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(Bloomberg) -- Nasdaq 100 stock futures rose fast enough to trigger an exchange volatility halt that pauses especially rapid swings at 3.5%, as traders assessed election results.Contracts on the Nasdaq 100 rose jumped 3.5% within an hour, setting off a trading pause for two minutes. (See ABBV stock analysis on TipRanks)WesBanco (WSBC)Next up is WesBanco, a bank operating in the region of western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky with 236 branches. Shares of FLIR Systems (), a U.S. company that manufactures thermal imaging cameras, jumped 18% over the past two days.Why is a firm that pioneered low … Traders can use MARK stock to take a position in artificial intelligence, thermal imaging and scanning and/or facial recognition technology. 5 Stocks to Buy No Matter Who Wins the Election. Thermal cameras are used as a maintenance tool for monitoring and inspection application in various buildings, historical monuments, and industrial equipment. The creator of this safe savings rule says people always oversimplified his advice. One gauge slipped to just over 50% odds of the so-called Blue Wave -- that Democrats oust Trump and take Congressional majorities. What is the growth scope of the thermal imaging market? The S&P 500 has moved at least 1% six of the past seven sessions.While Biden’s solid lead in polls had some investors speculating there would be a relatively quick decision on who will prevail, a surge in mail-in ballots has made it more likely that some states won’t be able to declare a winner Tuesday., Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) is already using thermal imaging devices in its warehouses and Whole Foods stores. Remark Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: MARK) has said its thermal imaging products can be used to “scan high traffic areas to detect individuals with higher than acceptable skin temperature.” The stock is up 408.7% year-to-date. - 23)    2.1 Research Data            2.1.1 Secondary Data           Secondary Sources           2.1.2 Primary Data           Primary Sources           Key Industry Insights           Breakdown of Primaries    2.2 Market Size Estimation            2.2.1 Bottom-Up Approach           Approach for Capturing Market Size By Bottom-Up Analysis (Demand Side)           2.2.2 Top-Down Approach           Approach for Capturing Market Share By Top-Down Analysis (Supply Side)    2.3 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation     2.4 Research Assumptions, 4 Premium Insights (Page No. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. All rights reserved. Nasdaq 100 futures surged almost 4% at one point, triggering an exchange-mandated two-minute trading pause, before trimming the gain to less than 3%. Identiv Inc (NASDAQ: INVE) shares rallied more than 15% after the company announced a patch for tracking body temperature that it says is the “most practical, scalable way” to reopen theme parks and stadiums. Trump or Biden? “This has happened before when companies appear to have become too big versus the state for the authorities’ liking.”Reaction in the financial market was swift. Following is the breakdown of primary respondents. Some alternative medicine practitioners promote its use for breast screening, despite the FDA warning that "those who opt for this method instead of mammography may miss the chance to detect cancer at its earliest stage". Legendary investor Whitney Tilson says this radical new tech will soon change everything. In fact, it’s been so difficult for small businesses to obtain bank credit in the last decade that they have become hard wired not to invest for the future. - 114)     11.1 Introduction      11.2 North America              11.2.1 US              Presence of Thermal Imaging Manufacturing Companies to Boost Market Growth in US             11.2.2 Canada              Investment in R&D of Thermal Imaging By Government and Non-Government to Spur Growth of Market in Canada             11.2.3 Mexico              Wide Distribution Network in Mexico to Propel Market Growth     11.3 Europe              11.3.1 UK              Increasing use of Thermal Cameras for Monitoring and Inspecting Building Structures in Residential and Commercial Sector             11.3.2 Germany              Market for Thermal Imaging in Germany to Grow at Highest CAGR During Forecast Period             11.3.3 France              Presence of Automobile Manufacturers in France to Spur Growth of Market             11.3.4 Rest of Europe              Emerging Economy, Increasing Infrastructure Facilities, and Funding Contributes to Growth of Market in RoE     11.4 APAC              11.4.1 China              Mass Production of Thermal Imaging Products Would Lead China to Grow at Highest CAGR During Forecast Period             11.4.2 Japan              Increase in use of Thermal Cameras in Healthcare Industry and Structural Health Monitoring Application Led to Increase in Demand for Thermal Imaging in Japan             11.4.3 India              Ongoing Collaborations, Government Initiatives, and Foreign Direct Investments are Expected to Spur Market Growth             11.4.4 Rest of APAC              Economic Growth and Favorable Market Conditions Fueling Growth of Market in Rest of APAC     11.5 RoW              11.5.1 Middle East & Africa              Ongoing Investments in Oil & Gas and Aerospace & Defense Industry Support Growth of Market             11.5.2 South America              Increasing Demand for Monitoring and Inspection in Healthcare and Life Sciences, Industrial, and Aerospace & Defense Sectors Creates Growth Opportunity, 12 Competitive Landscape (Page No. Dow Jones futures in focus late Tuesday, as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden face off on Election Day. Various primary sources from both the supply and demand sides of the market have been interviewed to obtain qualitative and quantitative information. © 2020 Thermal camera maker FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) has said use of its cameras can help “reduce or dramatically slow the spread of viruses and infections.” The stock is up 25.5% in the past three months. The cameras can also be used for security or to monitor animal health. At $5.20 annualized, this dividend yields 6.11%, more than 2.5x the average dividend found among S&P listed companies. Shares of companies exposed to the thermal imaging business have been extremely volatile in 2020. These devices are playing a role in allowing companies to safely reopen businesses as the economy recovers, but thermal imaging also has a wide range of other applications that could generate some big long-term gains for investors. Older bolometers or more sensitive models such as InSb require cryogenic cooling, usually by a miniature Stirling cycle refrigerator or liquid nitrogen. But the stock does have some perks. On CNBC's "Mad Money Lightning Round," Jim Cramer said Jumia Technologies AG - ADR (NYSE: JMIA) is a good spec. Cramer Gives His Opinion On Jumia Technologies, Nio, More, 39 Popular Gadgets Selling Like Crazy This Holiday. North America is home to numerous historical monuments, commercial as well as residential buildings, and different process and manufacturing industries. However, by utilizing the "trailing" area of their spectral sensitivity, namely the part of the infrared spectrum called near-infrared (NIR), and by using off-the-shelf CCTV camera it is possible under certain circumstances to obtain true thermal images of objects with temperatures at about 280 °C (536 °F) and higher.Specialized thermal imaging cameras use focal plane arrays (FPAs) that respond to longer wavelengths (mid- and long-wavelength infrared). The global thermal imaging market is estimated to grow from USD 3.4 billion in 2020 to USD 4.6 billion by 2025; at a CAGR of 6.2%. The Shanghai Stock Exchange suspended Ant’s listing on its Star board, citing Monday's meeting and subsequent regulatory changes. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. Privacy Policy / Do Not Sell My Personal Data. In April, Creative Realities Inc (NASDAQ: CREX) launched a new product, the Thermal Mirror, which the company describes as “an AI-integrated non-contact temperature inspection station.” The stock has rallied 98% year-to-date. Do you agree with this take? With the share price having pulled back to an attractive level and future prospects remaining solid, we are increasing our rating. (Updates with gray market trading in 13th paragraph)For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.©2020 Bloomberg L.P. Email with your thoughts. The earnings were enough to allow management to raise the dividend from $1.18 to $1.30. "Overall, CTT’s Strong Buy analyst consensus is derived from 3 "buy" and 1 "hold" ratings. Traders hedged prospects of post-vote volatility, driving a measure of expected swings in China’s yuan to its highest level in more than nine years.“The closer the race is, the bigger the risk is,” said Erika Karp, founder and CEO of Cornerstone Capital Group. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. After that, the market breakdown and data triangulation methods have been used to estimate the size of different segments and subsegments of the market. Meanwhile, regional banks are still in the doghouse, struggling and sometimes being restructured because they lack capital buffers. China’s bankers are so averse to extending credit to smaller borrowers that Beijing redefined “inclusive financing” to make its banks’ loan books look prettier. 80% of fortune 2000 companies rely on our research to identify new revenue sources. Do you agree with this take?

Huawei Emoji Update 2020, Maplestory Ellin Forest Quest Guide, Svetlana Zakharova Net Worth, How Much Do You Have To Gamble To Be A 7 Star, Type Raid Wars, Music Man Jp6, Sammy Meaning In South Africa, Funny Bus Names, James Pankow House,

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