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As COVID cases continued to accelerate, our August results did moderate, but our EBITDA in September grew sequentially as we continued to adapt operationally and COVID levels declined. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Tenet Healthcare. We have a new and expanded neurosurgical and spine program in South Florida across multiple hospitals, that's been coordinated big push in surgical oncology and building a network in San Antonio. Importantly, this set of improvements is represented both in the hospitals and the USPI, further emphasizing the critical nature of how hospitals in USPI play an integral role with each other, including sharing best practices. It certainly -- We obviously haven't provided guidance, but we're certainly working toward that [Indecipherable] some. Yeah, I mean, like, again, obviously, the hospital volume trends in aggregate have not recovered to pre-COVID levels and that is the same thing with commercial. USPI facilities also continue to earn high marks for patient experience, including Press Ganey awards last month for delivering incredible patient-centric care. That's probably the most important thing that I focus on, which is at the end of that six-week period, that recovery work is a playbook that we've got down from having had a number of markets go through surges. Hey, Gary. The hospitals and hospital programs described on this Web site are owned and/or operated by subsidiaries or affiliates of Tenet Healthcare Corporation. Mr. Fetter earned a master's degree from Cambridge, Mass.-based Harvard University. But again, I'll go back to when COVID levels were much higher in August, it had an impact on our earnings. Dallas-based Tenet Health and Addison, Texas-based United Surgical Partners International merged in 2015 to become the largest ASC chain in the United States, currently touting a portfolio of 470 centers in the third quarter of 2016. Healthcare Heroes and Stories of Recovery. Our continued tight control of costs mitigated the impact of incremental expenses from the pandemic, including higher temporary labor, premium pay and PPE costs. 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But regardless, we remain optimistic on our performance and our ability to continue to improve. Do you still expect that to be the case and higher EBITDA run rate, or is that maybe unlikely to move from that $220 just given the underlying circumstance? And I would say that's true for a variety of other activities that result in ER visits. The Medicare advance payments have been a critical source of liquidity, allowing us to focus on caregiving. This is continuing to be a solid recovery during the time period and remains very positive. But you see the growth in the earnings from August to September as the COVID cases declined. And then you're in other markets that have had the hotspots develop. There is no perfect equation, but we do believe our learnings from each spike improves our responsiveness, our planning and furthers our effectiveness. So, that's the mix of the volumes from a COVID perspective. Fresno Surgical Hospital is very well known in the community, with a rich history and a strong reputation for quality and patient experience. That sequential growth in EBITDA from August to September was not just due to, well, cases were higher, normally because that's sequentially what happens. So, with that, I guess, operator, we'll conclude the session. Thank you. And if you say what's driving that? Market data powered by FactSet and Web Financial Group. So, I think we've become much more effective at this and over the next year, we'll even continue going deeper. In terms of -- We obviously haven't provided EBITDA by service line. I mean, we obviously follow very carefully a lot of the public health information that's available with respect to new testing, positive testing incidence rates and the -- you can really track the spread of the virus that way pretty quickly. Yeah. Tenet's board of directors appointed him the company's chairman in May 2015. Our operators across our markets have responded very well, given the nature of the complexities of the pandemic, and we continue to perform tightly aligned to the volumes presented. We generated very strong net revenue per case growth in our Hospital and Ambulatory businesses, and there's a total mix of higher acuity cases and a more favorable commercial payer mix. And I feel very good about that. The program allows USPI's facilities management team to track metrics and identify areas in need of improvement. And more importantly, given our long-term strategy of building a base of higher acuity procedures and services, our commercial surgeries, and you can see the surgery numbers look more attractive. Good morning. So, you see the impact the COVID cases have on earnings. And then within that, how are you and your physician partners prioritizing the patients and the procedures that come back first? And fourth, expense controls remain solid with an EBITDA margin improvement of 270 basis points versus the prior year. I'd just add to that that it also spills all the way through the -- That whole concept that Saum's talked about also spills through that we talked a lot about all the way back through our overhead and our overhead operations. We also continue to be very diligent and thoughtful about how we allocate capital, including capex. While the change in methodology will reduce our flexibility, we're taking steps to ensure the change does not negatively impact us over time. But there is some additional spend that we believe is necessary to appropriately care for COVID patients. Okay. This includes adding service lines and complex procedures that benefit patients and physicians alike. The COVID cases have substantially more costs associated with them, particularly if they get -- if a patient ends up in the ICU. There is obviously incremental cost caring for those type of patients. We know it's our responsibility to continue to drive efficiency in that setting. Thanks, Ron, and good morning, everyone. Thank you. The Federation of American Hospitals honored Tenet's Vice Chairman Keith Pitts with its Mike Bromberg Lifetime Achievement Award, and Tenet's Eastern-Regional Coastal Division CEO Marsha Powers with its Corris Boyd Leadership Award in March 2017. On this Web site, the terms "Tenet," "the company," "we," "us" or "our" refer to Tenet Healthcare Corporation and/or its subsidiaries or affiliates. Yeah, this is Dan. However, due to the new guidance issued by HHS in September, which was markedly different than the original guidance we had in June, we had to reverse $70 million from Q2 in grant dollars, thus lowering our reported Q3 EBITDA to $551 million. You may recall, last quarter, that we discussed our objective was despite the pandemic was to not burn through a material amount of cash in the second quarter, excluding stimulus funding and proceeds from issuance of new notes. Here's how Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare, Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare and Nashville-based Surgery Partners' shares have fluctuated over the last five days. One estimates the third quarter consensus estimates roughly at an average EBITDA benefit from grant income of about $70 million. Our views are same as last quarter, regarding the spin. Our webcast this morning includes an accompanying slide presentation, which has been posted to the Investor Relations section of our website tenethealth.com. And how do you think that -- If that's the case, what should be the margin looking forward? Brett Brodnax -- President & Chief Executive Officer, USPI. We're very enthusiastic about continuing our stated strategy to put muscle behind USPI to grow the platform and provide physicians and patients with more convenient options for care and to continue to evaluate our hospital portfolio for CIT [Phonetic] and make adjustments in that portfolio as we deem appropriate.

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