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terrorsaur prodigy math game

After the whole sorry affair was over, Terrorsaur attempted to explain to his less-than-receptive leader. https://prodigy-math-game.fandom.com/wiki/Terromite?oldid=474510. Already have an account? Other Voices, Part 1 A short time later, he was back at the Predacon base, able to monitor the escalating situation. Each character has only their own ending listed on their pages, see the other characters' pages for Terrorsaur's fate in those outcomes. Log in. When the attack failed to eliminate any Maximals, Megatron thumped Terrorsaur out of frustration. It has three red spikes on its head. Element Terrorsaur is an obvious homage to the crafty and backstabbing Decepticon Air Commander Starscream. Once Cheetor detached the bomb from the console, Terrorsaur flew it into the sky and was blown up for his troubles. Chain of Command, Terrorsaur's shining moment came when he discovered a flying mountain with a huge source of powerful energon at the top. The Gathering #1, Terrorsaur survived the quantum surge, along with Scorponok and became a Transmetal. Dawn of Future's Past, Two weeks after Airazor was reborn on Earth, Terrorsaur fought to defend an orbital weapon from the Maximals. The Web When an energon accident caused Cheetor to be teleported into the Predacon base, Terrorsaur gave him a warm welcome. Despite this, even after a disembodied Starscream himself appeared among the Predacons, the parallels between the two were never acknowledged. Its arms are short and two hazel claws can be seen on both of its arms. Equal Measures, During a battle at the Standing Stones, Terrorsaur blew up the pile of energon in the center, earning Megatron's ire at the loss. It has a small horn on top of its mouth. Stats Among those moments was Terrorsaur blasting away at Cheetor. He and Waspinator later attempted to catch up with Blackarachnia on the island, but she tricked them into firing, so that the island's defenses took them out. Buzz Buzz Buzz, Wasps Flyyy, During a work day, Terrorsaur, Scorponok, and Waspinator admired Slipstream's and Blackarachnia's looks, but their attentions quickly switched to Nightbird when she took off her mask. But Megatron reminded him that no one was leaving until he said so. While falling, Waspinator went as far as calling Terrorsaur a "pterodactyl idiot." Terrorsaur was one of the last members of Megatron's inner retinue to undergo the process, but, after Leatherhide forcibly shoved the fearful Predacon into the machine, Terrorsaur safely emerged, pleased by his new beast mode. Terrorsaur still recovered in time to rejoin the fight outside the Axalon, managing to shoot down a distracted Optimus Primal before Cheetor blasted him out of the sky. Finished, Terrorsaur fainted on top of Waspinator, pinning him to the floor. While waiting, Terrorsaur started to become hysterical in the cramped hiding place and wanted to leave now. The Predacons waged a valiant Spark War against Megatron, prompting Megatron to unleash a new Vehicon general: Obsidian. However, as the war progresses, he matures into a more reliable subordinate to Megatron, perhaps even more loyal. Suddenly, either Waspinator or Terrorsaur shot them, causing them to split and fall down. Terromite After the Darksyde crashed on a mysterious planet, he picked a Pteranodon for his beast mode, and the Predacons began searching for the Maximals. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Availability The pair pursued Tigatron into a cloud, only to be blasted by some sort of flying island, and subsequently reported back to Megatron. Each character possessed an alternate ending, displayed if the game was beaten with said character. He and Scorponok collided while trying to prevent the Maximal's escape and were sent out to try to get Tigatron back. Terrorsaur was among the Predacons blasted into a tree by Rhinox's almighty fart. Presumably, Terrorsaur returned to his home reality as did the other escapees. At first Optimus was at a major disadvantage because Rattrap was riding on his back in rat mode. As they were being pushed back, the Tripredacus Council arrived on the scene, and surrendered to the Autobots on behalf of all Decepticons, ending the war. Purchase for 10,000 coins (Members - Only) While Waspscream's crew was en route back to modern day Cybertron, a temporal disturbance sent Megatron ahead to Cybertron, where he conquered the planet with a transformation virus and converted the populace's bodies into Vehicons. On top of it all, he was an absolute glutton, dev… Fire in the Dark, Terrorsaur attended the Transformers Celebration 2014. Unfortunately, Terrorsaur loved being in command too much... so much so that he forgot to devise a plan to escape prehistoric Earth. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. But at the last moment, Rattrap transformed and blasted Terrorsaur at point blank range, forcing him to resort to beast mode. Evolution(s) "Terrorsaur" and "Waspinator" stole the Predacon gang's ship. Legendary Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Think of the cosmic magnificence. Along the way, he teamed up with Snarl to fight Reptilion and Tankor. With Trion's Matrix powers under their control, they could then overthrow Chairman Megatron together... or so Terrorsaur had hoped, but once Scourge had Trion, he saw no reason to have to share leadership with Terrorsaur and blasted his benefactor. Terrosaur He was able to bring the ship's shields down, but Rattrap managed to raise the shields again, as well as blasting Terrorsaur out of the air. black claws on its hands, and white claws on its feet. When he gave the word, the duo killed their old boss and joined up with Gnashteeth... who soon adopted the name of "Megatron". Bonus Edition Vol. Password. Both Terrorsaur and Scorponok lost control of their hover platforms, colliding with each other and plunging into the lava below. They were unable to stop Cheetor from slipping inside to rescue Optimus. He momentarily found himself at a loss when the Maximals attacked and the other Predacons looked to him for leadership. Victory, After Rhinox was turned into a Predacon by Megatron's Transmuter, Terrorsaur realized that Rhinox was actually working to undermine Megatron's leadership. Partway through the battle, Terrorsaur realized that Waspinator wasn't doing anything—as it turned out, he was still awaiting Terrorsaur's signal to attack. All he could squawk was "Help!" When Gnashteeth offered the gang a second chance at negotiations, Thunderhoof, Terrorsaur, and Scavenger attended the meeting. while turning a ghostly white. The Maximals employed "non-violent" means to aid in Tigatron's escape, and Terrorsaur found himself running into a piece of bulkhead. Prodigy Math Game Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He was blasted by Rattrap and left lying over a rock as the construct blasted a signal into space, exposing one of the moons as a Planet Buster weapon. Terrorsaur lured him into a cave and trapped him there, so that Megatron could put into effect a plan involving a clone of Dinobot. 31, Terrorsaur let the Decepticon Headmasters the Tera-Kura facilities to finish constructing the stolen Godbomber. However strong his new body may have been, he was still a small-thinking wimp at heart. Heroic (purple) It has three red spikes on its head and one brown one. After reporting back to Megatron, the pair were dispatched to reach the pod first and ensure the protoform inside became another Predacon. Beast Wars Sourcebook #4, While the Predacon Megatron stole the Maximal relic, the Golden Disk, the Predacon who would later call himself Terrorsaur, along with the future Waspinator and Buzzbomb, secured a getaway ship from Predacon Transwarp Research Center D-F. Terrorsaur was plucked from the lava just before his death during the Beast Wars, at a much earlier point in his reality's timeline than his fellow abductees Thrust and Rattrap. While arriving on the island, he dislodged Rattrap by running him into a tree branch. It has gray feet with hazel claws. Location(s) Found While in the Cauldron, Terrorsaur gave into his base urges, arguably becoming a Minion of Unicron. Terrorsaur subsequently joined the hybrid "Waspscream"'s successful coup against Megatron. On top of it all, he was an absolute glutton, devouring entire flocks of birds by simply flying mouth-opened through their flight formations. The head of factory lines at Tera-Kura Co., he sought to overthrow Megatron and become the new company president. The negotiations quickly soured, and so Thunderhoof wound up beating Gnashteeth senseless. The Razor's Edge, In Primax 208.06 Zeta, the Starscream of Primax 206.15 Gamma arrived and joined Megatron's forces, armed with knowledge of Optimus Primal's gambit. Terrorsaur was nothing short of absolutely terrifying, having been compared to a demonic dragon.

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