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telus wifi hub vs t3200m

There's no point in updating unless you need the new mesh capabilities. I have the T3200M (firmware v31.164L.22) and I’ve scoured the admin interface as well as tried the Telus My Wi-Fi app. Please follow these instructions if you are a TELUS internet customer who also subscribes to Optik TV, and Smart Wi-Fi is turned off. Change your Wi-Fi network name and password, Changing your Wi-Fi network name and password, Pausing Wi-Fi on your Boost Wi-Fi network, Change your Wi-Fi network name or password to your new desired network name or password. It just shows up as a faded yellow triangle?? Enable Smart Wi-Fi on your Advanced Wi-Fi modem, Covers a larger area and has further range than 5GHz, Covers a smaller area in your home and has less range than 2.4GHz. Look closely for the best product for your needs. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and is there a resolution? The new SFP can also be used with the T3200M. On wifi, if I'm a few feet from the modem sitting just below it on my stairs, I get about around 135 down and 150 up. Polecat. The T3200M sends additional signals via a single coaxial cable that is split into two outside the house, with each of the two coaxials coming back into the house in different rooms. Honestly, I had performance and connectivity issues constantly with my T3200. Network conditions and environmental factors, including the volume of network traffic, building materials/construction, and network overhead lower actual data throughput rate. I have Internet 75 service. I have a Telus-provided and configured extender, but I can’t tell if that matters. In new installs, the Wi-Fi Hub is combined with a new, very compact Nokia SFP stick that plugs into a port in the back of the hub and replaces the Nokia ONT you have now. Hence my previous question about how many SSID's are visible which remains unanswered. Yup, cable has been moved to a LAN port from the WAN port. I tried WiFiInfoView on my PC laptop, and it seems to give good information. To pause (or resume) Wi-Fi on your specific devices: To create a profile and pause multiple devices at once: You will now see this profile at the top of the Pause Wi-Fi screen. By channel do you mean 2.4 vs 5G? Kenneth Andres. See screen shot below. @DavidR8 The number of SSID's is just part of the equation. Copyright 2020 Actiontec Electronics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. It looked like the desktop version was better so I downloaded that for my PC. Environmental factors will adversely affect wireless signal range. Shaw Cable vs Telus Communications strives to provide consumers with the right information to make informed purchasing decisions. The default password is the same for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, and can be found on the side of your modem. The T3200M LAN IP is, Subnet and DNS / On wifi, if I'm a few feet from the modem sitting just below it on my stairs, I get about around 135 down and 150 up. Deliver an ultra-fast and powerful home networking experience, with Gigabit access speeds, HD video, and multi-play services over any fiber network architecture. Set up the TELUS My Wi-Fi app using a T3200 modem. Some anti virus firewall programs block printing and file sharing across subnets. I now sign in on the 2.4 GHz line, and leave the rest of my stuff to the 5GHz SSID. If you are having random reboots it may be a power problem, either house or DC adapter brick. I set my 5G to Channel 36. In my case channels 9, 10 and 11 would be poor choices. Actiontec T1200H or T2200H. @RonAKA , agreed. Does windows network properties indicate that the network is private or public? I've been stumbling through converting a router to act as an access point, with no success. There have been a few nagging issues that require workarounds - e.g. Note: The speed test results are conducted every 6 hours. Here is what I see with the Channels Summary Mode display screen. It can be difficult to pause devices individually when their names are generic. Learn about Dual-Band Wi-Fi and 2,4GHz vs. 5GHz networks. If I can change the phone lines to an Ethernet jack and keep the Actiontec T3200 in the living room (more or less centered in the house), would it be worthwhile to get a better tri-band wifi router? Some devices, especially older ones, are not compatible with 5GHz networks. These cookies do not store any personal information. Hence, as a device moves further away from the modem, it may be advantageous to switch from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz. What is the Wi-Fi password for each network? Page 21: Checking The Gateway's Status It’s an older house with no Ethernet cables installed behind the walls. This thread's discussion is locked. My modem is upstairs in a 2 story house sitting on a 1/2 wall that is open to below. The Denon Receiver sees the NAS (despite being wired to the Asus) and plays music, except every so often, my phone will be connected to the T3200M SSID and won't see the Reciever. What are they? You need ot fix the channel to the one with the fewest access points. Using the My Wi-Fi app, you can manage pause Wi-Fi for individual devices, change your Wi-Fi network name and password, and see what devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network. You have to Apply to update your router. What if I don’t see the 5GHz network on my device? The TELUS My Wi-Fi app allows you to get the best out of your Advanced Wi-Fi modem. Note: This will only change how the device’s name appears in the app. More susceptible to interference from microwaves, cordless phones, baby monitors, and neighbours’ Wi-Fi. The T3200M network shows up as being private. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Neighbours with the most likes in the past month. My old Motorola router when I was with Shaw on Internet 75 would get around 80 down and 15 up on wifi everywhere in the house with no issues. It would connect but then disconnect an hours or so later. I turn the laptop around and put it 3 feet closer I get 104 down  and 81 up. If you want to customize your Wi-Fi password, you will need to change the password for each network separately. I think I have to use the Actiontec T3200 because I have two OptikTVs (one wired in the living room, one wireless in the bedroom upstairs). Disregard my above post about how the denon was connect to the network. Better wifi performance: Actiontec T3200 or other router. For example, you can connect your phone to the 2.4GHz network while your computer stays connected to 5GHz. By default the Actiontec Telus T3200M router has an IP address of: To pause all the devices in the profile, simply tap the pause button as normal. You can change the name of devices using the TELUS My Wi-Fi app, making it easier than ever to pause the correct devices whenever you want! There are two ways to identify your device: To help us improve this website, we'd love to hear your feedback. To help us … taking responsibility for) anything . I assume you recommend WiFi Analyzer? I've plugged the ethernet from the switch over to a LAN Port (i.e. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. One of the issues I found was that my iPhone did not like the 5 GHz band. The Actiontec T3200 modem is strategically placed in the living room which is quite centered on the first floor, but I believe it’s using two (bonded?) When you have the ASUS set up as a router,  from the desktop connected to the T3200, can you ping a device connected to the ASUS router? Our website collected and compiled various consumer reviews about Shaw Cable and Telus Communications as well as customer ratings and recommendations for these brands. I'm not recommending (i.e. Looking into a Mesh network, I like the idea of a single network, but for now I can't afford to spend $400. I've checked and rechecked SSIS passwords, security, etc. Does WiFi Analyzer show you the channels being used by neighbours? Thanks @xray Please pardon my ignorance. Actiontec V1000H or V2000H + Extender. your tablet), Most devices will display a MAC address or IP address, Match this number to the number found in the, Your connected devices will be listed at the top, Disconnect the device you are trying to rename from your Wi-Fi network. The WAN IP of the Router is and the LAN IP is Here's the problem:  When the AC68 is in "Router" mode everything works fine. Also, Windows should recognise both subnets as private or home, not public. Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong? In the interim, if you can get Ethernet to the lower or upper floor, a second Wi-Fi router will meet your needs. Telus has a few different WiFi hubs, so you're going to have to be more specific as to the make and model. T3200M to coaxial to splitter to Moca to Switch was the problem, but that would also affect the network when using the Asus as a Router. The Differences between a Modem, a Router, a Gateway and a Modem Router. I've always had a problem keeping a consistent connection from my Denon Receiver to the NAS using an ethernet cable to switch, but it works fine when I connect the Receiver to the Asus Router with an ethernet. It does a WAN scan but really shows me nothing useful. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The TELUS Advanced Wi-Fi Modem now offers TELUS Smart Wi-Fi, which intelligently guides your devices between the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. Search Support. | Warranty. Learn how to diagnose or solve your Wi-Fi coverage issues, Understanding your Wi-Fi speed and coverage, Information on how the age of your device can effect Wi-Fi performance, Learn more about Wi-Fi that optimizes itself. WiFiAnalyzer seems to work for me and my phone hasn't been taken over by malware so that's about all I can say about it. The actiontec routing functions are rather limited. Actual data throughput will vary. Similar can be done with the 2.4G. You can set the Channel for each by going into your T3200M router, signing in as Admin on the home page, then go to Wireless Setup, Advanced. Shows what frequency they are on and what channel they are using. | Privacy I have excellent signal strength and speed however I am plagued but connection issues. In an area with lots of SSIDs that may see changing trafic throughout the day or from day to day you won't see consistent speeds if there is channel congestion. By continuing to use our website, you acknowledge the use of cookies. If the router is set to automatically choose a channel the speed may change every router reboot or over time. It will not affect the device. when a laptop is on the Asus Router SSID, I can't print to the printer connected to the T3200M. Which could inturn plug into the ONT and your router of choice. Connected to the Asus and I can ping everything connected to the T3200M (although I can ping the printer on the T3200M, nothing will print because the printer is shown as being "offline"). Turing it off was for a few hours better, then it was a complete disaster with no devices being able to hold a connection if they were able to connect at all. Because the T3200M is in one dark corner of the basement, from one of the switches I've connect an Asus AC68 Router to provide strong wireless. head to its forum board for active discussions or to start a new discussion. Also, if your home network resets, it'll break your boost backbone connection to the primary pod/hub and you'll need to reboot everything. Less susceptible to interference than 2.4GHz. With pair-bonding, the T3200M Bonded VDSL2 Modem 802.11ac Wireless Router with MoCA 2.0 can travel on two lanes rather than one, delivering the extended reach and high bit rates of the latest bonded VDSL technology for a superior HD IPTV experience. Shut it off and it's connected. Since the t3200 does not support static routes or route discovery there is no work around. phone lines and a coaxial to achieve that bandwidth it’s pulling from the garage line. Trademark Policy I’m waiting to get PureFibre 150 installed but the line will enter through the garage, which is in the corner of the house. If you can’t get the Ethernet cable to the basement, look to a device such as the Linksys RE6500 range extender, which would work as a single point mesh, or bridge, providing a connection point for Ethernet in your basement.

Sc Court Of Appeals Roster, Victorian Painted Slate Fireplace, Matcc Foam Cannon Review, 2011 Honda Civic Exhaust System Diagram, Ghost | Starz, Phonological Awareness Activities For Adults, Best 450 Bushmaster Rifle, Are Richland County Offices Open Today,

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