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rive gauche ysl meaning

black cans etc. I relisted on the same internet auction site and thought I am holding a golden glow for the 80s, sure petrol was cheap, the area was English, and the women wore stockings, but I am deluded my olfactory senses of the 80s, was at any case, but I honestly have to ask serious questions who hold this fragrance in such high regard! just awesome to wear it and go to date! Il sent le propre, le savon, il n’évolue pas trop dans le temps. [6] The area's origin story formed the basis of the saying, "Paris 'learned to think' on the Left Bank. Je suis hétéro, j’adore ce parfum, mais je le recommande vivement au gay, je m’explique, lorsque je le porte aucune femme ne m’interpelle sur celui-ci mais par contre les hommes ne cessent de me demander « c’est quoi ce parfum, il me le faut ». it's fresh, creamy, a little spicy and the blend is very masculine, mature and sophisticated. What Does "Rive Gauche" Mean? french are nuts! While this isn't the most exciting fragrance, it's brilliant and the one I have to chose if I were only able to wear 1 the rest of my life. If you like the smell of shaving cream, and if you are a man I find it diffucult not to, this is the fragrance for you. Rive Gauche is very odd in that it will not project too powerfully but remains rather intense up close. Ok so this what I smelled lavender bergamont and maybe rosemary. Well-Known Rive Gauche Monuments and Historic Sites. I use it mainly for fall and cold spring. Primarily geranium, carnation, and anise seed on a bed of patchouli, oakmoss, and a very light vetiver. I opened and hurriedly opened the package, the cellophane had become crispy and yellow. This is how I felt, at first like a purple furry thing it was quite interesting, but then like I had just shaven all my purple furr and it took a huge can of barbasol shaving cream to do it, finally I soaked my head in old spice. Love it ! Excellent taste, even for a mod-god. To make a luxury of something clear-eyed and Spartan has just a bit of genius in it, and if you are interested in such abstracted pleasures synthesized into a package that is also durable, rich, and no-nonsense linear, this is the one. Tom Ford's brilliance was to create a modern evocation of the original women's Rive Gauche, which came in a blue/black/silver spray can. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. So very modern and almost throw away chic when it debuted in 1969. It’s funny the way some fragrances seem to drop the voice half an octave, make you feel more generous of spirit and easygoing, but also a bit more confident, simultaneously lived-in and put together. Good moments and some bad.. And I was always thinking about writing about it but always doing otherwise. Take a whirl at the Le Bon Marché department store. The finest of aromatic fougere that ever existed, that name could be fitted into Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, which is now discontinued by Yves Saint Laurent itself. According to GQ, this one's the only fragrance Paul Weller ever uses. Today I’m back reviewing another highly-requested bag – the Saint Laurent Rive Gauche tote.After sharing my review of the Givenchy Antigona bag so many of you reached out asking me to review this bag next. Take a walk around the Mouffetard/Jussieu district in the southern reaches of the Latin Quarter, drawing visitors in with its old cobbled streets and charming open-air markets. It smelled unique and very high quality.. One of the better scents I've ever smelled, which combined with it's amazing versatility, great longevity and respectful projection makes this a huge winner in my books and one of my all-time favorites. Doesn't perform that well in winter. You also shouldn't miss a tour of the old catacombs of Paris, housing the remains of millions of Parisians exhumed during the medieval period. it was, it is and it will be the most unique and masculine perfume of the modern era. Again, sadly not. Best barbershop scent I've ever tried. Loved this, the star ainse really comes up. Sur la rive gauche, on parlera existentialisme et révolution. Or most men, it's of no importance. Smells a bit like Brut aftershave. Out of my large collection of fragrances, this one i have the most respect for as is not trying to be too clever, or over confident. Wow. I get the Barbasol association. RG has a clean, fresh vibe. It’s a 10/10 I’m lucky to have a few bottles of this. Finally, the best of all, it is very inexpensive. RG works year round, too. Something about it is somewhat discordant. There's nothing quite like it, it's going into my top 25. As this is now discontinued , I just picked up the last ten bottles (tin cans). Finally got my hand on that old stripped bottle ! I love this stuff! Would highly recommend. I have problems. This is a very masculine scent and a bit mature also.. It really smells so much like shaving cream, the bottle even looks like it. for a man, you just can't go wrong with this one, wearing it today, it does have the freshly shaved face smell to it, the aromatic scent that shaving creme gives off. I love masculine barbershop scents, and this has to be in the running with the absolute best. I just got a half full of 50ml vintage bottle for 10 bucks it was a steal! I do have both a vintage bottle as well as the newer glass one but still I was excited AF just to be let down. Very 70's. 10/10 ! A great male scent, a bit "macho" even a lot "macho" scent ! I fell in love with a guy because of this scent (of course it just topped the already existing chemistry :) Even though the relationship is long over, my obsession with this fragrance still continues. Guys you know what this İS AMAZİNG !!!!!!! I had been on wait list with FragranceX for a year or so. The lavender and soft spices in this are so beautiful! This is an amazing perfume, manly and classy. It's pronounced [riv goʃ] (Reehv-goash). Absolutely fantastic fragrance my number one infact. It's a class act and lasts ages. I think it's because the note of rosemary in it. Getting my haircut (reluctantly) in the barbers as a young lad. I ordered 2 immediately. In this respect, I can understand why women go weak at the knees over Rive Gauche. I'm thinking of 90's old school barbers (like 70 years old who still use warm shave cream) hoping this smells like that. The composition is perfection, it's purely masculine ... but I couldn't mesh with it. The lavender is what convinced me that I needed it and it's there by the barrel full, but I don't really like it. But that first spray can seem shocking at first.. After a few minutes it starts to make more sense as the lavender, cloves, geranium, and coumarin start to come into the picture and the scent starts to take on a creamy but herbal barbershop type of smell.. First, rose with bright bergamot highlights calls freshness to … I tried the new reformulated version of this at the YSL stand and was really disappointed. It smells a little "chemical," but that does not detract from its appeal. I was curious for so long to try this fragrance, so finally I got a bottle, (last year) and was blind buy, and I liked it, but it did not become one of my favorites from YSL. Self confidence is a must-have if you choose to wear this devastatingly alluring perfume. You can wear it any time, but it really shines in cool/cold weather, perhaps because of the cloves and overall dryness. I have one and a half bottle of this and a half of the intense version. Its truly the best barbershop scent ever made. I check the serial number and it's 3323. which means it was manufactured on November 2003! Wow! Perfume lovers: 579951 they said they ran of stock. Yeah, typical barbershop scent, but there's a depth that's missing in a lot of newer fragrances... yet, it's not only for winter and fall. Wow. My wife can not get enough of it on me but also hated the reformulated stuff. I have had after shave splashes that were modelled on this scent before and I have used barbasol. i think this cologne is more appreciated by older audience, men in particular, young girls dont know if they can like it so a blind buy can be an hard choice. Yes, it smells like high end shaving cream, but it's just sooooooo good. Nevertheless, plenty of "authentic" communities thrive here, with people enjoying their everyday lives in lively neighborhoods, so this sort of over-generalized statement is mostly unhelpful. I don't know what on Earth I was waiting for, but I finally bought this fragrance today. The only product I’ve ever owned that gives me a slight amount of anxiety that i’ll run out. Je ne le mets jamais pour me coucouner avec ma chérie. It's a stunner. Rive Gauche pour Homme was launched in 2003. It smells like a high end shaving cream to me with a classic barbershop feel to it. I remember as a teen growing up in the 80's who couldn't afford Old Spice, I read the reviews, and thought OMG, this is the scent. But when I sniffed that tester strip I fell in love! I ended up giving my bottle away. This is my first time smelling this fragrance in 2019. I love the barbershop feel from this. "Rive Gauche" literally means "left bank" and refers to the southern arrondissements of Paris, whose natural border is the Seine River.The Seine naturally bifurcates the city of Paris into north and south zones. all in all, it's a good fragrance, except for the cloves note which stands out a bit too much. This and Aventus have sent women over the edge more than any other fragrances in my collection of 20+ bottles. Hang out at the Left Bank and talk about existentialism and revolution. I very rarely wear Rive Gauche but I appreciate it very much.. Rive Gauche opens up with a bitter star anise note paired with rosemary and a hint of bergamot just to freshen it up.. That's not a bad thing because I really enjoy the scent, but it's good to know before buying full sizes of each. RG has solid lasting power. ), Janet Flanner, Jane Heap, Maria Jolas, Mina Loy, Henry Miller, Adrienne Monnier, Anaïs Nin, Jean Rhys, Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas, Renee Vivien, Edith Wharton [1] Pablo Picasso, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, Henri Matisse, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Baldwin, [2] and dozens of other members of the great artistic community at Montparnasse. I sent email querying status, next day received apologetic email saying they had "oversold" and offering refund.

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