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[284] That decade, the party stressed its belief that education should be suited to the varying academic abilities of different students although did not outright condemn the comprehensive school system. A leadership election produced a strong mandate for Chesterton, and his challengers left the party. [90], Although Tyndall and Webster had been longstanding comrades, in the late 1970s Tyndall began blaming his old friend for the party's problems. One possibility is that growing electoral support represented how growing numbers of working-class Londoners were turning to the NF as the party of protest against the Labour government's failure to stem urban decay. [416] Martin was finally released in 2003 after three years,  the maximum period for which he could be held following good behaviour. Different factions have dominated the party at different points in its history, each with its own ideological bent, including neo-Nazis, Strasserites, and racial populists. [362] Thurlow suggested that "the most reliable estimates" were those produced by the anti-fascist investigatory magazine Searchlight. [410] Its share of the vote in London had also increased, reflecting an average rise from 4.4% in the October 1974 general election to 5.3% in the 1977 GLC election; in some places the rise was far higher. It should be the pride of all NF members to be called extremists and not only that – it should be a matter of guilt to any person opposed to the Left that he is not labelled as extreme. The party espouses the ethnic nationalist view that only white people should be citizens of the United Kingdom. [387] Two thirds of respondents believed that the NF stirred up racial tensions to advance its own cause, 64% believed that there was a Nazi element to the party, and 56% believed that the NF wanted Britain to become a dictatorship. He fired his illegal gun three times towards the … [324] In June 1978, the Anti-Nazi League headquarters was hit by an arson attack; the slogan "NF Rules OK" was graffitied on the building. In December 2011 he was removed from the council for failure to attend its meetings in six months, and faced disciplinary proceedings for allegedly abusing staff. [397] The NF's rise in 1973–74 was noticed by the leaders of major social and political groups, but they generally ignored it, hoping that depriving it of additional publicity would hasten its decline. [107] It had a greater number of working-class leaders than the Strasserite group and accused the latter of being intellectuals self-indulgently pursuing foreign ideological fads. He argued that this led many working-class English people to create personal identities based on their neighbourhood rather than their profession, leaving many more susceptible to far-right appeals based on location rather than leftist ones based on workplace solidarity. [352] Its central funds came from several main sources: membership dues, the sale of its publications, donations, and lotteries. [205] It maintained that school quality was eroded by black pupils,[201] that the employment of black workers left many whites unemployed,[201] and that blacks were a source of crime. [417], The NF obtained a small number of representatives on parish councils and community councils. [173] It promoted the conspiracy theory that non-whites were intentionally encouraged to migrate to Britain and other white-majority countries to breed with the indigenous inhabitants and thus bring about "white genocide" through assimilation. [3] The political psychologist Michael Billig noted that the NF displayed many of fascism's recurring traits: an emphasis on nationalism and racism, an anti-Marxist stance, statism and support for capitalism, and a hostile view of democracy and personal freedom. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. [265] This policy was likely influenced by the far-right's general antipathy toward urban living and its belief in the superiority of rural life. It is currently led by Tony Martin. [56] Taylor also regarded the 1970s NF as a Nazi outfit because of its specific fixation on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, a feature not present in all fascist groups. The prosecution accused him of lying in wait for the burglars and opening fire without warning from close range, in retribution for previous break-ins at his home.his right to defend his home. Subscribe on BitChute Again, the NF denied responsibility. [11], Combining anti-Semitism and anti-communism with anti-Americanism and anti-capitalism, the LEL had filled a void on the British far-right since the 1950s but had been criticised by some far-rightists for being too elitist and failing to build a mass movement. | [284], The Front exalted self-sufficiency, asserting that the individual should be willing to serve the state and that citizens' rights should be subordinate to their duties. [6] He added that the party's leadership in this period displayed a "barely concealed Nazism", and that they treated the party as a means by which to attract those with anti-immigrant sentiments and "convert" them "into fascists". [448] In 1977, the British Council of Churches assembly agreed to launch its own anti-fascist organisation: this organization, along with Christians Against Racism and Fascism, formed in January 1978. In April 2012, the NF declared its intention to field 35 candidates in that year's local elections—the highest number for 30 years—aiming to revive what it called its 1970s "glory days". Following the Lansdowne Road football riot of 1995, in which English far-right hooligans attacked Irish supporters, the NF's chairman Ian Anderson sought to escape the negative associations of the name "National Front" by reforming the party as the National Democrats. [42], The NF fielded 45 candidates in the 1969 local elections; they averaged a vote share of 8%, although a few secured over 10%. [334] Fielding observed that party activism was generally carried out by upper working and lower middle-class members rather than by their lower working-class and upper middle-class counterparts. National Front Chairman, Tony Martin addresses the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the National Front. [370] Fielding found that "ordinary members feel uneasy about Britain's present political life but cannot express why this is". [363] Searchlight claimed that from its origins with 4,000 members in 1968, the party reached a peak membership of 17,500 in 1972, which had declined to 10,000 in 1979, to 3,148 in 1984, and to 1,000 in January 1985. [260], After the Strasserite faction took control of the party in the 1980s, it adopted distributist policies, maintaining the emphasis on an economic system neither capitalist nor socialist. [319] Fielding believed the most notable violent clash involving the NF was the Red Lion Square disorders in June 1974. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. During the 1980s, the NF split in two; the Flag NF retained the older ideology, while the Official NF adopted a Third Positionist stance before disbanding in 1990. [303] In April 1974, the party introduced regional councils to co-ordinate between the national party and its local groups and branches. [255] Its opposition to unrestricted free markets led various Conservatives to regard it as a socialist party, a classification not endorsed by academic observers. [47] While Chesterton was holidaying in South Africa, a faction led by Gordon Brown—formerly of Tyndall's GBM—launched a leadership challenge against him. [97] In May 1985, this faction—who adhered to the Strasserite variant of Nazism—secured control of the party's directorate and suspended the membership of their opponents. Its 91 GLC candidates gained 120,000 votes, over twice the total that the party had accrued in the whole of England in 1974. [380], Examining the party's East End support in greater depth, the sociologist Christopher T. Husbands argued that NF support was not evenly distributed across the region, but was constrained to the two or three square miles containing Bethnal Green, Shoreditch, Hoxton, and Haggerston. Ideologically positioned on the extreme right or far-right of British politics, the NF has been characterised as fascist or neo-fascist by political scientists. [67] It contested six times as many seats as in 1970, averaging a vote share of 3.2%, slightly less than in 1970. [372], Fielding believed that some of the membership were "motivated by a search for community and reassurance in a world they find difficult to understand". [174] It opposed inter-racial marriage and miscegenation[171]—typically referring to the latter as "mongrelisation"[175]—and displayed particular anxiety about black men seducing white women. [73] They ensured that John Kingsley Read was elected chairman,[74] with Tyndall demoted to vice chair. [326] The National Front has been cited as one of the leading causes for racist violence against black and Asian communities (labeled as "Paki-bashing") in Britain during the late 1960s to late 1970s. | The row over homeowner rights continues to divide public opinion. [25] At the time it had approximately 2500 members: 1000 from the BNP, 300 from the LEL, and over 100 from the RPS. He was sentenced to life imprisonment was reduced after an appeal in October 2001 included evidence that Martin was diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder exacerbated by depression. Many NF members defected to Tyndall's BNP, contributing to a substantial decline in the Front's electoral support. [106] In depicting black people, the NF promoted what Billig characterised as "an image of savagery and primitiveness";[181] its published material presented black people as dirty and unhygienic, infected with disease, and incapable of governing themselves. [202] Among the "standard forms of NF propaganda" was the claim that immigrants carried diseases like leprosy and tuberculosis,[203] that they placed a heavy burden on the National Health Service (NHS),[204] and that incompetent and poorly trained migrant staff were detrimental to the NHS. [214], In the 1970s, the NF rejected the characterisation of its policies as "antisemitism". It espouses anti-semitic conspiracy theories, endorsing Holocaust denial and claiming that Jews dominate the world through both communism and finance capitalism.

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