While nothing in the lab can replicate real world variables, this is a pretty likely scenario for the armed civilian market. My grandfather, a former moonshiner, kept a Smith & Wesson Model 10 close at hand most of his life. LF=Low Flash, E-mail your comments/questions about this site to:ShootingIllustrated@nrahq.orgFor questions/comments about Shooting Illustrated magazine, please e-mail:Publications@nrahq.orgYou can contact the NRA via phone at: NRA Member Programs1-800-672-3888, To advertise on Shooting Illustrated, visit nramediakit.com for more information. Review by Jeffrey. .38 S&W and .38 Special are not interchangeable! I use this in my winchester lever action. I have bought other ammo from Lucky Gunner as well, and purchase and shipping has always been prompt and well done. +P (110gr. His job was to hide behind a wall at a frequently robbed convenience store, and come out armed when a robber struck. !…They are best for magnum revolvers where you don’t want too much recoil between shots disturbing a good sight picture and muzzle flash compromising your night vision. Out of stock. While it’s possible that self-defense shots may need to go through a car window, door or other barrier, we’re going to focus on the most common situation: shooting through clothing barriers. The new Remington “compact handgun” load is comparably priced or somewhat less expensive than the Gold Dot. It is not all about the size and bang. Good luck with yours. These will not function in my New Kahr P380 although about 8 other brands and types work flawlessly Sent first box back to Remington and was told to much glue was used when manufactured, glue ?, they sent me a replacement box after l returned the other 37 unused rounds, and these are no different, l had intended to use for CC but no luck after loading 1 round to see if gun would eject the shell the slide was stuck and couldn’t get it to eject so l had to go to the range and pay a range fee to fire the shell off, this would work pretty good if you had a 380 single shot or maybe in a 380 revolver but then again you probably wouldn’t be able to eject the spent cases, on one occasion the slide would not go into battery and wouldn’t open either so l had to use a very small screw driver and gently move the slide back far enough to get the case partly out of the chamber in order to get the slide open and the shell out, after shooting 20 rounds single shot with several problems l gave up one the Remington HTP ammunition l have several other brands that functions flawlessly so l won’t be using Remington again any time soon, IT good shot snake or pigs , Deer, wild things in wood.

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