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semicolon dragonfly tattoo meaning

Moreover, in Celtic and Japanese mythology it represents the guardian of underwater. The meaning of semicolon tattoo is also a salient fight. That is because birds represent total freedom as they can swim, walk and fly. These tattoos are fun and attractive and socially acceptable in nearly any setting, but they are also deeply symbolic. This designs are typically classy and may be more acceptable in social circles that frown upon more serious body art. Dragonfly looks beautiful because of its long shining wings. However, it is easy for you to see it if you want to. Living with my father was great until my stepmother began abusing me physically, mentally, and even emotionally. It is perfect for those who have bounced back from the severe depression or suicidal attempts and have found a new piece in life. A small dragonfly tattoo can be tucked conveniently out of sight if you must cover tattoos at work or in other social situations. In Celtic and Japanese mythology, they were considered guardians of the underworld. Add a nature-inspired element to a semicolon tattoo to embrace a new journey and to welcome joy, inner strength, and bravery. The meaning of the semicolon tattoo is dependent upon the ideology of the wearer, a place where the tattoo is inked but most of the time it oozes positivity. These tattoos are ideal for free spirits and those preferring a more non-traditional look. She experienced pain more than she ever knew she could. Explore. Dragonfly tattoos also shows the independent nature of men and women. Luckily, fingers are a great placement for a small and subtle inking. The message a dragonfly tattoo conveys is as personal as the wearer. Body Art. Amy Buel gave us the concept of a semicolon tattoo. The concept of semicolon emerged when Any Buel shared her story. I endured her abuse until I was taken from my father and put into state custody. The meaning of Semicolon tattoo on the wrist represents that a person has battled depression and can open up for a discussion to tell other people how he restored hope in life; Amy’s semicolon project also reinforces the idea of having a semicolon tattoo on the wrist. Dragonfly tattoos may be a simple outline of a dragonfly on wing, contain intricate details and scrolls of flowers or leaves or may resemble fairies as they flit across the skin. This is also a great way to reaffirm the Christian’s faith in God and thanking him for pulling someone out of depression. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He is a motivationalist and currently working for many projects. May 14, 2019 - DRAGONFLY AND SEMICOLON TATTOOS - Google Search. While the meaning of the dragonfly is similar across the cultures, there are some subtle differences. Dragonflies may be depicted in pure black, but are most commonly designed in blues, reds and other bright colors to create multicolored tattoos. This compilation of a unique semicolon tattoo can be drawn anywhere from wrist to finger to arms. One of them is that the wrist is part of the body that’s easy to see, so the wearer can always look at their tattoo and find strength. However, one thing needs to be ensured that only related things should be joined. These cool looking tattoos mimic the watercolor painting – a special form of painting where instead of oil-water is used to thin out the pigment. Large dragonfly tattoos may be worn across the back, on the thigh or along the side, while a tribal dragonfly tattoo is typically worn on the arm or chest. Dragonfly tattoos can be worn in nearly any location. It is perfect for those who have bounced back from the severe depression or suicidal attempts and have found a new piece in life. However, it is also one of the most painful places to have a tattoo inked. Those who have bounced back from a suicidal episode and have now found peace could consider a dragonfly semicolon tattoo. Dragonfly Semicolon Tattoo. After she lost her father to suicide, she founded a semicolon project where she urged to people have a semicolon tattoo on the wrist to spread awareness about mental health. Christian survivors of suicide, depression, and mental illness often choose to work the symbol of the cross into their semicolon tattoo. When it comes to choosing a tattoo, many people are searching for art that signifies something close to their heart. Should I get a semicolon tattoo? Though people who have lost something precious or are in utter grieve should always prefer a semicolon tattoo, a peaceful symbol reassuring them to start a new journey that will bring lifetime happiness and rewards. Dragonfly tattoos can be done on any part of body. The tattoo has a unique appearance and throws out a mystical vibe for some reason. The water typically represents the subconscious, while the air represents freedom. Christmas is an annual event, celebrated every year on the 25th December, monumentalizing the birth of Jesus Christ. Amy’s semicolon project encouraged people to have a semicolon on the wrist to show that they are mentally prepared to open up a discussion about their mental health. May 14, 2019 - DRAGONFLY AND SEMICOLON TATTOOS - Google Search. It has now spread around the world as a sign of solidarity and strength in the face of suicide, depression, and other mental health issues. A semicolon tattoo is a tattoo of the semicolon punctuation mark (;) used as a message of affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues.. The phoenix represents resurrection and ‘rising from the ashes’. In Christianity, a butterfly also represents resurrection. “From even a young age, I learned how to endure and to fight. The beauty of this tattoo is its simplicity; it can be combined with many other designs to amplify its message of strength and rebirth. While a semicolon tattoo is subtle enough to be placed anywhere, many people opt to have it inked on their wrist. On the other hand semicolon tattoo meaning, is to bring back positivity as this is the mental illness symbol and show that the wearer is ready to discuss the hardship he faced in his life and how he or she copped with it, the impact of the tattoo on their life. This tattoo includes a black inked semicolon representing the dragonfly’s body, with black inked outlined wings. Dragonflies have long been associated with the mystical and often represent transformation as these tiny insects begin their lives in the water and then transform into winged creatures as adults. Because the semicolon tattoo has such a poignant meaning, the wearer might prefer to keep it low-key. The Way to Eradicate Razor Bumps Readily and Speedy, 15 Fun Things to Do in Sydney in Spring 2019, ‘Unboxing Toys’ Are the New Cracker Jack Prizes, Slanted Toilets Are the Logical Extreme of Hyperproductivity, What a Billionaire Thinks Every Children Should Know, Naming a Kid for a Fictional Character Is High Stakes. For some, it’s a tribute to a beloved pet. So the semicolon design is also an excellent choice for this placement because it’s quick to draw. Semicolon Heart tattoos could be more meaningful and beautiful depending upon what part of the body tattoo is drawn. If you are interested in knowing the meaning of a tattoo, you can simply start the conversation to ask for the exact meaning or why they had it on their body. There is no absurdity in getting a semicolon tattoo. There is no denying that semicolon tattoos ooze positivity and like anything else in the world, semicolon tattoos do have a story that is meant to be told and shared. Check out the top and latest Semicolon tattoo design that is inspirational and will make a statement for all the people struggling with depression or are going through the tough phase of life. This article was originally sourced from here. Their furry friend was by their side in a time of need. It represents the difficulties we are facing in our lives are not permanent but a new beginning. Because they turn from a caterpillar into a beautiful winged insect, butterflies often represent transformation when it comes to tattoos.

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