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reshona edwards landfair today How did you find out he was married? - Jim DeRogatis, Copyright 2020 Fresh Air. There was a triumphant walk down the R. Kelly ramp. Her mother, her father, anybody else, could speak and say whatever they wanted. “He has been found not guilty.”. September 2005: Andrea files for an order of protection explaining to the court that when she told her husband she wanted a divorce, he became angry and hit her. That puts a perspective on it. You know, that this was - everybody from the tape operators at recording studios and the junior under assistant Midwest promo people, you know, at the labels to the president of Jive Records, Clive Calder, they all knew about this. And now they’re in the south of France. And they were telling us. Van Allen: I thought we were really good friends and were really close. Nor did they hear about Kelly’s marriage to Aaliyah when she was 15, or the three underage girls who sued Kelly after alleged sexual ­relationships, or Kelly’s arrest on charges of possessing child pornography in Florida (the charges were eventually dropped). They all told the same story: Robert and Reshona aren’t on the tape. Taking that as a death threat, she broke into tears. GROSS: And this is the woman identified as J.P. in the indictment but you know as Jerhonda Pace. She left Robert Kelly when she was about 21. I don't think it's a good idea, but I'm not her mother or whatever. Van Allen: See, that’s the thing-he doesn’t act his age. The witness list was a small group of the people he’s burned through. That’s where, in 1998, he met 16-year-old Patrice Jones, after her high-school prom. Meet Roshona Landfair (follow the arrow). GQ indicates that a likely explanation is provided by Robert Kelly’s employee at the time Demetrius Smith who writes in his book that Aaliyah called Robert Kelly and said she was pregnant and running away from home. In between the scenes, he came back to the trailer and talked to me. What are they? McDavid is rumored to be under investigation for buying and concealing evidence that could have been used against Kelly. (Like may of his victims, Andrea met Robert Kelly in the capacity of auditioning to work with him, as a singer, dancer, writer, etc.) We’d rung the doorbell. In interviews with the media outside the court, jurors say they were certain that Kelly was the man on the tape, but they could not be certain about the identity of the girl, hence they could not be sure about her age and whether the video really was child pornography. Van Allen: I stayed at the studio the majority of the time, but I also had a hotel room. GROSS: Has following this story, the R. Kelly story, for two decades led you to rethink the stories of other music stars who are alleged to have relationships with young girls? And to this day, you know, no, I cannot prove that. And now she was here to air the family’s dirty laundry. I felt betrayed because of how close I thought he and I were. When you love somebody, you don’t want somebody else to be with him. They said 1997. She has 3 children with him: Joann, Jay (born Jaya), and Robert Jr. Robert Kelly showed extremely controlling and violent behavior: isolating her from family, imposing strict rules e.g. Along with that, I didn’t want to share him. DeRogatis recounts his investigation into the singer in the book, Soulless: The Case Against R. Kelly. Now DeRogatis has written a new book called "Soulless: The Case Against R. Van Allen had flown up to Chicago, four months pregnant, and told her truth about R. Kelly: how he’d seduced her when she was just 17, how he’d forced her to participate in a threesome with the girl who appeared on the sex tape, how he’d taped that little orgy. Azriel Clary and her mother Theresa give Robert Kelly a call, he doesn’t answer, they leave a message. That night, every reporter called it. And Sparkle had been elliptical. 12 ☎ 1996 DEROGATIS: At length. She’s been in the studio at the same time as me, and we’ve crossed paths. Robert Kelly refers to Reshona as his “goddaughter” in the liner notes of and thanks her parents Greg and Valerie. After one day of deliberations, Kelly is found not guilty on all counts. After years of vowing that he would not allow the Kelly trial to become “a media circus,” Judge Gaughan throws a post-trial party at a bar with invites going out to the defense, the prosecution, court personnel, and reporters who cover the trial: “Dress is casual. It was money that allowed him to prey on these girls, and the only reason he may be facing a moment of reckoning — and I say "may," because it's not over — is that, as he sang in his confessional song "I Admit" a couple of months ago, "I am a broke-ass legend." Yeah. Kelly." After the show, a member of Robert Kelly’s entourage gives “FL” Robert Kelly’s phone number. This article first appeared on August 21, 2008 in Blender Magazine. Greg played guitar on four albums—R.,, Chocolate Factory and TP.3 Reloaded—two of which came out after Kelly was charged with possession of child pornography. I thought he would have been able to be honest with me. And we did, with her attorney. Reshona is called his “goddaughter.” Greg is credited several times as a guitarist on that album, and once as a bassist, though reporter DeRogatis points out that he did not play bass, perhaps implying that the Greg was already being “taken care of” by Robert Kelly in an effort to hide Robert Kelly’s indiscretions with Reshona. And the jury hadn’t believed a word. It wins the jury’s sympathy, he once said. “It is Reshona Landfair and Robert Kelly that you will see on this videotape,” she said, naming the alleged victim, who the prosecution believed was 13 or 14 in the tape. Did you know how old she was? That’s not an experience you’ve had. Meet me there in five minutes.”, I waited, then followed, along with the MTV reporter.“This place isn’t safe,” Chuck said. Example: “2 hours of surfing lessons / to teach you how to make Chinese food / 1 week in my vacation home in Baja California / legal services / songwriting sessions / to show you around my hometown.”. DEROGATIS: Reshona Landfair, yeah, and she was wracked by guilt by that, as was Kelly's manager, Barry Hankerson, for introducing Kelly to his niece, Aaliyah. It hadn’t even been necessary. But the other is a videotape from - circa 1999, 2000. He broke the story along with his writing partner Abdon Pallasch about R. Kelly and his sexual abuse, his assault of underage girls. Kelly settled the suit. I'm not proud of this, she said. Alleged Teen Girl straddles him. But her opening statement was a grim plea that strained her squeaky voice. Judge Gaughan holds a closed hearing to deal with “motions that were filed under seal.” It is one of many sessions over the last six years that have taken place in chambers, away from public scrutiny and with the official record sealed. She identifies Robert Kelly and Reshona Landfair in the videos. So the aunt's name was Stephanie Edwards. And this girl has the disembodied look of a rape victim. He was just being really nice, and I was basically going along with whatever he wanted to do. “We better do this at the Hard Rock Cafe. In 2000, police began looking into reports that Kelly was having sex with Landfair. August 26, 2015 – In August, Azriel Clary, age 17, texts her parents that she is in Chicago. Yeah. Currently, Reshona is married and has no kids. So she asked Sam Jr. for the brand. Originally published on June 7, 2019 2:49 pm, This has happened in full view of the world for 30 years while he sold 100 million albums, opened the winter Olympics. There's 48 women whose names I know that he's abused, you know, and she said, you know, I loved him and he loved me. I didn’t look at it as, “I’m 18, I’m a grown woman.” I saw her as being my age. She clearly recounts his controlling behavior. Jerhonda and Keyonia met Kelly at his bus—Keyonia brought her 2-year-old son, Robert. I was 18 when I met her. The girl’s father had been given a spot as Kelly’s guitarist. But they - turned a blind eye is not accurate, enabled - enabled by refusing to derail the gravy train, allowed this man to continue because it was money. r kelly living with young women girls joycelyn savage reshonda landfair R Kelly and Joycelyn Savage . Two of the cases involve alleged discrimination of gay men by their employers and the third examines the discrimination of a transgender person. “He said she didn’t do her homework — that’s why she was punished — which was very confusing, because she had just graduated [high school] over the summer.”. One evening, at the end of a session, Sparkle asked Reshona’s parents, Greg and Valerie, to bring the girl down to the studio, “because I wanted him to hear her rap.”. DEROGATIS: So I'd heard about this thing, and as soon as - I was working in my office at home transcribing an interview with Alicia Keys, and the phone rang, and I did that, you know, I'm too busy for this journalist thing.

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