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sienna's twins hollyoaks

Sienna runs into Leela in Price Slice and Leela asks if they can catch up but even though Sienna makes up excuses, Leela lets herself into her flat almost catching Nico in the process. Upon returning to the flat she is shocked to find a hooded figure holding Sebastian who is revealed to be Nico. While on her deathbed, she apologises to Myra and Joel who forgive her. When she learns that Peri Lomax (Ruby O'Donnell) was born on the same day as her daughter and is adopted, she assumes Peri is her daughter. Sienna meets up with Myra in the village and tells her that she thinks Joel is seeing someone else. Joel and Myra go into her room to say goodbye and Joel tells her he loves her. ‘So, she befriends the au pair, she watches her and her routine, she observes the kids and tries to work out a more sensible kidnap plan this time. Myra discovers that it's Cleo and warns Joel to stick by Sienna. "I love you both so much. Hollyoaks' Warren Fox discovered Sienna Blake's plot to take back her twins in Wednesday's (January 15) first-look episode. The big moment comes as Sienna and Grace Black (Tamara Wall) join Maxine Minniver and Damon Kinsella as they view their expensive wedding venue. The soapie went on to discuss Sienna’s relationship with Brody (Adam Woodward), and how he is trying to support her through the difficult time. When Nancy tries to overcome her addiction Sienna begins spiking her drinks and food with painkillers. Sienna tells Brody and Liberty that she will tell Sally about Laurie . Gangster Fraser Black (Jesse Birdsall) sways a corrupt judge to let Sienna walk free. I’m not too sure yet whether they become friends or become lovers, that’s down to the writers and down to Bryan [Kirkwood]. Laurie intimidates Sienna and kisses her but tells her that she came onto him and Laurie later confides in Sally that Sienna kissed him. We'll continue to see Brody be the stand-up legend that he is for Sienna and they go from strength to strength. Sienna (Anna Passey) has had a tricky time in Hollyoaks lately due to the return of Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) to the village. Hollyoaks spoilers: Sienna Blake kidnaps her twins from Warren Fox? Sienna threatens Cleo and tells her she will kill her if she gets in the way of her and Joel, but Cleo stands up to her telling her that she has nothing to lose. Sienna was not allowed to grieve for the baby she lost and went on to live a normal life. She named the baby Sophie, who later turns to be Nico Blake (Persephone Swales-Dawson), however Patrick lied that Nico was stillborn. A spokesperson told Digital Spy today: "Sienna and Dodger were estranged as children and each did not discover they had a twin until adulthood. She also had an affair with Trevor Royle who was killed by her daughter Nico. Hollyoaks Cher star Bethannie Hare shatters love story cliches in brand new single, Hollyoaks spoilers: 18 new images reveal life-changing injury, huge betrayal and steamy showdown, Hollyoaks casts new Ollie Morgan with familiar face Gabriel Clark, Hollyoaks spoilers: Sienna Blake goes to war with Liberty Savage over Faith in huge showdown. While teaching a class, Sienna wrongly accuses autistic teenager Brooke Hathaway (Talia Grant) of stealing a model heart and shouts at her before grabbing her by the arm causing her to have a meltdown. Hollyoaks continues on Thursday night at 7pm on E4. He tells Sienna that Sophie has her eyes and that they can now be a proper family and he forces her to choose between him and the twins or Nico. Nico unlocks the door with the needle and tries to escape but Joel arrives asking Sienna why she is moving, so Nico hides. Upon learning that Warren's son Joel Dexter (Rory Douglas-Speed) is working in Hollyoaks as a Catholic priest, Sienna begins attending his church and tries to get close to him; truthfully giving details of her situation with Warren and Nico, but using false names. Sienna supports Brody through Busters trial and is relieved when he is found guilty. Sienna is determined become a teacher at Hollyoaks High but is turned down by Sally. [14] In an interview with Digital Spy, Bryan Kirkwood stated that Dodger being the father of Nico had been discussed "right from the start", and that they pushed Dodger being the father due to the audience thinking that it was going to be Patrick, Sienna's father. Before he finds her, she carves a message on his car, which is noticed by Kim. Sienna finds her daughter Nico and she comes to live with her. Digital Spy Soap Scoop video – hit play below for all the latest Hollyoaks spoilers, as Mitchell tells Martine the truth about his sexuality, and Jesse and Courtney's wedding goes wrong. While the visit proves troublesome for the happy couple, it’s Sienna that experiences the most heartache, as — when she goes to leave the venue — she spots two young twins — and believes them to be her own. She agrees to keep the incident a secret but Nico overhears Sienna telling Trevor. Viewers know that the twins' father Warren Fox snatched baby Sophie when he left the village in late 2017. She tells Joel that Victoria is Nico's baby and they have a heart-to-heart. Includes exclusive content, spoilers and interviews before they're seen on the site.

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