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the office season 7 episode 22 9:51

Jim regrets agreeing to a snowball fight with Dwight. And those are the very same qualities that make him so irresistible. Stanley disrespects Michael in front of the other employees, and a used-car purchase between Dwight and Andy creates a major rift. Season 7, episode 22: "Goodbye, Michael" In order to be with his one true love, Michael had to leave Scranton for Colorado. Stanley and Phyllis take advantage of Jim when he needs a favor, and Pete distracts Pam as she begins painting her mural. Pam and Jim work on their first sales pitch to a local restaurant, while Dwight encourages Kelly to try out for the minority training program. Meanwhile, Deangelo accompanies a nervous Andy on a visit to one of Michael's old clients. Michael takes the staff for a day of fun at Lake Scranton, but the fun stops when he divides everyone into tribes and forces them to compete in challenges. Novak. Everyone gets competitive as the Halloween costume contest gets underway. The office continues its efforts to win the Dunder Mifflin weight loss initiative. Andy starts a band with Darryl when he learns that one of his old college friends has a successful music career. Jim is upset with Pam because of her faillure to record Cece's recital, but the argument quickly escalates into a major fight about Jim's business venture. When Jim gets an emergency call from Helene, he leaves Michael in the bathroom of a gas station. Pam stands up to Dwight when he makes cutbacks to save money in the building, but will Dwight have the last laugh? Spader was a fine actor, some 30 years ago. While the office readies for the documentary premiere, Jim holds tryouts to hire an assistant to the assistant to the regional manager. Dwight wants to ensure that no one crashes the ceremony. Erin and Gabe invite the office over to Gabe's house for a Glee viewing party. To pass the time during an unplanned fire drill, Jim organizes games of "Desert Island," "Would You Rather..." and "Who Would You Do?". In an unprecedented breakfast-in-bed accident, Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman Grill and demands that his staff caters to his every whim. Deangelo and Andy scramble to keep Michael's biggest clients. Pam and Jim spend every minute together via Bluetooth. Jim tries to adjust to his promotion and life away from Pam. The Scranton branch puts together a search committee to find the next boss, but the pool of interviewees proves to be less than impressive, and Dwight demands an interview in spite of his gun accident. Dwight, Erin and Holly go on a search for Michael when he goes missing. Erin assures Pete she will break up with Andy. Holly, Erin and Dwight set out to find Michael. On Toby's last day at the company, Michael falls in love with his replacement. [10] Holly will return to Dunder Mifflin in the hour-long Christmas episode that will be written by Mindy Kaling and directed by Rainn Wilson. Meanwhile, in their Philadelphia apartment, Darryl is uncomfortable with Jim's uncleanliness. Because there is no agreement Angela calls an emergency meeting of the Party Planning Committee. Angela and Oscar both think the senator is cheating on them, and Jim has trouble on an important conference call. An imaginative young squirrel leads a musical revolution to save his parents from a tyrannical leader. When Dwight is interviewed on local radio, Jim tortures him with bizarre call-ins. Based on a children's book by Paul McCartney. Dwight and Jim, heading the party-planning committee, forget a birthday. After many years and motel rooms, traveling salesman (and Michael's best friend) Todd is ready to leave the road and take a desk job in the office. Michael learns that the office must spend a $4300 surplus or lose it, and chaos breaks out as everyone fights to get what they want. Erin struggles to pull off the ultimate Halloween party, juggling the expectations of Robert California, Andy and the staff. 42 min Top 100 TV Shows as Rated by Women on IMDb in 2016. Year: Season 9. Michael trains his office replacement, Deangelo (Will Ferrell), for hosting the Dundie Awards. Pam and Andy go on a sales call together. When corporate won't pay for the annual employee appreciation awards ceremony, Michael is forced to create a memorable evening on a shoestring budget. Dwight forces people to trade with him while Andy, Darryl, and Kevin play a board game while creating their own rules. Andy turns to Jim for advice about how to win Pam over. Michael and Holly turn the event into an improv challenge. Dealing with low sales, Andy holds a business seminar with the help of some special guests. Challenged to improve productivity, Dwight develops an accountability booster program that threatens to get the entire office fired. In 2070, three siblings set out to change the fate of Europe after a global catastrophe fractures it into countless microstates fighting for dominance. Chandler Valley Center Studios - 13927 Saticoy St, Panorama City, California, USA. Michael gives a chattering teeth gag gift to Phyllis, telling her to voice her opinion more … I realize there were plenty of talented comedians in supporting roles on The Office. This hit comedy chronicles the foibles of disgruntled office workers -- led by deluded boss Michael Scott -- at the Dunder Mifflin paper company. When Karen moves next door to Jim, the two have their first major argument. Phyllis's party goes up in flames when Meredith's hair catches on fire, and Dwight corners the market on the hottest toy of the Christmas season. Meanwhile, Pam tries to play a prank on Dwight, who has bought the office building, to make up for ruining Jim's prank. Michael finally finishes his movie "Threat Level Midnight" and screens it for his employees at Dunder Mifflin, but Holly is less than enthusiastic for his finished product. Michael and Stanley eagerly anticipate their free yummy treats. Pam and Jim spend time talking with Nellie and Toby respectively about their marital troubles and couples counselling. Meanwhile, Pam tries to get the truth from Danny about their dating history. Meanwhile, Gabe tries to win Erin back. Everyone is up in arms after Michael convinces Holly to give Todd Packer an office job, and Andy gets upset after Pam gets a new computer for reception but not for him. Meanwhile, Darryl interviews at Jim's company and Pam comes for a surprise visit. Pam puts up a board for everyone to post New Year's resolutions. During a party at the chief financial officer's home, Michael spills the beans about his relationship with Jan. And Pam gets assertive with Roy. Someone makes a huge mess in the microwave and will not clean it up. When Phyllis gets flashed, Michael organizes a special outing for the ladies to boost their morale as Andy and Dwight try to track down the culprit. View production, box office, & company info, The Office US Season 7 (2010) Reviews (8.5/10). Jim and Pam get a surprising invitation to Roy's wedding only to discover that a lot has changed with Roy.

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