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the treasure in the forest questions and answers

Evans shivered. Don't touch me!" He took his jacket off and spread it on the ground, and flung two or three ingots into it. I must rest. There also was brilliant green undergrowth and coloured flowers. said Hooker. What did a dead Chinaman signify? said Hooker. "I'm going to bury that, anyhow, before I lend a hand with this stuff. Presently he turned almost fiercely upon Hooker. They could see now where the mouth of the stream opened out. And what's the writing?". He stared searchingly among the grey depths between the trees. Evans had taken a native implement out of the canoe. he said. Then suddenly, with a queer rush of irritation, "What are you staring at? How shall we get it to the canoe?". "We shall have to take this stuff to the mainland piecemeal, and bury it there for a while. He took the ends of the collar of the coat in his hands, and Evans took the opposite corners, and they lifted the mass. he said, and suddenly turned away and went towards the excavation. Then he turned again and looked at the dead Chinaman, and then again at the hole. Once again it was the night when he and Hooker had hit upon the Chinamen's secret; he saw the moonlit trees, the little fire burning, and the black figures of the three Chinamen--silvered on one side by moonlight, and on the other glowing from the firelight--and heard them talking together in pigeon-English--for they came from different provinces. On the ground, blotched fungi and a red-brown incrustation became frequent. "We have swerved a little from the straight," said Hooker. He helped raise the coat bearing the ingots, and they went forward perhaps a hundred yards in silence. Wells. "What's the matter with you?" CommonLit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. "Here is the river. He understood that grin now. He ran his thumb-nail over the chart. ", Evans stood with the ingot in his hands. "It's stuffy, somehow, in this forest. "This will do," he said, and they began drinking eagerly. ", He turned and looked into the dim cool shadows of the silent forest behind them. Hooker turned white but said nothing. Near by was a spade after the Chinese pattern, and further off lay a scattered heap of stones, close to a freshly dug hole. Escape will cancel and close the window. "Let us try a little down-stream first," said Evans. ", "Don't be a fool, Hooker," said Evans, "Let that mass of corruption bide.". Question 5. "Can't I do anything for you?" Presently he found that another little thorn had punctured his skin. "Only gold or lead could weigh like this," he said exultantly. "To the canoe? Hooker followed his finger. ", "You see this dotted line," said the man with the map; "it is a straight line, and runs from the opening of the reef to a clump of palm-trees. Then Hooker began to suck furiously at the little pink spot on the ball of his thumb--sucking for dear life. Hooker was looking steadfastly at his companion's face. A little way up Hooker took some water in the hollow of his hand, tasted it, and spat it out. A fine story for two, stranded British wastrels to hear! The dull pain spread towards his throat and grew slowly in intensity. The thing was the figure of a Chinaman lying on his face. Though they were so near the Treasure he did not feel the exaltation he had anticipated. said Evans. It looks like the plan of a house or something; but what all these little dashes, pointing this way and that, may mean I can't get a notion. Then he looked at Evans, who was now crumpled together on the ground, his back bending and straightening spasmodically. Treasure Trove Short Stories Workbook Answers A Face in the Dark. said Evans. He was still dimly conscious of the island, but a queer dream texture interwove with his sensations. The abandon of the pose was unmistakable. But Evans was silent and motionless, save for a horrible spasmodic twitching of his limbs. I had talked about not only Forrest Fenn’s Treasure, but also many others. On the water of the broad, quiet pool which the treasure-seekers now overlooked there floated big oval leaves and a waxen, pinkish-white flower not unlike a water-lily. The bay opened out, and a gap in the white surf of the reef marked where the little river ran out to the sea; the thicker and deeper green of the virgin forest showed its course down the distant hill slope. "Can't you speak?" Then in a steadier voice, "I'll be better in a minute.". Answer: The Treasure Within’ refers to the hidden talent of every child who has his own style of learning and area of interest. ", "It's queer," said Evans, after a pause, "what these little marks down here are for. Great plants, as yet unnamed, grew among the roots of the big trees, and spread rosettes of huge green fans towards the strip of sky. ", Then with an abrupt transition to unreasonable anger: "What is the good of waiting here all the day? Presently they saw, far ahead, a gap in the sombre darkness where white shafts of hot sunlight smote into the forest. He shivered again as his eye rested upon the blue figure of the Chinaman. Chang-hi gibbered and threatened him. He tried to arouse himself by directing his mind to the ingots the Chinamen had spoken of, but it would not rest there; it came back headlong to the thought of sweet water rippling in the river, and to the almost unendurable dryness of his lips and throat. Presently he felt a strange aching pain in his arms and shoulders, and his fingers seemed difficult to bend. "God help me!" We should be close to it now," said Hooker. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. MORE QUESTIONS SOLVED. I.SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS. "Hurry up, man," he said, "or by heaven I shall have to drink sea water!" He shipped the paddle and held his arms out straight before him. "This is as much as we can carry," said he. So they pushed out again into the river and paddled back down it to the sea, and along the shore to the place where the clump of bushes grew. ", "Curse it!" "If we beat a little way up and down the stream we should come to something.". he said. "What the devil's that?" Another devil was shouting his name: "Evans, Evans, you sleepy fool!" Shall we re-bury them over here, or take them across the strait in the canoe?". said Evans. The canoe was now approaching the land. Hooker hesitated, and then his eye went carefully over the brown soil about them. A profound silence brooded over the forest. "Don't touch me! "Pah!" Presently the little map fluttered and the voices sank. He looked at his hand and saw a slender thorn, perhaps two inches in length. The trees became at last vast pillars that rose up to a canopy of greenery far overhead. Get started by clicking the "Add" button. He thought of the little dashes in the corner of the plan, and in a moment he understood. They burnt his mouth horribly. He had a sheet of yellow paper on his knee. In this story, two men search for Spanish treasure, letting greed get the better of their awareness. Answer: Mr Oliver was an Anglo-Indian teacher in a public school at Simla. The sky was like a furnace, for the sun was near the zenith. Then suddenly Evans began to swear and rave, and stamp upon the ground. Which route did Mr Oliver take on his way back? Dim white flowers hung from their stems, and ropy creepers swung from tree to tree.

ラファエル てんちむ マンション, Resident Evil 2 : Apocalypse Streaming Vf, X360ce Windows 10, Space Ghost Mantis, The Office Season 7 Episode 22 9:51, Who Is Christi Paul Married To, Yo Gotti House,

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