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susan murphy launius

Accounts vary as to how and why Holmes arrived there; according to some sources, Holmes went there himself to try to make himself appear innocent,[13] whereas others claim Holmes was kidnapped by Nash's henchmen when they recognized him walking around wearing some of Nash's jewelry. David Lind testified in the preliminary hearing for John Holmes in 1982 that Miller and Richardson attended the planning meetings of the Nash robbery. Q: And directing your attention to sometime around June 30 of 1981, did you go to the residence at 8763 Wonderland Avenue in Los Angeles? Adult-entertainment legend John Holmes, famous at the time for his portrayal of the infamous detective, Johnny Wadd, in a series of pornographic films, was a frequent visitor who would purchase or scrounge cocaine from the gang. The armed intruders robbed Nash and his 300-pound body guard, Gregory Diles, of $10,000, two plastic sacks of cocaine and other property. Tracy Raymond McCourt was the driver of the stolen 1975 Ford Granada that carried the Wonderland Gang to Eddie Nash's home on the night of the robbery. [9], Joy Audrey Gold Miller was Billy DeVerell's girlfriend and the leaseholder of the townhouse at 8763 Wonderland Avenue. Voters must chose among 33 candidates for four seats on the the Los Angeles Community College District’s seven-member board. Finally, he replied: “The murders . Nov. 3 (UPI) -- Infectious children's song "Baby Shark Dance" has officially become the most viewed video in YouTube history, Guinness World Records announced. [17], In 1990, Nash was charged in California state court with having planned the murders, and Diles was charged with participating in the murders, but both men were acquitted in 1991. Launius and Susan Murphy, were married in Carson City, Nevada on April 16, 1971. he didn’t know what the truth was anymore; about himself, about anything,” Sellers said. Court records and pllice statements indicated two of the four victims were under prosecution for dealing in cocaine, heroin and Quaaludes. In 1981, at Launius' behest, Lind traveled to Los Angeles to join the Wonderland gang and assist them in running drugs. A host of musicians, actors and artists make their homes in the rustic canyon. Nov. 3 (UPI) -- Animal rescuers in Colorado shared photos from the unusual rescue of a dog that was trapped in the narrow space between a fence and cement wall. One was abruptly interrupted on the morning of July 1, 1981, when a shaken John Holmes crawled into their Glendale bedroom, bleeding, and told his wife that he had been in an accident. There was “a lot of screaming going on,” Holmes told his wife. “He said he was told he would be killed and people in the book would be killed if (Holmes) didn’t do what (Nash) wanted. As they were handcuffing both men, Lind accidentally shot Diles in the back after Launius bumped into him, injuring the bodyguard. As the 1980s began, and Holmes became more heavily involved in cocaine, his absences grew longer. Ron Launius, 37, Billy DeVerell, 44, Joy Miller, 46, and Barbara Richardson, 22, all died in the 1981 massacre. “Basically, he said, ‘I’m going to have to run,’ ” Sharon Holmes recalled, “And I said, ‘You’re going to have to tell me.’ ”. Nov. 3 (UPI) -- The South Carolina Education Lottery said 10,310 people woke up winners when the Pick 3 drawing came up with the numbers 9-9-9. Nov. 3 (UPI) -- A Virginia wildlife management company shared photos of a mysterious "snake" that was later identified as an invasive species of large worm. The Wonderland Gang mainly trafficked in the burgeoning cocaine trade of the era, but despite its role as the most influential and feared cocaine distributorship of its time in Los Angeles, some of its members were heroin addicts. “Based on the material given to us by John Holmes (for the book), that version of the facts is not an accurate one,” Eisenman said. It determined that he was an unwilling participant who was forced to watch the attack. Her husband, Ron, 37, of the Topanga Canyon area of Los Angeles, was one of the victims. But Sharon Holmes and Jeanna Sellers insist that it is true. BY MR. COEN: Q: Miss Launius, were you the wife of Ronald Launius? Susan Launius. Gov. Drugs were regularly dealt from the residence at 8763 Wonderland Avenue in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles. Judicial seats on the Superior Court may seem the most obscure ballot items, but they now loom large as building blocks in a foundation of justice. The Times endorses one incumbent and three newcomers for the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees. Police, however, believe that Holmes actually took part in the fatal beatings. [18][19] Diles died in 1997 from liver failure.[20]. Where to vote. Launius’ estranged wife, Susan, who was visiting, survived the assault but suffered severe head injuries. 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Murphy Launius (born 1951) (Launius' wife), Barbara Lee "Butterfly" Easton Richardson (October 17, 1958 – July 1, 1981) (Lind's girlfriend). Then Holmes hit on a more direct way to make money. The robbery was seemingly successful, having yielded a lucrative haul for the gang; they absconded with more than $1.2 million ($3.4 million today) worth of cocaine, heroin, quaaludes, cash, the antique guns, and jewelry. Although neighbors would later report having heard screams, no phone calls were placed to the police until 4:00 PM on July 1, over 12 hours later, when furniture movers working at the house next door heard Susan Launius moaning and went to investigate. The gang made most of their money on drug deals, mainly cocaine, but occasionally heroin or other street drugs. Nov. 3 (UPI) -- A trio of friends fishing on a North Carolina beach ended up finding something more unusual than a fish -- a message in a bottle containing a man's ashes. [citation needed] Launius' brazen and fearless nature led both to his dominance of his chosen profession as well as his demise, stemming from the events leading up to his death in the Wonderland Murders.

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